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Justice League Heroes PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Justice League Heroes please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : Nintendo DS : PSP

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All Justice League Heroes Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Unlimited Energy

Pause the game, hold "L1+R1+L2+R2" and press "Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left, Left".

Unlock Everything

Pause the game, hold "L1+R1+L2+R2" and press "Down, Left, Up, Right".

Martian surface

Instead of just walking through and attacking the martians fly through the level and open all recovery spots. This won't work on the boss but if you jump through and attack when possible you wil be fine. You jump because when he attacks neither of them work.


Batman Alt. Costume: Clasic Blue: 59 Shields

Batman Alt. Costume: Infiltration Suit-Batman Beyond: 74 Shields

Flash Alt. Costume: Jay Garrick: 21 Shields

Flash Alt. Costume: Walter West: 48 Shields

Green Lantern Alt. Costume: Retro: 23 Shields

Green Lantern: Alt. Costume: Bold: 30 Shields

Martian Manhunter Alt. Costume: Modren Look : 9 Shields

Martian Manhunter Alt. Costume: True Form: 15 Shields

New Hero: Aquaman: 27 Shields

New Hero: Green Arrow: 76 Shields

New Hero: Green Lantern-Hal Jordan: 84 Shields

New Hero: Green Lantern-Kyle Rayner: 55 Shields

New Hero: Hawkgirl: 70 Shields

New Hero: Huntress: 53 Shields

Superman Alt. Costume: Black Recovery Suit: 32 Shields

Superman Alt. Costume: Earth 2: 65 Shields

Superman Alt. Costume: Kandor: 91 Shields

Wonder Woman Alt. Costume: Biker Style: 61 Shields

Wonder Woman Alt. Costume: Toga: 44 Shields

Zatanna Alt. Costume: Classic Blue: 25 Shields

Zatanna Alt. Costume: Identity Crisis: 38 Shields

Restore Health Quickly

All the characters lose health quickly when attacked so upgrade your characters strongest weapon or ability with Damage and Duration boosts and use Speed Boosts in all the recovery slots.


Unlock Cheat Mode:

During gameplay press 'Start' to pause the game then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Down, Left, Up, Right. This will enable the other codes to be activated and unlocks ALL costumes.

Unlock Unlimited Superpower:

During gameplay press 'Start' to pause the game then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left, Left.

Unlock Maximum Abilities:

During gameplay press 'Start' to pause the game then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Right, Down, Right, Down.

Unlock 20 Shields:

During gameplay press 'Start' to pause the game then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Up, Up, Down, Down.

Unlock 35 Random Boosts:

During gameplay press 'Start' to pause the game then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Left, Right, Left, Right.


At the pause menu, hold down all 4 L and R buttons

Cheat Effect

Downx2, Rightx2, Upx2, Leftx2 Unlimited Energy

Down, Left, Up, Right Unlock everything

Right,Down,Right,Down Maximum Abilities

Left, Right,Left,Right 35 Random Boosts

Upx2, Downx2 20 Shields

Unlock Characters and Alternate Costumes

During gameplay collect the little orange shields to exchange for characters and alternate costumes. Press the 'Select' button to get to the menu. Heroes can only be chosen when the game allows you to and costumes are changed by pressing the Square button.


Aquaman - 27 Shields

Huntress - 53 Shields

Green Lantern-Kyle Rayner - 55 Shields

Hawkgirl - 70 Shields

Green Arrow - 76 Shields

Green Lantern-Hal Jordan - 84 Shields

Alternate Costumes

Martian Manhunter True Form - 15 Shields

Flash Jay Garrick - 21 Shields

Green Lantern Retro - 23 Shields

Zatanna Classic Blue - 25 Shields

Martian Manhunter Modren - 29 Shields

Green Lantern Bold - 30 Shields

Superman Black Recovery Suit - 32 Shields

Zatanna Identity Crisis - 38 Shields

Wonder Woman Toga - 44 Shields

Flash Walter West - 48 Shields

Batman Clasic Blue - 59 Shields

Wonder Woman Biker Style - 61 Shields

Superman Earth 2 - 65 Shields

Batman Infiltration Suit - 74 Shields

Superman Kandor - 91 Shields

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