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Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel

We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel please send them in here.

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Powerful Accessories

You will recieve "Moon Medal" after beating Camilla, which boosts all stats by 10%.
You will recieve "Sun Medal" after beating Mustang and Armstrong, which boosts all stats by 20%.
These are excellent ways to increase your skills and defeat enemies alot easier.

Defeating Roy and Armstrong

Ok first when the battle begins press "Start" go to accessories and get the Full Metal Ring and The Moon Medal.Then Go to items and get the MAJIC-Caps or Def-Caps.Now for the battle transmute a wind dragger and keep hitting armstrong. Do not even think of hiting roy it's very difficult.Then Once it says "Fighting Frenzy" get close to Roy and "Call" Al to come close then hold circle to use the special.Note:Repeat till They Die.

Elemant Weapons

The long sword can be combined with the fire element.
The dagger can be combined with the earthwood) element.
The spear can be combined with the lightning element.
And thats all I found so far.

something from fullmetal alchemist 2

When you finished the game and you see the pastor transmutating the feather look closely and quickly at the gravestone behind the pastor it says 'ELMA" next to that one when the pastor is smiling it says "JACK CROWLEY." there both characters from "Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Curse of the Crimson Elixer."

Elixir cheat code

While you play the game try to find as many elixirs as you can. Then save em all up till you finish the game and once your finished click loadc game then you will previously start the game all over with lots of elixirs.. You can only go up to 100 elixirs.

Easy experience.

Transmute a set of table and chairs into a rubber hammer. The damage will be less but combos are very fast and you can very quickly get 100 or more and get a very very very large amount of experience easyly and quickly. Say you get 500 hits it will multiply it by 500 meaning 30 x 500 will give you.......15000 xp which will normally require more than 40 chimeras dead but in this way you can get it quick.

THIS serires is a FAKE.

Okay we all know that Ed has an arm of steel or something and Al is some type of suit of armour.
Unequip your weapon and your arm will turn into a sword due to the Alchemic powers.
Now equip the weapon any weapon will do (dagger, lance) and then look at his arm it will be the colour of his skin.
In other words it's a human arm just like most people no automail or any thing. Hmm...

Free elixirs.

Sometimes it's a bit hard to get elixirs. Transmute an item into a vaccum and when it's finished transmute it into an elixir.
You will always get and elixir and can repeat this as much as you like.
To start the repeating process:
1) Transmute something into the ''vaccum''.
2) Begin it's "vaccuming" and let it stop.
3) Go upto it and select the treasure like thing.
4) Exit the area then return and do it all again.
Easy elixirs.

Flipinng the crab.

The crab chamera is a tough boss if you don't know how. The boss hardly will take any damage and has a very high amount of Hp. There are two ways to "flip" him over. First is to get close and use the block with the stone alchemy. Then charge your attacks and when hes about to attack use the stone spikes. He will flip over and will stay that way for some time. Then keep attacking him. The other way is to have Al guard you and then make him tackle the Crab chamera. This is a bit riskier than the first way however as Al might die. Its best to use a Fire elemental weapon on the Crab chamera. He should die quick.

Bebop refernce.

While fighting Armstrong and Mustang you probably were not paying attension to the background music. If you lissten correctly you will see that it's the Cowboy Bebop ending theme.

Help with the final bosses.

The final bosses(armstrong and colonel Mustang) are VERY tough. They have about 9999 hp each and an attack only does 1 point of damage. Meaning you have to attack them 9999 times. BUT here is a easy way firstly consume magic capsules and then:
1) Transmute the light poles into tanks and shoot Armstrong until he dies. Make sure you keep switching between the two. Whatever happens don't let him destroy the tanks.
2) When he dies pick up the iten thingy that he drops called demon fist and equip iit.
3) Use whatever ammunition you have left on Mustang.
4) Transmute a item into a lightning Lance. Then have Al tackly Mustang.
5) When he is in the air combo his @ss. When he says stand back Run way as far as possible.
6) Repeat until dead.

Leveling Up!

In New Hiessgart Kill all the enemies in the backs alleys and central plaza it's a good way to level up cause theres lots of enemies there.

Sky chamera.

First quicly collect the reload treaures. Then run to a tank and wait till you get a clear shot and shoot with as many shots possible. If it falls down then shoot it or reload whatever neccersary. Then keep doing the same thing until it dies.

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