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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Pack Shot

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 8 cheats on PlayStation 2

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Easy 90,000 zenie per fightAdded 15 Jun 2014, ID #35261
1)To get easy zenie you need to replay Majin Buu saga and play the fight between Android #18 and Hercule
2)You need to get enough zenies to upgrade and unlock the 'WE GOTTA POWER' green capsule
3)You also need enough zenies to upgrade and unlock the 'Add more difficulty' black capsule
4)When you do these steps, repeat step 1 but play the level with Z difficulty and add 'WE GOTTA POWER' to your skill tray and you get 90,000 zenies

EveythingAdded 24 Apr 2012, ID #34011
Go to the shop before you go in press L1 L2 and hold it
Then once you are in keep holding L1 L2 then get out while holding L1 L2 and keep doing that and you will get
Monkey CatcherAdded 19 Dec 2009, ID #32531
To easily catch the monkey with goku keep falling until your next to him and catch him, this may require a few attempts.
how to get easy zeni!!!!!!Added 4 Jun 2009, ID #32007
First all you have to do is just go to buu saga and use android 18 and gat beat by hurcle (i don't know I spelled his name right) and try to buy WE GOTTA POWER and you should get 7500 zeni

Have fun Smile
UnlockablesAdded 25 Nov 2008, ID #31247
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding character or bonus feature will become available.

Unlock Janemba:
Face Janemba 2 times then complete the 'other' saga in Story mode.

Unlock Broly:
Face Broly 3 times then complete the 'other' saga in Story mode.

Unlock Cooler:
Face Cooler 3 times then complete the 'other' saga in Story mode.

Unlock Pikkon:
Defeat Pikkon in Story mode 2.

Unlock Bardock:
In Story mode 2 finish ALL missions dealing with Bardock.

Unlock Frieza Saga Characters and Techniques:
Complete the Frieza Saga in Story mode.

Unlock GT Saga Characters and Techniques:
Complete the GT Saga in Story mode.

Unlock Saiyan Saga Characters and Techniques:
Complete the Saiyan Saga in Story mode.

Unlock Majin Buu Saga Characters and Techniques:
Complete the Majin Buu Saga in Story mode.

Unlock Cell Saga Characters and Techniques:
Complete the Cell Saga in Story mode.

Unlock Fighters Road mode:
Compete the 'Dragon' mission and then buy the Capsule from the shop.
Easy WinsAdded 18 Nov 2008, ID #31213
First, you need to unlock Piccolo, and unlock his 3rd and 4th tray slots. Then, Equip Piccolo with Special Beam Cannon lvl. 3, Destructive Wave and Light Grenade lvl. 3, Roast Pig(or something like that, it may be Roast Beef, etc.), Transform lvl. 2 (which should allow you to fuse with Nail and fuse with Kami), Hidden Ki lvl. 5(or 4, whichever is max), Ki Control! Lvl. 5(or 4, whichever is max), and Figher's Body lvl. 5, which is max. That will allow Piccolo to start a battle with full health, and when you get weak, Hold the X button and press down on the control pad or left analog stick twice to recover 5 bars of health. The other abilities allow you to stay in Ki Burn mode longer and allows you to consume less Ki while using your Ultimate attack. Since Special Beam Cannon does not allow a power struggle for the opponent to receive less damage, and being as fast as it is, it is literally impossible to dodge at close range, and very difficult to dodge at medium range. With Hidden Ki maxed, using Special Beam Cannon only consumes about 2 Ki bars instead of about 4 or 5. And when you are in Ki Burn mode, your ki doesn't decrease when using a ki-based attack, but instead over time. So when you have Ki Control! Max equipped, it allows you to stay in Ki Burn Mode for a good deal longer. So, before the battle starts, fly away from your opponent, charge your ki to a high level, then let your opponent get in close. When he/she is about to attack, use Transform! To stun them, then quickly enter max power mode, then use Special Beam Cannon. Then, Right when he gets up, he will roll to the side simultaneously. Right when the side step/roll is almost done, activate special beam cannon again. If both hit, then the opponent's fatigue bar will have been built up, and he will be temporarily stunned. Wait for him/her to COMPLETELY stand up, then use Special Beam Cannon a third time. Then, once he/she will get up, they will most likely Dragon Dash to the side. When the Side dash is almost over, then use special beam cannon a fourth time, and they should be dead. If you charged your ki high enough at the beginning of the battle, you could do this all in one Ki Burn Mode. I killed Kid Buu this way. Hope this Helps!!

Easy ZeniAdded 18 Nov 2008, ID #31211
First, you need to buy the Z difficulty in the black capsule section. Then, you need to have beaten Omega Shenron with Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in the GT Saga. Then, continue doing Dragon Mission until you unlock new missions in the Majin Saga. One will have you play as Android 18 against Hercule. The missions is to let Hercule knock you out of bounds. Put the difficulty on Z and when the battle starts, rush into one of the outer corners of the arena. That way, when Hercule does a smash attack, it will knock you out of bounds. If you do it right, you will get a Z ranking and will receive 60,000 zeni. Also, if you manage to equip the WE GOTTA POWER!! Z item when it's maxed out at lvl. 5, then you can receive 120,000 zeni this way each time you do it. Note: try not to hurt Hercule or prolong the battle.
Easy ZeniAdded 17 Nov 2008, ID #31207
After you beat Omega Shenron in the GT Saga, continue unlocking new missions in story mode until you get to the Majin Saga. Keep unlocking new missions until you come across the World Tournament missions. One of them lets you play as Android #18. THe mission is to allow Hercule to knock you out of bounds. Unlock the highest difficulty (Z) by buying it in the Warrior's Room for about 10,000 to 30,000 zeni in the black capsule category. Then go back to the mission, set the difficulty to Z, then, when the battle starts, zoom over to the edge, and let him ring you out. Try not to hit him, and if he circles around you, use X and the analog stick to reposition yourself. Let him ring you out, and you will get 60,000 zeni for the Z ranking on the Z difficulty. If he tries using Present Bomb at the start of the battle, restart the mission. Doing this will allow you to get ringed out relatively easy. Repeat to get massive amounts of zeni.

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