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Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

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Check out our cheats to find out how get a 500,000 stud bonus, unlock Darth Maul in Freeplay mode, Unlock Invincibility and unlock moustaches.

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We have 83 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Lego Star Wars: The Video Game please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Gameboy Advance

You can also ask your question on our Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Questions & Answers page.

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Lego Star Wars cheats

Codes for Dex's Diner
Unlock the following by entering these passwords at Dexter's Diner in the 'codes' category.

Princess Leia: BEQ82H
Padme: 92UJ7D
Mace Windu (Episode III): MS952L
Darth Sidious: A32CAM
Count Dooku: 14PGMN
Bobba Fett: LA811Y

Jango Fett: PL47NH
General Grievous: SF321Y

Grievous' Bodyguard: ZTY392
Battle Droid (Commander): EN11K5

Battle Droid: 987UYR

Battle Droid (Security): KF999A
Super Battle Droid: XZNR21

Battle Droid (Geonosis): LK42U6
Royal Guard: PP43JX
Rebel Trooper: L54YUK

Droideka: DH382U

PK Droid: R840JU

Gonk Droid: U63B2A
Clone: ..

How to get 500,000 stud bonus?

How can you unlock all the characters for free? Are there cheat codes for this?

Star Wars Lego cheats

Unlock Luminara:
In Dexter's shop enter the code A725X4 to unlock the Light Jedi, Luminara.
Unlock Darth Maul:
In Dexter's shop enter the code H35TUX to unlock the Dark Jedi, Darth Maul.

Note: Light Jedi and Dark Jedi can manipulate Certain objects that the other cannot.

Unlock Stuff

Character Code
Battle Droid 987UYR
Battle Droid (Commander) EN11K5
Battle Droid (Geonosis) LK42U6
Battle Droid (Security) KF999A
Boba Fett LA811Y
Clone F8B4L6
Clone (Episode 3) ER33JN
Clone (Episode 3, Pilot) ..


I have some character codes for Free Play, here they are, I got them from a book, don't blame me if they don't work as I don't have the game yet, if the codes don't work i'll gladly throw the book at an unemployed person (not really as you will see after these cheats):
987UYR - Battle Droid
EN11K5 - Droid (Commander)
LK42U6 - Droid (Geonosis)
KF999A - Droid (Security)
LA118Y - Boba Fett
F8B4L6 - Clone Trooper
ER33JN - Clone (Episode 3)
BHU72T - Clone (Episode 3, Pilot)
N3T6P8 - Clone (Episode 3, Swamp)
RS6E25 - Clone (Episode 3, Walker)
14PGMN - Dooku
H35TUX - Darth Maul
A32CAM - Sidious
VR832U - Clone Disguised
DH382U - Droideka
SF321Y - General Grievous
19D7NB - Geonosian
U63B2A - Gonk Droid..

Unlock Darth Maul in freeplay

Type H35TUX into the cheats menu.

Tantive IV: Lego Room

In the Tantive IV on the Episode IV level, there is a room with widespread blocks. Use the Force to spell out "LEGO" with them and lots of blue Lego studs will drop. $$$!

Unlock Darth Maul

At the cantina, enter the code H35TUX and you should unlock Darth Maul in free play mode.

Invincibitity without paying

In order to gain invincibility(it may just be temporary) you must do the following:
1st go into any level (except the pod racing or ones where you are in space ships) on a two player co-op mode. Now, preferably at the start of the level, one of you jump off a cliff, and around the time that you would lose your studs, log out. Now, when your character has respawned next to the other player log back in again. When you have done this your health bar should be a darker tone. After you have done this this your player will be INVINCIBLE!!!
This is very handy for when you are trying to collect all the studs.


Yo here I am with mint cheats Hope you like them
Big blasters:IG72X4
Classic blasters:L449HD
Silly blasters:NR37W1
Tea cups:PUCEAT
Minikit detector:LD116B

Awesome Custom Character

When making a character,use the emporor's head and you will be able to use the lightning attack.

