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Follow the dark path or use the light
Devil May Cry Pack Shot

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 7 cheats on PlayStation 2

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how to beat the dragonAdded 17 Dec 2008, ID #31361
To beat the dragon when he shoots a fireball out of his mouth time it and just before it hits you use your sword to deflect the attack. It will destroy the dragon. Then you must make the light go over to the mirror and yo have to jump across of each stone block in the air and then get the philosiphers stone this may take a while to get the stone because you can only see the blocks when there is lightning.

Devil May CryAdded 23 Aug 2007, ID #27612
How to Get an S Ranking on Every Level:

Mission Time Needed Orbs Needed
1 6:00 400
2 7:00 450
3 3:00 550
4 4:00 550
5 2:00 100
6 3:30 250
7 3:00 650
8 3:00 585
9 8:00 1500
10 4:30 600
11 5:30 1000
12 4:00 700
13 2:30 200
14 5:00 500
15 10:00 1400
16 6:00 1000
17 7:00 600
18 6:00 900
19 3:30 500
20 4:30 700
21 5:00 700
22 5:00 0
23 7:00 600

Points Earned For Secret Missions:
In addition to earning points for Time and enemies killed, you will earn bonus points for completing the game's secret missions. Point values are listed below:
Critical Hit: 200
Phantom Baby: 100
Phantom Baby 2: 100
The Three Beasts: 100
One-Eyed Evil: 200
Wandering Ghost: 200
Water Cell: 100
Treasure of the Reaper: 200
Stairway of Tranquility: 100
Shadow of Darkness: 200
Blue Gem in the Sky: 200
Hidden Bangle: 200

Points Needed For Rankings:
S: 1000-1500
A: 800-999
B: 500-799
C: 0-499
D: -1 or below

Secret Mission Locations:
Critical Hit--Mission 3
Drop into the water near the broken bridge. Phantom Baby--Mission 4:
Go back into the church where you battled the Phantom. Phantom Baby 2--Mission 4:
Defeat Phamtom Baby, then go to the God of Time room. The Three Beasts--Mission 4:
Inside room under the biplane room. One-Eyed Evil--Mission 5:
Go back to the room where you first saw Beezelbub. Wandering Ghost--Mission 11:
Go back to the final room of Mission 10. Water Cell--Mission 13:
Go to the captain's skeleton in his room. Treasure of the Reaper--Mission 15:
Look at the skull in the room where you first got the Shield Emblem. Stairway of Tranquility--Mission 16:
Beat Griffon, then go back to the coliseum. Shadow of Darkness--Mission 16:
Beat Nightmare, then return to the biplane room again. Blue Gem in the Sky--Mission 17:
Use Air Raid to cross the broken bridge. Hidden Bangle--Mission 21:
Look at the wall in front of the God of Time statue. Unlock All Star Group Photo:
If you get all S ranks on every mission, you will unlock the All Star Group Photo.

Unlock Dante Must Die Mode:
To get this mode, defeat the Legendary Dark Knight Mode.

Unlock Easy Difficulty:
To unlock Easy difficulty, continue a lot within the first couple of levels in the game. Or, just suck really bad. You will eventually unlock the Easy difficulty setting, allowing you to play through the game like a true pansy.

Unlock Hard Difficulty:
Beat the game once to unlock the Hard Difficulty setting. Unlock Legendary Dark Knight Mode:
To unlock Legendary Dark Knight mode, beat the game on the Hard difficulty setting.

Unlock Super Dante Mode:
Are you tough enough? Beat Dante Must Die mode in order to unlock Super Dante Mode, the pinnacle of achievement in this instant classic.

Extra Red Orbs:
First you choose a simple level where you get alot of orbs,(I chose Level 3 Cause of the phantom). Then after you got all the orbs press select then save your game, then reset. Play that same level over and over and each time you save and rest, you save the number of orbs, so you can buy cool stuff. It is time consuming and it's not helpful on your rank on that level but it does make the game alot easier to complete.

Beat Griffin:
The first time you fight the Griffin is in the open field near the three doors that are locked, two by shield and the other with spears. To beat him just use Air Raid. It gets the job done really quick. The second time you fight him you HAVE to use Air Raid, it was the only way I could beat him. And the last time you fight him is in a open space again.
Devil may cryAdded 19 Aug 2007, ID #27576
How can I defeat the dragon with dante and alastor?
CheatsAdded 2 Apr 2006, ID #20509
Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and move the left analogue stick until you hear a voice that says "Devil May Cry" in the main menu. This cheat will unlock all bonus modes, all alternate costumes and gallery.
Get Devil may cry 1 DanteAdded 11 Sep 2003, ID #4085
Beat the game in dante must die mode and unlock dant from devil may cry one with a force edge at level 5
ID #469

Easy mode

Successfully complete missions 1, 2, or 3 while using at least one continue. At the start of the next mission, there will be an option to change the game to easy mode. Note: Once easy mode is activated you cannot return to normal mode.

Hard mode

Successfully complete the game once to unlock Hard mode.

Legendary Dark Night mode

Successfully complete Hard mode to unlock Legendary Dark Night mode.

Dante Must Die mode

Successfully complete Legendary Dark Night mode to unlock Dante Must Die mode.

Super Dante mode

Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode to unlock Super Dante mode. In this mode, you can transform into a devil, and use magic indefinitely.

All-star group photo

Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank on all missions to unlock the all-star group photo.

ID #468

Unlock All-Star Group Pic

On every mission, get a rank of S.

Unlock Dante Must Die Mode

Beating the game on the Legendary Dark Knight Mode will unlock this mode.

Unlock Easy Difficulty

Easy Mode will unlock if you use an excessive amount of continues in the first few levels of the game. Basically, the more you suck, the greater your chances of unlocking the Easy Difficulty setting.

Unlock Hard Difficulty Setting

Beating the game one time will unlock this setting.

Unlock Legendary Dark Knight Mode

Beating the game on the Hard Difficulty setting will unlock this mode.

Unlock Super Dante Mode

Beating the game on the Dante Must Die Mode will unlock this mode.


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