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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Castlevania: Lament of Innocence


We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Castlevania: Lament of Innocence please send them in here.

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Using Leon successfully complete and save the game. Then select 'New Game' and enter the following passwords without the quotes as a name to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock ALL Skills:
Enter the password '@LLSKILL'.
Unlock Joachim Armster:
Enter the password '@JOACHIM'.
Unlock Crazy Difficulty Setting:
Enter the password '@CRAZY'.

Unlock Pumpkin Mode:
Using Joachim Armster successfully complete and save the game. Then select 'New Game' and enter '@PUMPKIN' without the quotes as a name. In this mode you are able to use a pumpkin sub-weapon.
Unlock Boss Rush Mode:
Using any character successfully complete and save the game and Boss Rush mode will become unlocked for that character at the 'Leve..

Duplicate Items

Go to the corridor outside the first save point, stand between the second and third candle on the red stripe that is on the carpet.
Now stand on the second shadow reflected by the moonlight while still on the red stripe (the reflection looks like a black pole on the ground.
Press start and go to your item list. Now everytime you move the pointer that item will be duplicated.
Note #1:You can only have 9 of each item.
Note #2:You can duplicate any item that you can have more than one of.

Be A Billionaire

After you use the duplicating items cheat, save your game at the save point. Once you've done that use your Magical Ticket to return to the cabin. Sell all but one item and make sure you always leave two Magical & Memorial Tickets. Use the Memorial Ticket to return back to the save point, and repeat the steps as many times as your heart desires. Enjoy!

Handy weapon

Get to axe and the red orb for when your surrounded, or need to get out of a tight spot it may save your life.

Racoon Charm

To get the Racoon Charm, you must go to the place with the waterfalls. Then in one of the rooms with the moving scythes, lies the Racoon Charm. You must jump on to the side of the wall where there is a gap. There should be a power up. Next, whip across and you now have the Racoon Charm.

fire elemental

Are you having trouble on the fire elemental boss if you have the ice whip than you do a hole lot of damage to him. to get the ice whip you must defeat the frost elemental who is found in the palace of dark waterfalls

Boss rush mode!

To unlock BOSS RUSH MODE!!
Kill all of the bosses including the ice element, fire element, thunder element, and the Forgotten one.


You have to go to the five teleporters and go on each one, you will get to finish the level by beating the five monsters and defeating the boss.
Keep cheating.

A great tactict for surving the game

One of the great cheat codes that Castlevania has is the ability to up all of your items and relichs up to nine, the hint goes like this buy all the items that you can from Reinaldo, then simply use this code.... Enter the castle and go to the room with the first save station, you will see three fire pots there in the hallway, between the second and third pot there is a special place you can stand... It looks like shadows of bars on the floor by the red stripe.
Put Leon's feet on that first bar shadow and press start for the items list... As you go down your availble items they will increase by one. If it doesn't work the first time, hang in there go back and move his feet to a little different spot (I swear it takes a lot of precision to get this to work. Once you have master..

Dupe easily!

Ok, hi everyone. This is the same cheat as the other guy on the hints, but he sounded like an idiot telling it and it didn't make much sense, so I'm here to accurately tell you how to dupe ANY item at ANY time with ease and how to get an extreme amount of money. Ok, first off as soon as you start the game, or whenever, doesn't matter, go straight to the very first save room in the game. Don't go into the save room, but instead slowly walk down the left part of the rug where it's red and close to the giant candles. One part of the floor is green right infront of the window, can't miss it cause the other places infront of the other two windows are pretty close to white. Stand on the green spot and face the window, hit start and go to items, as soon as the items menu comes up whatever item ..

jade mask

Once you beat the game you can buy the jade mask from Rinaldo.

Whip Swing

alot of people have trouble with swinging the whip just right to move from pole to pole in the game at points well this is the perfect timing i think cu it always works for me u have to press square to swing ur whip right after u flip any later and u miss any earleir well anybodys guess

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