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Madden NFL 2002 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Madden NFL 2002

We have 6 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Madden NFL 2002 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation : PC : GameCube : Xbox : Gameboy Advance

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Win the coin toss always

Repeatedly hit L1, R1 and start before the coin toss.

Better Team

Want a better team? Then try customizing your team by putting the best players on the game in your team or make your teams stats all madden.

Madden NFL 2002

Win Coin Toss:
Before the coin toss screen appears repeatedly press L1 + R1 + Start.
Dancing Into The Endzone:
Press L1 or R1 just before your player enters into the endzone for a
touchdown and he will do a dance.
Christmas Commentary:
To hear Christmas commentary set the system date to 25th December.

Recover ball after kickoff

Instead of using an on side kick, choose kick middle and point as high and far to the left as possible.
Then kick, usually I can recover the ball

Easy tokens For easy tokens, go to the two minut..

Easy tokens

For easy tokens, go to the two minute drill screen. Choose two to four accounts, and the Admirals for defense.

Choose your team and make sure you choose a profile to save to, then start playing. Keep throwing to WR2 and you should get a lot of touchdowns. It is possible to get a score over 33,000 with this trick.

Better catches

To do a better catch than the normal one, where the player throws his hands in the air at the last second and most of the time misses, simply press Catch a second or a half a second before you reach the target of the ball, or before the ball reaches the receiver.

The player will do a better looking and more effective catch, such a one handed catch, a jump catch,

a spin catch, an over the shoulder catch (good for lobs), or a better diving one if the ball is out of reach.

Change player appearance

Enter the options screen and select "Rosters", go to "Edit Player", then go to "Player Appearance". You can make any player in the NFL look different than they really do.

10 million tokens

To get over 10,000,000 tokens, complete the following steps. Enter the "Rosters" screen from the options menu, then go to the Ravens' (or any team's defensive you would like to play against) roster and change the speed of all defensive players on the team to 15.

Now select a team you would like to play as and edit all of their RBs, FBs, TEs, and backup WRs so they are at a 10 or less rating. Put starting WRs catching and carrying to 0, and leave the rest of their settings alone. Change all of the QBs

passing power and accuracy to 0, and make sure they are rated at 10 or less. Make the star QB's speed, accel, carrying, awareness, stamina, and agility all set to 99. Change your entire starting OL pass block to 99.

Save your roster as a secondary roster (under a new name, not default). Load your newly created roster. Start a two minute drill on the All Madden

difficulty setting against the Ravens D (or the team's defensive you chose to play against), and select the profile and team that has your modified QB. Find a good passing play and keep using it to score in the two minute drill.

You should be able to get around 63 to 70 points. If the defensive does somehow get a good play on you, call a time out to save your time. Run out of bounds if you see a penalty being called. When your game is over you should have a huge negative number as your score, quit and

go to the "Madden Cards" screen under the options menu.

View your stats and you will have your over 10,000,000 tokens.

Want to have players with small heads and big bo..

Want to have players with small heads and big boddies?At the main screen press left,right,(),square,x,x,x.If you put the code in right you should hear a pearson say, right on

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