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Def Jam: Fight for NY Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Def Jam: Fight for NY

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Check out our cheats to find out how you rematch a non-rematchable mactch, get $16,000,000 and codes for Reward points and songs.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Def Jam: Fight for NY please send them in here.

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Def Jam: Fight for NY Action Replay Codes

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Martial Arts Combinations
Unlock the following Martial Arts Styles by adding the following combinations together
Unlock Cruiserweight Style:
Submission + Kickboxing + Wrestling
Unlock Drunken Kung Fu:
Martial Arts + Wrestling + Streetfighting
Unlock Jeet Kune Do:
Martial Arts + Wrestling + Submission
Unlock Kung Fu:
Martial Arts + Submission + Kickboxing
Unlock Muay Thai Kixkboxing:
Kixkboxing + Streetfighting + Wrestling
Unlock Street Brawl:
Martial Arts + Kickboxing + Wrestling
Unlock Street Brawl 1:
Martial Arts + Streetfighting + Kickboxing
Unlock Street Brawl 2:
Martial Arts + Wrestling + Kickboxing
Unlock Street Brawl 3:
Martial Arts ..

How to get $16,000,000

To get $16,000,000 enter your name as fighter

Cheats for Reward Points and Songs

At the 'Extras' menu select the 'Cheats' option and enter the following codes to unlock the folloing songs.
POWER - Original Gangster by Ice T.
CHOPPER - Chopshop by Baxter
AKIRA - Dragon House by Chiang
GHOSTSHELL - Koto by Chiang
CHOCOCITY - Comp by Comp
PLATINUMB - Get it Now by Bless
LOYALTY - Afterhours by Nyne
GONBETRUBL - Lil' Bro by Richobyche
KIRKJONES - Man Up by Sticky Fingaz
SIEZE - Sieze the day by Bless
CARTAGENA - Take a look at my Life by Fat Joe
ULTRAMAG - Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MCs
PUMP - Walk with Me by Joe Budden
MILITAIN - Anything Goes by CNN
BIGOI - Bust by Outkast
RESPECT - Move by Public Enemy

At the 'Extras' menu select the 'Cheats' option and enter the f..

100 dev points

Go to extras then put cheats enter: newjack and crooklyn.

Rematch A non-rematchable match.

Make sure the autosave feature is on. Remove the memory card before the match. If you lose exit the story mode without saving and re-enter the story mode with the memory card. Examples of non-rematchable matches: the girlfriend fight, the catfight and the fights after completing the story mode.

To get everything full

I heard that if you play on hard, you should be able to get everything up like, speed, health, upper body, lower body and toughness up all the way, my friends have tried it and go them all up, hope this is true for everyone's character to kick butt

If you want to have most of your stats up to 10%..

If you want to have most of your stats up to 10% or at least 94%-98%, you need to have another profile 100% complete plus the bonus fights. Look at the styles and pick which ones you like to pick first with your other profile do the samething with the Blazin' Moves (Just pick four Blazin moves). Then once you have your new profile you'll know how to put those stats, styles, and Blazin' Moves.

How to get money

To get money without playing the story mode just play normal matches and you will get them for sure


Rocky Balboa (Rocky movies) created fighter
Skin: 4 or 5, slightly tan
Hair: Some kind of slicked back, not the slicked haircut or Fiery
Accessories: Heavily Taped Gloves, White
Tops: None
Bottoms: Boxing Trunks, white with red trim
Shoes: Tall White Workboots
Style: Street Fighting
Finishers: Preferably Pushover or Speedbag
Stats: Same as Apollo's but more balanced with Toughness, Health and Upperbody ahead
Voice: Clean Cut
Any Alter Egos: Apollo Creed
Apollo Creed (Rocky movies) created fighter
Skin: Near the last
Hair: Medium, Dreads, Jet Black Accessories: Heavily Taped Gloves, White
Tops: None
Bottoms: Boxing Trunks, red with white trim
Shoes: Tall Maroon Workboots

Already hurt people

Go to cheats and put in buster it says it don't work but go check the people you fight it worked for me hope it works for everyone

If you arefighting with someone that blocks ever..

If you arefighting with someone that blocks every third time you hit them and they block, instead you can hit them twice then grab them, and if you got the fighting skill submision, do that, if not that grab them then try to push them on the wall or where there are people, they will throw the person then attack.
Hope this would work.

How to win NY

Right here it is, how to beat every rapper out there in NY.
1st in a season try and spend all your money on clothes and other things and second be a kickboxer becauuse you about to be beaten if you dont
3rd spread out all you skill points from the top down and then when you filled it all then choose another style.
4th in a match if your a kickboxer you have to run around and when you have the chance run at your opponent and kick or punch him with a kickboxing move. This is the only way you can win.
If you're not sure play a single battle and wipe the floor with the suckers then you look good with all the clothes meaning you get 'BLAZIN' faster.

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