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Blitz: The League Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Blitz: The League

We have 11 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Blitz: The League please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Blitz: The League Questions & Answers page.

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Various codes

Enter the following at the cheat code entry to activate

Super Clash Mode: CLASHY

Super Unleash Clash Mode: BIGDOGS
Two Player Co-op: CHUWAY
Double Unleash Icons: PIPPED

Ball Trail Always On: ONFIRE

Stamina Disabled: NOTTIRED

Beach Ball: BOUNCY

Easy fumble/Injury

After you make a Touch-Down instead of kicking off do an onside kick if you already did a regular kickoff then hit make sure you have clash now aim the aimer to the right > all the way now get two buttons right and let the rest be wrong now it will say "Shank!" ok now when the other person picks this up do a dirty hit on them now with my person named Chris West he always breaks bones (my kicker) but hey it don't matter to me. Now your kickers should do dirty hits and usaully knock fumbles if your in divsion 2/3 anyway when this happens if you see someone about to get the ball hit X and tackle them then one of your people should get it now run like heck, your welcome for the help.

Good codes

CHUWAY Two player co-op mode
NOTTIRED Stamina disabled
BOUNCY Beach ball
PIPPED Double unleashed icons
CLASHY Super clash mode
BIGDOGS Super unleash clash mode

How to make your team

Ok when you make Your team at first here's how it works
More aggression = More playing hard and team working
More Conseveration = better players with better skills with less team work.

Easy TD

If your 5 yardsd or less then the TD make sure your don=ing a passing play not trick or running now hit L2 to jump and jump foward.

Two player co-op

Enter "chuway" as a code

People To Get

In career mode get the Running Back and the Safety because you get line backer Bruno Bataglia later.

Easy QB killer or interception

During 4th Qtr the CPU should only use redzone power and speed plays mostly speed now if you hate the QB ike Julius Williams then choose a blizting play if you like interception then choose a normal play like in balanced then let him hike the ball when hispercaution level goes to high he thinks he could outrun you on the blitz normally no but some QB's can now if you don't get him he will throw it to Square or Circle but his play should be oh mary in speed most play books have it
Now your interception wait until the ball is 0.99 seconds which is like 1 second then hit triangle and interception or block when I do this instead of them punting they go for it on 4th down


On the Kick off hold R2 and L2 and move the analog stick in where you want them to kick it this works 90% of the time

Ok I'm Rayku2 number (Ranks/Stats) 86 or 85 (for now at least) peace

Mexico in redhawks

On 4th qtr when doing the QB killer cheat or interception cheat if he runs to the left or right and nobody is in front of I'm he will run it and gain like 10+ yards unless your team is fast in division

Sack contest (computer only)

On the 4th quater do special teams and field goal block [] (square) and you should sack him over and over and over.......

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