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Medal of Honor: Vanguard Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Medal of Honor: Vanguard

Medal of Honor Guide
Medal of Honor: Vanguard Guide
This is the walkthrough and guide for the video game Medal of Honor -- the newest game in the series that according to the PR material is intended t..
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We have a collection of cheats that includes more weapon upgrades for Operation Varsity, extra armor and unlocking medals.

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We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Medal of Honor: Vanguard please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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Cheat Mode

Enable 'Cheat Mode' by pausing the game and pressing Up, Down, Up, Down. If the code is entered correctly the prompt message 'Enter cheat code' will appear at the top left of the screen and you will be able to enter one of the following codes to activate it's corresponding effect.
Unlock Invisibility:
Enable 'Cheat mode' and then press Up, Right, Left, Down(2), Up.
Unlock Extra Armour:
Enable 'Cheat mode' and then press Right, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right.

Unlock Medals

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding medal in your Service Record.
Unlock Campaign Medal:
Complete ALL Husky campaign levels.
Unlock Wings:
Land in designated drop locations.
Unlock Weapon Expert:
Use every weapon within a mission.
Unlock WWII Victory Medal:
Collect ALL medals in campaign mode.
Unlock Bronze Star:
Complete a mission without dying and also receive a Spring Recovery Bonus.
Unlock Silver Star:
Complete Campaign without dying and also recieve a Health Recovery Bonus.
Unlock Oak Leaf:
Earn any 7 medals within the campaign and also get an overall Health Bonus.
Unlock Marksman Award:
Get 10, 15, 20, or 30 headshots (depending on t..

More weapon upgrades for Operation Varsity

To get these upgrades you have to this:
1. When you jump out of the plane push yourself to a small tower to your right. Go in there,kill the German, and go down to the bottom floor. One you blow the door turn to your right and there will be swampland and even further to the right will be the beachhead. Run across the swamplands so that you are at the left side of the beachhead. Hidden beneath some debris is the upgrade.
2. In the final mission when you go to the trenches underground I mean completely underground to where ther's a roof(it's not the sniping area!), it will be tucked away in one of the corners(I can't remember where it is though). Both will be the M1 upgrade which also really helps for the sniper area.

Other weapon upgrades

To get the weapon upgrades on two of the levels of Market Garden here's what you do:
1. On the first mission right whne you drop, their will be green smokes for your location. One of them will be in a windmill. Drop into it but be careful as their is a crack in the floor which will put you down the next level. Their will be the wepons upgrade there.
2. On the second mission the weapons upgrade is sitting in a corner tucked away in the bunker right before you infiltrate the large bridge. You go into the bunker to blow up the AA-gun and around one of the corners is the upgrade. Both are very valuable as they give you a scope for the Garand.

Weapon Upgrades

To get the weapon upgrades on Operation Husky you have to go to these places:
1. On the first mission once you fall out of the plane, you'll notice a large spotlight to your left. Flare your chute and push up to land there. Kill the German and the weapon upgrade will be sitting on the boxes.
2. On Der Bunker, before you go into the Piazza square turn to the first right and keep going until you come across a door to your left. Inside sitting on a desk will be the weapon upgrade.
These upgrades give you the special clip to the Thompson and are very valuable.

Extra armor

Up down up down right left right down up right

Weapons upgrades

On the level with the tower that has green smoke coming out of it. Land on the tower then on the top floor where you landed there is an upgrade. Be sure to put it on the garand then snipe the krauts from where you are.

When dropped into start of mission 1,3 and 4 mov..

When dropped into start of mission 1,3 and 4 move the player towards the red flare and green smoke to gain better position on ememy and find upgrades and earns a medal.

Some handy tips

1. When jumping out of planes don't flare the chute until you are just above the ground, this will give you a softer landing so you don't lose health.
2. Before you go into a battle always reload, this is because you don't want to waste time reloading when you just go in the battle.
3. Grenades are great for clearing out rooms, especially bunkers. Use them wisely.
4. Use cover all the time, hold L1 behind cover and use the right analog stick to peek up, to the left, or the right. When the enemy start shooting you let go of the right analog stick and you will go back behind the cover. This is a great help in Medal of Honor:Vanguard.
5. Weapon upgrades are great but be warned, when using the M1 Garand upgrade it is not as flexible to aim. The onl..

The hardest level on this game is the last level

The hardest level on this game is the last level


After both missions in husky, in the first mission of the next campaign, you will have to shoot italian soldiers and once you get past the first part of shooting the first four, you have to advance forward and start shooting at more soldiers behind a brick fence and in they will also be hiding in bushes. If you hide behind the second closest wooden barracade, where your other team mate will advance by default. You will eventually run out of ammo if you miss too many times, so you go scouting for ammo. What I do is try to think back to where the first four soldiers you killed were and go scouting near the area, ammo is in green petrol looking boxes, just walk over them and you will hear a sound which means you have picked up ammunition. Once you find enough ammo, remeber to get back to fi..

Upgrade help

Ok....well when you get inside the tunnel after you blow the machine gun up like there will be beds on the right side then a hall way down well go all the way down then on your left there are 3 grenades and the a wepons up grades!!
Hope I helpd!!
later from ur favriot skater

Useless hints

In some of the missions, (actually in most) there will be wine bottles or littles boxes. Shoot at them for sound effects. In the mission where you go into a decoy windmill and destroy a AA gun you can jump over the guy as you go down the stairs, but you have to jump several times before you get over him. If you play the game on easy mode and have gotten all the health bonuses and most of the health recovery bonuses you can just go straight up to the enemy and start punching them. I do not recommend this for hard mode or normal mode. In the bunkers where it is very dark and hard to see, shoot a couple of times and the light from the gunshots will show you where you are. When you are given the choice of an MG42 or using a M1 Garand and not missing a single shot, I would chose the M1 Garand..

2 guns are better than one.

Hey everybody! If your in the level where your in a city and have to take cover in the fountain that's in the middle, as soon as you start turn around and look at the ground and there is 2 B.A.R.'s laying there. Grab them and use the B.A.R. For a turret thus making a suppressing fire. And if you are at the end of the level where you are facing the tiger tanks, if your out of ammo for the bazooka, use your secondary weapon, ( I prefer the B.A.R. Or the M1 Garand), and shoot at the tank to cause cover fire for your men. The more bullets that hit the tanks, the bigger the threat you are. So then they will leave your men alone. (oh, yeah I forgot to mention that you might want to consider running all over the place in random directions.) this will cause you to be shot at by all the Germans s..

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