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Digimon World Data Squad Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Digimon World Data Squad

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We've got some cheats for beating Lucemon and Lilithom.

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We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon World Data Squad please send them in here.

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Defeating Lucemon

When you reach the last two battles they will be against Lucemon who is the evil digimon from Season 4 of Digimon. Keep Agumon in his mega form and use DR Drive, Attack X2, Mega Drive (abilities), Invisible (item), and All Or Nothing (item). If you keep attacking Lucemon he will eventually faint. If both of your allies faint, Invisible wears off and you must revive them. When they are back, Invisible will return on Agumon.

evolving gaogamon to mach gaogamon

after you finished mirage musuem the next is livilus island. you can get much more agumon's digivolution here because the dr digimon are found here. if you fight too much from previous stages you should met all the requirements exept the ??? at mach gaogamon's requirements.all you need to do is to defeat lilithmon and in the cutscene gaomon uppercuts piyomon to prevent stealing the code key of lust.after that piyomon digivolves to birdramon then you'll fight birdramon. in the battle gaogamon or the other digivolutions of gaomon that you are using you should have a digisoul charge option it should digivolve to mach gaogamon the ??? turns out to be hit piyomon with an uppercut.

You know that digimon sosalimon [bad spelling] s..

You know that digimon sosalimon [bad spelling] she knows everything about you like how many attacks you've used so the digimon that require certain thing like the megas so you know what to do to get them.

Defeating the Demon Lord(the final boss)

The following digimon should be on your team:
Rosemon(final evolution of lalamon): for healing and resurrecting a digimon
Gallantmon: since the final boss is a NSo digimon and Gallantmon is a VB digimon, he should inflict massive damage on it.
The third digimon is up to you but I suggest Yatagaramon(Falcomon's second evolution).have the third digimon to use an "invisible" on Gallantmon and Rosemon. The Demon Lord should attack the third digimon because it is the only one you haven't used an "invisible" on.Note: if used "invisible" on all your digimon, the Demon Lord can now attack all your digimon. Watch out if it attacks because it attacks twice so be careful.have the third digimon use a support command or a guard command that will make Gallantmon's atta..

evolve without accomplishing some requirements

Some evolution just needs some requirements like str is at least 400 or evolve to something without accomplishing some task, like str is at least something. Have one digimon use a support command that will make a stat increase temporarily.if a phrase named "digisoul charge" appears on the digimon you used the support command, choose it and then end the battle.and look at the evolution map of the digimon that just evolve moments should see that the digimon evolutio has been unlocked but the requirements still isn't complete.


To get war Graymon you need to defeat 25 of type of digimon(not the leavels)

10% dicount on every item

After you've turned 400 digimons into DigiEgg, talk to salamon in Sneyato Forest. He will give you an item, then he should tell you about a secret item behind a waterfall somewhere in Doomsday forest(the area which you are going to investigate after you've defeated Leviamon, in the area where kosaburo, the private investigator gets attacked by Creepymon).While on the dommsday forest, get on a log then push the switch. Once the switch has been activated, you should see that the log will go up the waterfall. Ride the log, an option will appear while your going up the waterfall. After you get off the log, go inside the cave, you should be able to see a treasure chest. Open it, then a message will appear that you aquired a DiscountTicket. Then all the items should be 10% cheaper than the ori..

how to defeat lilithmon

1 you need to digivolve geogreymon to rise greymon,,and then use attack x2 to rise greymon, then use trident revolver,,maybe 1,or 2!!!,,attack his death
.....ok that is what i do!!!......

how to defete (bad spelling i think sorry if it is) myotismon (b

What you do is you make sure you have geogreymon the other person's (girl battling with u) champion evolove form, then u the girl and thomas try and defete bakemon then when u do he digivoloves in to myotismon then geogreymon, and the other to digimon in the battle fighting with u use mega burst 2-5 times sunshine bazzooka 2-5 times and gaogna hound 2-5 times and u will probibly defete him. sorry about spelling and also this is no garenty that u will beat him it worked for me.

defeat a boss digimon easily

To defeat a boss digimon easily.first, you must have an item called "invisible". This way the opponent will stop ataccking you.second,select a guard command or a support command that will increase the power of the digimon you used an "invisible" on like attack power x2(the same command can't be used twice so you'll have to use another command that will make your digimon stronger)or a mega drive(depending on the rank of the digimon).then use an item that will make you attack twice.then make the digimon attack.ot should do a lot of damage to the opponent.

how to know number of types defeated

Go to area 2,seneyato forest,go near the save point.keep going right unti you reach salamon(looks like a small dog) trade with him digi-eggs then the names of your digimon will be showed.for example:if I choosed agumon the number of rookies,champions,ultimate and megas will be dispayed then the number of dr,vb,nsp,nso,jt,me,ds and wg defeated.
This is useful if you are defeating certain number of digimon in order to get a strong digivolved form

all i know about digi eggs

digi eggs
1.Light -at Salamon's digiegg quest.
2.Hope - in Mirage Museum inside the green barrier near the old man.
3.Friendship - In a chest at area 7, Sea Precipice Jerapilus
4.Knowledge - Go and see Pandamon after you have Renamon in your
team. I think you have to answer a math question.
. He'll give it to you afterwards.
5.Honesty - After you have met Chuumon, buy some stuff from him.
Stop buying, talk to him until you have his request for cheese from
Pandamon. If not, just buy some stuff again, stop buying & talk to
him again until he told you of his request. Then go back to
Pandamon, answer a question and
he'll give you the cheese. Bring the cheese back to Chuumon.

How to know all your game information

To do this, all you need to do is proceed to the storyline. If your just beginning, you should complete the very first level of the game so that you can access to the second level of the game. In the second level, named Sneyato Forest, all you need to do is go to your right. A digimon named Salamon will be there asking you to get certain number of digi-eggs to get an item. The second time you talked to her, she will ask you what digimon you wanna look it's information at. In this information, you can look at the number of digimons you defeated by type etc. You can do this as long as you want.

The Best Digimon of all!

Forget about that silly Shinegreymon,if you really want to crush your enemies
Try using Gallantmon.Why?,first itīs a VB type digimon so it will destroy any virus in your way in no time, second itīs are extremely powerful it can do 6795
Damage without making a critical hit! If you wanna win use Gallantmon

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