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Medal of Honor Rising Sun Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Medal of Honor Rising Sun

Medal of Honor Guide
Medal of Honor Rising Sun Guide
This is the walkthrough and guide for the video game Medal of Honor -- the newest game in the series that according to the PR material is intended t..
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Our collection of cheats includes unlocking all levels, unlocking Silver Bullet mode, Unlocking Bullet Shield mode and getting max ammo.

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We have 22 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Medal of Honor Rising Sun please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Xbox

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The following is a collection of cheats that will help you in the game. To enable them just enter the passwords without the quotes at the 'Passcode' screen.
Unlock ALL Missions:
Enter the password 'BUTTERFLY'.
Unlock Unlimitied Ammunition:
Enter the password 'GOBY'.
Unlock Bullet Shield Mode:
Enter the password 'TANG'.
Unlock Achilles Head Mode:
Enter the password 'MANDARIN'.
Always Sniper Mode:
Enter the password 'PUFFER'.
Unlock Invisible Soldiers Mode:
Enter the password 'TRIGGER'.
Unlock Perfectionist Mode:
Enter the password 'HOGFISH'.
Unlock Rubber Grenades Mode:
Enter the password 'DAMSEL'.
Unlock Silver Bullet Mode:
Enter the password 'TI..

Float in Mid-air

Hey it's ShadowMonarch again. Make sure you have the invincibility code activated. In the stage Guatalcanal, you have to escort your partner to destroy Pistol Pete, a cannon. At the end of the stage when you go across a final bridge, your partner will get shot in the leg.(typical) He'll plant a bomb on the bridge and tell you to leave him. Stay with him until he screams, "Move it!" Then walk backwards slowly across the bridge. As soon as you see him attempt to limp across the bridge, run back to him. The bridge will explode and he'll fall into the jungle but you'll be floating where the bridge used to be! End the stage by walking to either cliff or standing still.

Cheat Codes

GOBY-Max Ammo
SEAHORSE-Men With Hats
TILEFISH-Siver Bullet Mode
GARIBALDI-All Replay Items
TRIGGER-Soldiers Invisible
TANG-Bullet Sheld Mode
PUFFER-Always Sniper

Assorted cheats

Super Carrier Sabotage: Invulnerability cheat:
Note: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Make your way through the mission until you reach a room with a row of lockers to the left of the entrance door. One of the lockers is shaded darker
than the others. Press Action in front of it. A message will appear, stating that the entrenching tool was used and that the cheat is unlocked.

Super Carrier Sabotage: Bonus objectives
Send the false radio signal. Find three pieces of Intel.

Singapore Sling: Hidden health
During this mission you have to meet a man. Go to the noodle bar. The bar has noodles on it which will give you health.

Singapore Sling: Achilles..

All the cheats just for you

Enter any of the following codes on the password screen in the options menu.
If the code has worked then the letter keys will flash green.
Now go to the bonus section and from here you can toggle the cheats in and off.
Mohton torpedo:.............. TPDOMOHTON
Silver bullet:................... WHATYOUGET
Bullet shield:.................. BULLETZAP
Perfectionst:.................. URTHEMAN
Invisible:....................... WHERERU
Achilles head:.............. GLASSJAW
Rubber grenades:........ BOING
Men with hats:........... HABRDASHR
Get gold stars:.......... MONKEY
Snipe-o-rama:.......... LONGSHOT
Master code:........... DAWOIKS

All levels

At the cheat options enter:
All levels: butterfly
Max ammo: goby

Machine Gun Glitch in Calumpit Chaos

This is a multiplayer/online level. If you got to the American side, you should spawn at a house, in that house is a staircase with a few turned over tables, and windows. On the side with windows,there's square tiles below you. On the 4th block over and one tile up, from the end of the stair case, look out the window and tap 'x' and you should pop up on the machinge gun the floor above you.



Bullet Cheats

Max ammo: GOBY
Silver bullet mode: TILEFISH
Bullet shield mode: TANG
Always sniper: PUFFER
Onley Head shots count: MANDARIN


In midnight raid go to this shack that has only one entrens and look through all the rooms and in the bigest room on a bed you should see a flooting box.


On the search for whats his faces gold mission it's easier having a bazooka. So when you first enter the temple you will be on a balcony, from there if you go right there are a few boxes. If you shoot the boxes and walk over them you should find the bazooka. Have fun blasting away you're enemies and check out my other cheats I'm very helpful.

Look for a Pie

Ok, in the first level get to the point where your in the mess hall where the purple save point is. If your hurt from fire or a busted pipe, look for a pie on one of the tables. It will say the pie is exquisit and bring up your health.

PS: I like pie.


When playing Medal of Houner Rising Sun always make sure your gun is loaded. There is nothing worse than getting into a big gun fight and realising your gun isn't loaded.

Ok, this is more of a glitch. On the pistol pete..

Ok, this is more of a glitch. On the pistol pete level, at the very end, your friend, ( I forgot his name ) should be dying on the bridge.
He has a bomb and is telling you to get off.
If you almost get off but then go back, the bridge will blow up with you on it. This is hard to do and may take a couple of tries.
Inlaws are Outlaws.

Sniper Alley

If you enjoy sniping and want to practice it just for fun, in multiplayer select the sharpshooter weapon set and Death in the Orient. Choose Silas and Bromley to be on your team and five random Japanese. Then set the kill # to how high you want it (or a time limit) and start the game. Gather some sniper ammo at the start, and then sit behind the machine gun sandbags and snipe down the alley. Try to beat my record of 69 strait headshots.

Hoping helmits

In all the levels sometimes exsept the first lvl if you kill a guy his helmet or hat will fall off and you can shoot it and shoot it away from anywalls and don't run over the hat or it will disapear!

Nice haircut chief

On midnight raid keep shoting the top of the hat that is on your captins head and soon the hat will pop off and land in the water

P.s you can't kill him

Staying alive!

When you are playing a two player campain if one of you die te other should hide and stay out of combat! You wont get game over!

Some help

You know on the hotel level that the StenII gun stinks? Well, all you have to do is shoot them a few times in the head and then you won't have to use up so much ammo on their torso and whatnot.

Useless hints

If you shoot your guys they will usually act as if they have been shot. When you have Immortality (from the dark locker in the last mission gotten using entrenching tool from Search for Yamashita's Gold mission) you can just punch the explosives crates and they won't hurt you or reduce your accuracy you can also do that in the last mission on the fuel monitors. Whenever you see something that just doesn't fit in with the background it is usually a cheat that you need the entrenching tool to dig at, like the piles of dirt ant the vent in the house in the mission Singapore Sling. If you have Immortality and you want 100% accuracy for a mission shoot one guy without missing and then kill the rest with the melee attack or throw grenades. If you enter the cheat SPINEFOOT the enemy will be eas..

Saving Harrison

At the end of pistol pete show down when harrison get shoot DO NOT leave the bridge stay on it and it wont blow with you on it.
Go up to harrison and press action(x) and harrison will limb of the bridge.
Get of the bridge and it blows up.
Then crouch to harrison and he will give you a thank you message.
make sure you clear out the japanese.

cover cheat

Having problems staying alive,i have got a hint. When your behing cover crouching,press L1 to zoom,push the Left analoguestick foward,you should look up slowly, so you can shoot without getting hurt


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