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Follow the dark path or use the light

Adult Gohan FAQ

by DS_Aneila

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Adult Gohan Guide
Author: TS Aneila


Table of Contents:

01: Updates
02: Introduction to Gohan
03: Techniques & Management
04: Gohan info
05: Gohan strategy
06: Gohan match-ups
07: Gohan combo section
08: Conclusion
09: Special Thanks to
10: Contact & Legal info


01: Updates


02: Introduction to Gohan-

Pretty sure everyone knows who Adult Gohan is and what he did throughout the 
Buu saga so not going to talk about the anime. So letís cut to the chase, he 
has changed a bit over his B3 counter-part. A new optional Deathmove, Ki 
Blast  Cannon  which he received from Shin Budokai: Another Road Future Gohan, 
a nullifying starter,  ridiculously easy DM infinite and quite a bit of new 


Great damage, multiple transformations to increase baseline ki and damage, 
juggle DM infinite and a nice combo platform to work with. Coupled with a 
nullifier starter, decent attack speed and range he can hold his own very well;
Ki Blast Cannon is a very good DM too.


Well, honestly he doesnít suffer from much other than priority compared to 
others. He isnít the fastest nor has the best ki baseline, but he actually 
has enough to do quite good. His starters could be a bit quicker but thatís 
really all he is lacking, even still his starters are pretty solid anyways.


03: Techniques & Management-


 A technique that has been around since Budokai 1, the basic concept behind 
 it is using a string that has a chargeable move during it, that can keep the 
 opponent in the hit-stun long enough to cancel with the guard button and then 
 quickly start a new string. It has many advantages, first is it helps you do 
 lots of damage, while building you ki meter and makes your strings safe. Moves 
 that arenít canceled are very bad and can usually be punished by opponents who 
 guarded or if you whiff. 

They also can be used for mix-up to keep your opponent guessing which string 
you will use next, heíll have to constantly figure out what youíll do next and 
when to squeeze in an attack to hit you. Whether youíll tick a throw, side-step 
behind him, or keep the pressure on him is all what makes canceling great. 
Usually the aggressive player thatís always on the offensive can have control 
over most the match. 

Ki Management:

A very important thing to focus on during a match. You need ki for everything 
almost, deathmoves, ultimates, aura guard, transformations, and probably the 
most important, teleport-counter. You should always make sure you have at least 
3 bars to TC out of combos, aswell as make sure you have the ki advantage over 
your opponent. Players on the offense gain ki at quite a fast rate, while 
guarding opponents slowly gain a fraction of what you get. This goes back to 
being the aggressive player, it helps you stay ahead in the ki department.

There will of course be times when you will be low on ki and your opponent 
will have the advantage. Sometime you can try and get away (usually itís not 
that effective) to charge it. A solid method of getting back in the lead is 
using anti-TC moves. Examples of this are Gokuís >P+K kick and Cellís neutral 
P. You wanna use a poke to try and bait them behind you, as they appear you 
can hit them with an anti-TC move. It must either be a fast P most the time, 
or a nullifier to catch them.

Fatigue Management:

The fatigue meter has been taken from Burst Limit and put into Infinite World, 
whether for better or worse. Unlike Burst Limit, you cannot lower using 
transformations, so you must be careful and pay attention to it; it only 
lowers automatically over time but at a very slow rate. Fatigue raises while 
you are blocking or dodging, taking any sort of damage in general. Being 
fatigue will drop most characters into their base form state (assuming they 
can transform). While it seems bad, it can be a good thing allowing use of 
transformation guard crushes again to get in damage. Only thing to watch out 
for is juggle fatigue deathmove infinites; Adult Gohan, Goku and Bardock are 
the main people that can do this, if you get fatigued while in their juggleÖ
itís pretty much game haha.


04: Gohan info-

Alright, going start off mentioning his starter options. He has 3 different 
ones to choose from that each have a good way to approach. >PKK- is the most 
standard, itís pretty quick and has the reach leading into an axe kick cancel, 
KKKK- is nice pressure and best used up closed after you used >PKK- to pull 
yourself in. His final starter choice is the PPPPP stun, it is fairly fast and 
leads into a nullifier double fisted swing. The nullification window is pretty 
long on that final P swing activating the second you see him use it and doesnít 
end until well after heís recovered. It pushes back on block too making it 
pretty safe, also you can cancel the last P as well just not enough to combo 
into it with anything. I suggest canceling the P if the opponent is dodging 
your swings so that way they don't dodge the nullifier and throw you or 
whatever, only let it totally go through if they have been blocking.

With these 3 starters you are pretty much set as far as approaching and which 
to use in what situation. PPPPP will cover you and is needed against people who
have better starters or nullifiers (Z Goku, Pikkon, Cell). >PKK and KKKK can be 
used against pretty much a huge chunk of the cast safely. 