Easy money

At dexters diner flip over all of the bar stools.NOT THE ONES IN THE EPISODE SECTIONS.But make shure you flip them all over at the same time to were they are all flipped over, and then they will stay flipped over and then attack them and they will explode and money will fly out.

droidika sheids

The easiest way to get the sheids of the droidika is to be a jedi or sith (basicaly someone with a light saber) then press x x square above or next to them always works! First cheat so plez rate

Good Codes

At Dexter's Diner,go over to the counter and go to enter code and enter the following:
Big Blasters:IG72X4
Classic Blasters:L449HD
Silly Blasters:NR37W1
Minikit Detector:LD116B
Purple Lightsabers:YD77GC
Pause the game and go to extras to toggle these codes.


OK so it might not be a hint but it is funny. What you do is get invincibility and then go to the wookie planet get to the part where the boulders are rolling down the hill, jump up and change to C3-PO then walk slowly up the hill and the boulders will get destroyed and you wont lose any health.

Indestructable Robot Rhino

OK so for this youre going to need invincibility and C3PO. What you do is go to the battle on the wookie homeworld (kashykk (spelling) I think) then you go to the bit with the giant boulders rolling down the hill and you turn on invincibility then jump up onto the path change to C3PO then when the boulders come down you will destroy them.=]

P.S this doesnt help at all but it is funny.

what people have abilities

Ja ja binks:super jump
Yoda:uses floaty thing if jump once without light saber
Darth vader(unlock at end)dark force
Obi one kanobi:force
Qui quan jin:force
Darth maul:side ways jump
General greavous:super jump
Clone:gun reel
Padme:gun reel
Bounty hunter:jet pack
Super droid
Droidreka:force feild roll
General greavus's body gaurds:super jump

how to tell people's health

Greavus's body gaurds lose head after 3 shots
C3P0 loses a limb every time hes shot
Unless you use invincibillity at stores now worth 100,000,000 studs

Easy game beat

To get 100% completion easier, do not buy anything until you have 1,000,000 studs, then just buy invicibility and you should be able to beat the game very easy, also once get all the mini kits in a level you get a big payout of studs...

Hit Dexter

Make sure you have a lightsaber and go up to the counter in which Dex is standing behind, when the shop menu pops up press triangle to escape it and you will still be standing in front of Dex so then just start Chopping at him and you will get him!!!

A li'l help for a plea for help

One day I was reading up on my game Q&A and I read that someone was having trouble in the room wer you have to get C-3PO and you have to press the buttens, wen I got ther myself it took me an hour of running in circles before I figured it out. You have to start at the center-left side button and run counter-clockwise all the way round if you mess up, the buttons should all unlite at the same time.

Die robot

When fighting robots use r2-d2 or the one like him and zap a robot to deactivate them then change into someone else and destroy them very handy on shielded robots hope I helped.

Every one says that you can't get darth vader bu..

Every one says that you can't get darth vader but I can tell you now you can and it is pretty hard
First you have to go on every level and get as many studs as you can find and the bar at the top will flash when it does that means that you have succesfully got the special mini kit thing for that level do it for every level and it will turn otu to be the rebel blocade runner (tantive iv) when you do that I think it will say that you have unlocked darth vader but then you have to buy and think he is 100,000 studs
Hope I help I know it's allot but lord vader is cool cos when you put his saber away you can here him breating.

How to get money easier

First complete the game then go on free play and collect all the mini kits

Money, Money, Money!

Glich: First you go into a space lvl. Then you go into it's double points zone and you keep on killing yourself! This is because you lose about 2 thousand and get back double what you lost!!!
Happy Cheating,


Hello there everyone! It's me again! Ok, Do you have trouble staying alive? Well there is two training spots for you to practice with your unlocked characters. The first one is go outside of dexters diner and you can practice there. My avorite is if you have unlocked jedi battle, Use that to practice surviving a neverending swarm of enemies. Ok thats all for now. Smile

unlimited coins

In the first section of the "Droid Factory" level, if you use the force on the lights to get coins, then go out of the room and come back in, you can get more coins.

