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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that includes how to do the super jump, get unlimited health, turn faster when flying and get a different ending.

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We have 16 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Vita

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Jak And Daxter

Avoid Fall Damage:

Just before you hit the ground press Circle to spin kick and you will land perfectly.

Shoot Cannons Farther:

Hold Square or Circle + X to make the cannons at Sentinel Beach and Misty Island shoot further. This is helpful with any steel boxes.

Alternate Ending:

After collecting 101 Power Cells successfully complete the game to view a different ending.

Softer landings... Right before you land afte..

Softer landings...

Right before you land after a big jump, press O - this should soften your landing

Super Jump

To be able to do this you have to press L1 + X and if timed correctly you will go into a crouching position and spring higher than you would by double jumping (X, X). If you do the rolling jump and press X just as you touch the ground you will jump as high as the double jump. Press Circle rapidly after double jumping and you will do a longer jump.


Unlimited Health:

Pause the game then press the following: Up, Leftx2, Down, Right, X, Triangle

Turn faster when flying:

When flying, hold L1 + R1 while turning. This will insure a sharper turn.

Super jump:

Press L1 + X. If timed correctly, you will go into a crouch position and

Spring higher that you would by double jumping (X, X).

Getting into the precurcer basin on foot!!!!!!!!!!

1. Long jumpinto far left corner

2. Keep high jumping on the clif untill you're in


rikurocks12 is OUT!!!

Spider cave glitch

In the spider cave, there are many spider webs. These webs are supposed to act like trampolines. However, if you follow these instructions, you will be able to stand and walk on them. First, you must approach one of the webs standing a short distance away. Next, do a rolling long jump onto it. However, you must hold L1 during and after the jump. You will be crawling on the web if you have held L1. Now, you must let go of L1 making sure you stay on the web. Now, if done correctly, you will be standing on the web. Note: This will only work if the spider webs are in the dark eco pool because you need to be standing level with the web. Also, to start bouncing again, you just have to jump on the web.

Hidden Powercell

To get to the hidden powercell on Mountain Pass , go back through the cave,when you see the powercell follow the cave to the left.

You will come back out to Mountain pass.

Get the yellow eco to blast away the big gray rock ,you will have to leap over the hole to get the powercell.

Glitch: How to defeat klaww earlier

First of all, get up to Rock Village. Go on the wood

Bridge that leads to The lost precusor city. Go on the island, and jump off onto the rock pointing out of the water. Swim as fast as you can to the place surrounded by rocks. Swim to the other side and there should be black water. Hop onto the grass part and keep on hopping on them. Once your all the way up to the top, you'll see klaww throwing bolders still. You should be able to walk through him. Good luck!

Alternate Ending To get the alternate end..

Alternate Ending

To get the alternate ending, you need to gather at least 100 Power Cells. Then after you beat Gol and Miya, the cinema afterward will different than usaul.

101 Power Cells

To get 101 Power Cells, you will need to find the hidden one at the Volcanic Crater. It is easy to find, but hard to get.

You will need to ride the mines to the entrance at Spider Cave. Then, look at the opposite side of the cave entrance. You should see a Hard Box. Go into the cave and go to your left.

Get up the rock on that side. Go to the Yellow Eco vent. (Make sure you can look through your Goggles and see the entrance below you.)

Run throug..

How to beat all 3 bosses

1) To beat the flower boss there will be a green thing that comes out of him so wait untill his spikes go in then kill the green thing then the flower boss will lift it's head up.

Jump on the first leaf then the second, then punch or kick his head after you do that he will send out 2 more green things do that again then once more and after you've kicked him 3 times he will fall and die

*~*NOTE*!* step on his head and an egg will come out get it and do that again you will get 5 extra eggs!

2) to beat Klaw which I'm sure mostly all of you want to know ok jump onto one of the platforms then he will start shooting fire balls at you jump from one platform to another dodging the fire balls once he shoots the last one get the blue eco inside it and a big platfo..


To do the cheat press start, then to be invisible press:Up,R1,L1,Right,Left,Down,L2,R2

Then you is invisible that help a little

Finding a few hidden orbs

After beating the dark eco plant in the Forbidden jungle, go back to where it's lying there dead, and jump on it's head. An orb should come out. Do this a few more times and you will get sime orbs you may have been missing.

Keep playin',

How to capture the muse

What you need to do is keep rolling and jumping to catch up with it.then when you catch it,daxter keeps stepping on it to stuff it into jak.

Good Moves that will help

What you do is get a lurker come after you (a weak one) and quickly roll jump. If done correctly, the lurker will die.

When you chasing the muse, press [] to get more speed. And use the Launcher (the ones that you have to jump dive and the rock will go up and come down letting you have a bigger jump.)

Use this combo [],O on the little bugs out of the Dark Eco Plant Monster. REASON: if there are two you can get both at the same time. If there are three repeat add a [] and then you will get all of them at the same time.

When you have yellow eco press / and press square to aim alot better.

When you have yellow eco, a good combo is [],O,[].

High Jump

First run and do a long jump, then jump and you will do a higher jump then normal.

Different ending

All you need to do is beat the game once, then collect all 101 powercells to view a different ending.

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