Soaring Dragon Strike-

Same as it was in B3, 4 hits, cancel it on the third. I wanna say it requires
fast cancel to chain properly really doesn't. In B3 it was kinda dumb
because you had to cancel it so fast off a low juggle and use a preset combo
involving a K to keep chaining it. Because of the start-up of K ontop of how 
low the they would float in the air, it made it difficult to chain more than 2.
Now you can chain SDS off of anything you want. 

Because Gohan's P is so fast on start-up you can do things like...


with the greatest ease. You can also just simply use PP SDS instead of all 4 
hits since there is a slight pause between one meaning they might hit the 
ground before it comes out. You could use KKKK off a high juggle aswell for 
SDS. Personally I wouldn't recommend it because the ki gain isn't any better 
than 4 P's, it also requires fast cancel to chain it. PPKK is another possibly 
even easier move to use for juggling people with SDS and in all honesty, the 
main one I use, but it's up to you. Gonna say this now, and that is Gohan has 
2 strings that reset a juggled  opponent on the ground. First is <PP which also 
stuns, the second is PKK. PKK doesn't stun, infact the first K is what resets 
them back on the ground while the second K has Gohan leg tripping them into a 
perfect juggle height for SDS. Because of this you can use launchers and 
juggles during combos then bring them back on the ground with <PP and a PKK for 
an SDS ender. 

With all the combo options he has he can gain a very good amount of ki to put 
him far ahead. Like with Z Goku he can build large amounts of ki off one combo
and use SDS cancels and STILL have a ki advantage. Top it off SDS does really
good damage and fatigue and can chew through 2 lifebars in seconds, especially 
as Unlock Gohan, each SDS cancel will do half a life bar.

SDS Damage and Fatigue info-

Base form: 4 hits, 600 damage. 20% Fatigue. Canceled does 3 hits, 390 damage.

SSJ: 4 hits, 660 damage. 23% Fatigue. Canceled version does 3 hits, 420 damage.

SSJ 2: 4 hits, 689 damage. 26% Fatigue. Canceled does 3 hits, 448 damage.

Unlock: 4 hits, 780 damage. 30% Fatigue. Canceled does 3 hits, 507 damage.

Ki Blast Cannon or Kamehameha?

Pretty much a no brainer. Ki Cannon deals slightly less damage and fatigue but
is a much better DM still than Kamehameha. Ki Cannon is for the most part is
instant and while you can't see it, travels at about the speed of Jan's
Hellgate. Not only that but it costs 1 ki and is not easy to TC. This along with
Jan's Hellgate is one of the only DM's in the game that could be used outside 
of a combo and be safe while most likely connecting. Wouldn't suggest 
spamming it because that defeats the purpose of Ki management BUT if you
are in Unlock and have over 3 ki or feel you can use and will land without a
TC, throwing it out here and there for extra and damage and fatigue isn't a bad
thing. Could even help you win a match you may have lost but because you
were able to work in little pot shots here and there to came out the victor.


05: Gohan strategy-

Well, your main goal is to pull off an SDS juggle fatigue infinite, Gohan has
all the tools and starters to get it going so it shouldn't be a problem. Also
to add, SDS guard breaks, against nullification monsters like Yamcha and Pikkon
you will have trouble. While it's best to use PPPPP against them it won't
exactly cut it. SDS can be an optional starter choice, it takes 2 ki to use but
you are guaranteed to land it in some cases. They can still dodge if they are 
fast enough and use Aura Guard. The two quick hits of SDS should be enough to 
break their nullifier single punch depending on your spacing and if it connects
will either force them to TC, which you should be safe if you cancel the SDS
or they eat 400 damage~ and you get a combo lead in. 

Ki Cannon is there for a good reason too, don't forget to toss it out here and 
there against them if you have trouble gettin combos off. You can aura dash 
backwards to put some distance, possibly charge ki. Remmember while you guard
and they attack you gain ki so you can go SSJ at the start and guard break them.
Personally I feel Yamcha is easier for Gohan to deal with because he only has
3 baseline. You can pull the ki advantage and toss out Ki C. or SDS starters 
along with your insanely quick damage and fatigue. Against Pikkon it is gonna 
be harder because of his 5 ki baseline, strategy is roughly the same though.

If you are getting pressured too much, remember Gohan's >P+K is a nullifier. 
It GC's and comes out fast, careful against using it on people with multi-hit
nullifiers, theirs will override yours.


06: Gohan match-ups-

Match-up section is going to be a bit different than my Vegito guide. Just
going to go through the characters in his tier and above and which ones will
give him the most trouble. Already went into some detail on Pikkon and Yamcha
earlier so not much reason to repeat myself.

GT Vegeta-

Generally difficult, assuming your opponent can fast cancel and play him right.
Watch for his lunging elbow starter, which is similar to Goku's just not as
quick. Getting near him will be kinda tricky, you don't have anything to 
approach with to get past his defensive P+K. When he lunges at you be aware you
could possibly work out your >P+K to knock him down once GT Vegeta has canceled
the lunge, either that or GC him on his block. Try not to get near him and if
you can get some Ki Cannon damage in there.

