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Hints and Tips for Madden NFL 2007
(PlayStation 2)

We have 9 hints and tips on PlayStation 2

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Added 22 Jul 2009, ID #32157
On the hall of fame mode the quarterback is the best position

Easy Records!
Added 23 Nov 2007, ID #28360
Play against the admirals with any ALL-something team. Play at home. I prefer the ALL-COWBOYS with custom weather. Temp: all down, precip: all up, wind: all up. It is easy to intercept the passes, force fumbles, get points, get big runs, complete long passes, make more TD's off everything including punt and KR's. You will get a lot of points. Put quarter length to 15 minutes. Keep in mind you can only get 255 points in a ball game and then the score stops.
Madden Card coins
Added 15 Apr 2007, ID #26212
Use the Madden Stadiums cheat above and submit it in the cheats section when you click Madden cards. Then go to madden cards and sell them until you get down to the last one. Enter it as many times as you want and then when you stop selling them you will have alot of coins to spend
Easy T.D.
Added 12 Mar 2007, ID #25860
O.K. This is an easy way to score a touchdown on any punt return. All you have to do is when you draft all of your players in the fantasy draft, make sure you get a fast punt returner.(speed-97,98,99)I prefer the cornerback Devin Hester. Then when you field the punt from your opponent run back and forth across the field. This will get all of the other players going in one direction so when you cut back that last time you'll be able to run straight down the sideline for the TD.(run back and forth about 4 to 5 times)
Super bowl
Added 28 Jan 2007, ID #25441
If you win the superbowl you will be the number one team that season!!!
Getting players where you want them for franchise
Added 9 Jan 2007, ID #25140
There is an easy way to get players where you want them in franchise. Simply go to the rosters page, then select trade players... You can trade them no matter what... Fair, unfair, whatever. You can also go to edit player and edit their attributes... Which leads to a perfect team!!!!
Super Players for fantasy teams
Added 31 Dec 2006, ID #24984
If you want super players for your teams, then keep reading......

Running backs ~ make em as short as musclular and as fat as possible, 99 atributes.
Wide Recievers ~ Make em as tall as muscular and fat as possible, 99 attributes
Get any Player by a Trade in Franchise Mode
Added 24 Nov 2006, ID #24471
To get any player you want, go to rosters in the franchise mode. Just simply change the position of the player. For example, if you wanted Payton Manning on the Tennessee Titans, make sure that the Colts have enough quarterbacks to trade. Then, go to rosters, and go to payton manning on his roster. Go to edit player, and change his position from a QB to something like a MLB to make his ratings terrible. Then, you will be able to trade for him easily. Afterwards, change Payton back to a Quarterback.
Changing plays & routes while stopping play clock
Added 22 Oct 2006, ID #23923
Holding L1 will stop the play clock and from there you can change your receiver's routes and plays in that formation. It's handy if the play clock is running down and you need to make changes.

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