Hi there. For anyone that is trying to find out ..

Hi there.
For anyone that is trying to find out how to get through the door with the question mark this is how you do it.
In each mission you have to collect those studs. What you have to do is collect 100% of studs in every mission which supplies part of the superkit.
When you have collected 100% in each level it you'll have one of the of the ships from Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.
Then when you enter Dexters Diner the door will be unlocked.

Practice Fighting

When in Dexter's Diner, after unlocking some characters, go outside. All the characters fight with each other. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon-Jinn fight Darth Maul, Yoda is fighting Darth Sideous etc. Pick a player, by pressing triangle near them, and join in. It's great fun and great practice.

Unlock Superkit And Mystery Diner Door

Unlock the superkit (the Tantive IV model outside Dexter's Diner) by filling the Jedi bar while playing. This incidentally unlocks access to the mystery door.
Filling the Jedi bar is not a simple function of money, but also in grabbing all the pre-staged LEGO studs in each mission. Dying in a stage will reduce the Jedi bar (although once the bar is at maximum and pulsing, it cannot diminish).
In vehicular missions (particularly the pod race), the player needs to smash and destroy all the destructable objects to gain money. The invulnerability cheat ($1,000,000 in the shop) can help you get a full Jedi bar in most of the non-vehicular stages.

Easy studs

When your in dexters diner you can get easy studs by using the force on many things like lights, tea cups etc. Also there are a few things which can only be used by the dark force but also get you lots of studs. Outside the diner there are a few small poles which once broken by a lightsaber/lasergun can get you 1000 studs for each of them.

Unlock moustaches!!!

One of the things I found funniest on this game was the moustaches. To get them use the code: RP924W at dexters diner. Find it in the extras menu in the pause menu.


Enter these cheats at dexters shop:
General grevious:SF321Y
Grevious bodyguard:ZTY392
Jango fett:PL47NH
These cheats might only put them up for sale you probably still have 2 buy them!(ha ha!)
I probably didnt help but peace out anyway!

Retro, Disco, Dancing Genosians

In the first level of "Attack of the Clones", go into the room to the left before you first see Jango and Boba Fett. In the room there are 4 things on the wall, use force on them. If you continue through, you will see a tiled floor with two highlighted tiles, and a computer with 2 or 3 genosians at it. Step on one of the highlighted tiles and your partener (R2-D2 in story mode) should stand on the other then another 2 wil highlight along with the other 2, step on the newly lighted ones and repeat until finished.
The tiles should look like this:
__ __ __ __ __ __
!__!__!__!__!__!__! __!
!__!__!__!__!__!__! __!
!__!__!__!__!__!__! __!
!__!__!__!__!__!__! __!
!__!__!__!__!__! __!__!

Slave Leia

When your playing as Slave Leia,press and hold the circle button and she will do a funny dance.

Starwars disco

On the lvl wer you hav 2 find J. Fett wen the thing stops outside jango's door keep goin and go 2 the first door on the left have you an you're follower step on the lit pannels once ther is a 4x4 square in the pannles, the freeks will go on the dance floor and the music will channge to a cyber-retro starwars theam and the creatures will start shaken ther hinies.

p.s. Don't forget to bring you're glowstiks


Secret minikit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On level 3 on attack of the clones there is a secret minikit that no one knows about (apart from me) there are these big lego blocks while your on it you can use the force on it try to make it look like a lightsaver pointing down and a minikit will apear on top there are other minikits on that level that are easy to find apart from this one anyway

Princess Leia

At Dexter's Diner, select "Enter Code" and enter "BEQ82H".

Super Battle Droid

At Dexter's Diner, select "Enter Code" and enter "XZNR21".

Pk Droid

At Dexter's Diner, select "Enter Code" and enter "R840JU".

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