Syn Shenron-

Overall just way too fast for you. >PPPKK rushdown is overwhelming for Gohan to
compete against. You can try your PPPPP to keep up with his speed but it's the
fact that Syn's >P has so much reach compared to you. His high baseline will
mess you up too. It's unwise use Ki Cannon to give him a free TC behind on you,
same goes for trying SDS starter. SDS would best be used if you've got him 
around 3 ki and you have at least 3 to spare. He can keep up with you in damage 
aswell, try your best to get the ki advantage and fatigue infinite, it's really 
all you can do.


Zoning is really good, gotta watch that spear cancel. Ki Cannon is a good tool
here to punish him and get some damage in. He has a slight ki advantage at the
start but if you can reach SSJ2 or above you should be set. Working around the
spear will be hard but if you can bait him towards you with Ki Cannon it's 
possible to annoy him enough to get him coming to you. If you can get close or
get him close to you watch for his KKKK and match with your PPPPP. Get that 
infinite off and bring the hurt.

The two Gokus-

Fear both their shoulder lunging starters. As known by now they can weave in 
and out safely with it. You don't have anything to match it cept really a ki
shot which isn't the safest. At best it'll knock them back but you cannot 
follow up, if you do hit them back try and charge your ki. If that wasn't bad
enough both their >PKK's is faster than yours. I think theirs and your KKKK
is about the same though. Easily the hardest match-up and I think at this 
point if you aren't Pikkon or Yamcha, Goku can tear you apart.


07: Gohan combo section-


/\ = Up on D-Pad
\/ = Down on D-Pad
< = Back on D-Pad
> = Forward on D-Pad
P = Punch ; default on Square
K = Kick ; default on Triangle
G = Guard ; default on X
E = Energy ; default on Circle
D = Aura dash ; default on R1
P+K = Punch + Kick ; default on R2
HM/AB = Hyper Mode / Aura Burn ; default on L2
C = Charge Ki ; default on L1
T = Taunt ; Guard + Downx2
\/E = Transformation
/\E = Ultimate

' = Fully Charged.
* = Stun
- = Cancel 
~ = Sidestep cancel ; same as Cancel just with a \/ or /\ + G while charging
HS = Heavy smash, Aura dash then P+K 
D~ = Aura dash sidestep 
^ = Pop up = "Juggle"
FF = Full Fatigue 
R = Reset ; can be done after a FF to make used strings available again
R^ = juggle reset , resets the person from a juggle into a grounded state
GC = Guard Crush


Gohan cancels:


Gohan stuns:


Gohan juggles:





<KP*, <P+K^, <PP*R^, >PPPPP^, <E (SDS). 14 hits, 968 damage. 47% Fatigue.

<P+K^, <P+K^, <PP*R^, PPPPP*, PPKK <E (SDS). 17 hits, 1121 damage. 53% Fatigue.


>PKK-, <P+K^, <PP*R^, KKKK-, VE HS, KKKK <E (SDS). 20 hits, 1275 damage.
55% Fatigue.

>PKK-, >K*, <PP*, VE HS, KKKK-, >PPPPP^ <E (SDS), L1. 22 hits, 1326 damage.
60% Fatigue.

Advanced (SDS cancels required)-

>PKK-, <P+K^, >PKK- VE^, >PKK- VE^, <PP*R^, >K*, PPPPP*, PPKK <E- (SDS), PPKK,
<E (SDS). 35 hits, 2022 damage. 100% Fatigue.

>PKK-, <KP*, <P+K^, <P+K^, <P+K^, <PP*, >K*, VE HS, KKKK-, PPPPP*, PPKK <E-, 
PPKK <E-, PKK <E, [FF], >E (Ki. C). 44 hits, 3049 damage.

Updates too come...



Gohan's final evaluation:

Range: 6/10
Juggle Ability: 5/10
Damage Potential: 10/10
Cancel Ability: 6/10
Stun Ability: 8/10
Rushdown: 7/10
Defense: 6/10

Gohan is quite solid and his damage is really great. He was fortunate enough 
to have two very very good DM's. SDS is a given though, the fatigue system
helps a Gohan player out immensely, focus on going into it on fatigue contact
to seal the match. His starters can get him by, make sure to have a good 
understanding of his >PKK when using it. It is a lil' bit slow and you do have
PPPPP, so use it. You've got Ki Blast Cannon to work in damage and of course
3 transformations with max baseline ki of 5. Summ'd up, you've got a pretty 
good assortment of tools to land SDS infinite, you aren't Bardock after all.


09: Special Thanks to

DIMPS for continuing the series.

Azuro for setting up DBC for these games to have competitive discussion, 
TrollCapAmerica, DrunkenPilot, Nnamz, Escobuu, Gogetassj4666, Dizlord, 
Fog and all the vets who have worked on these games throughout the years. 


10: Contact & Legal Info:

Any questions or concerns about this guide than please feel free to email 
me at [email protected]

This guide is not to be reproduced under other websites other than GameFAQS 
solely or unless with my consent, this is for personal use only and otherwise 
a violation of copyright laws. 

Copyright 2009 TS Aneila