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Barnyard Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Barnyard


We have 55 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Barnyard please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Gameboy Advance : PC : Wii

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During gameplay hold R1 + R2 and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.
Get 9,999 Gopher Bucks:
X, X, Square, Square, Sqaure, Square, Triangle, Sqaure.
Get ALL Knapsack and Flower Pack Items:
X, X, Triangle, O, Square, Square, Square, O, Triangle.

Mo' Coins

For an easy way to get some extra coins, at the point where you are told by Ben to use the metal detector to find Gopher's coins, go to the barnyard and on the right side farmer's house there are some yellow flowers.
If you use the metal detector there, you should find some coins, at night keep leaving and rejoining the party and go back to that same palce to find more and more coins.

9999 gofer bucks

Hold r1 and r2 then press X,X,square,square,square,square,triangle,square

Unlock all antics

At the title screen,hold r1 and r2 and press triangle square x circle circle x square triangle

Easy money!!!!!!!!!!!

First you need to hve the key for the entrance and the metal detector the of the barn.when you have the key and the metal detector go outside and turn.left when your at the farm don't turn left just go straight and when your at the meadow turn left then use the metal detector and when the ring turns red press X then you have lots of money. Note:you can only use this cheat once!! A day

how to get the high score on Whack a Rac

the first level is easy but in the second level coyotes will appear They are courtesy of chapter 3 If you hit them they are 10 points If you hit a rooster or egg you lose points If you hit Freddy you lose a life hit as many racoons and coyotes as possible Freddy will appear 2 times in level 5 Hit enough racoons to pass a level if done correctiy you will get a star

how to get the high score on barnyard squirter

If you spray the cans faster youll get more points Theyll say how much they are worth when you spray them If this continues youll have a bigger score in accuracy

how to get the high score on bens hill squirter

there are some hidden cans to spray down by the path that leads to the vegtable patch Good luck finding them

Facts And Secrets

When Playing Barnyard, I See Weird Things. Here Are The Weird Things I Found:
1. Farmer's Shadow: Sometimes, If You Wait At The Barn And Sunset, A Cut Scene Where The Farmer Going Hoe Is Play Right. Then When I See The Farmer's Car, A Farmer's Shadow Is There.
2. Unknown Salt Lick Machine (You Need To Buy Salt Lick Machine First): When You Go Inside The Night Barn, You See That Salt Lick Machine. Try To Go Slowly To The Right Of The Salt Lick Machine And There Is A Command (Press X To Try Salt Lick Machine). In Chapter 3 Coyote Season, Root Ask You To Be A Bartender. After Playing The Game , Go See The Right Of The Big Door Downstairs. There Is A Salt Lick Machine, But You Can't Reach It.
Creepy Places: If You Go To Old Mill, Wallnut Woods, Or Grizzly Gulch, You Don't Hear..

Raining Weather

Go Sleep For 2-3 Days. Sometimes, The Rain Comes Out At Night Then Day Stop. Sometimes, They Need Long Time. For You Who Doesn't Want Rain, Go Inside The Barn. Wait A Little Long Then Go Up The Boat Near A Window. See Outside And They Were Sunny, Go Back Out Again. The Rain Should Stop.

Game Lists

This Is The Game Lists That Play In The Barnyard:
-Mud Jumpers
-Barnyard Sharp Squirting
-Tease The Mailman
-Bike Race
-Barn Pool
-Joy Ride
-Cow Tipping
-Tease Ms. Beady
-Chicken Coop Defender
-Vegetable Patch Defender
-Ben's Hill Sharp Squirting
-Beady Farm Sharp Squirting
-Izzy Springs Sharp Squirting
-Chicken Launch
-Whack A Rac
-Barnyard Darts
-Izzy Springs Golf
-Back 9
-Percission Golf
-Percission Back 9
-Freddy's Dream
-Chasing Chicks VS Otis
-Chasing Chicks VS Jerseys
-Milk Bar

Gold Rush Machine And Token

Gold Rush Machines Place:
- Barn: Push The Button And Go Up The Ladder.
- Barnyard: Behind The Garage Where Otis Hang Out.
- Ben's Hill: Top Of Ben's Hill.
- South Path: At The Little Mountain To The Izzy Springs Way.
- Walnut Woods: Near The Little Gate To Izzy Springs.
- Beady Farm: House Near One Cherry Tree.
- Old Mill: Near The House.
- Junkyard: Near The Bridge.
To Get Gold Rush Tokens, Sometimes You Can Get It After Completing Missions Or Brake A Crates In Milkweed Place. Example: At Grizzly Gulch, Go Plant A Milkweed Or Find A Way Up Near The Path From Dankweed Pond. Go Up And Destroys Those Two Crates. If You Lucky, Gold Rush Token Will Come Up.

Easy Defending Chicken Coop And Vegetable Patch

For You Who Not Expert In Defending Games, Here A Tip. At Defending Chicken Coop, Go Stay In A Good Place. Off Course, Near The Chicken Coop. Go Squirt Them From There. If Any Of The Raccoon Or Coyotes Take A Chicken, Quickly Squirt Them And Toss Them In The Nearest Circle. Off Course, The Circle In Front Of The Coop. Concentrate On The Enemy First. If You Don't Think Twice, You Will Lose. Becareful With The Coyote Scratches. If A Coyote Near You, Better You Run Before Squirt Them. In Vegetable Patch, Better To Squirt The Raccoon First Before Closing The Fence. Try To Throw The Raccoon As Quickly As Possible. Becareful From Their Tomatoes Too.

Go To Roofs And Trees

Go Top To Roofs Or Trees:
- Barn Roof: You Don't Need To Use the Stuffs Near The Garage. There Is 3 Trash Cans Near The Kitchen Right. Go Jump To Top Then Keep Jumping. Then Go Climb The Ladder, Done. Or You Can Go Jump From The Cactus Plant Near The Crates Left Side Of the Barn. Jump To The Low Roof Then Keep Jumping So You Can Get Up There. When You Go To The Water Tank, Right Side Of It There Is A Tree. Go Jump From The Water Tank To Get To The Tree. If You Lucky, You In Top Of It.
- Garage Roof: Park Your Bike In Front Of The Little Car. Then Jump To The Bike Then Jump Again To The Little Car. Keep Jumping Until You Get To The Roof.
-Farmer's House Roof: Go Up The Ladder And Keep Jumping From The Windows Roof. After You In The Top, You Can Pick Two Trees To Go. One, Is..

Farmer's Shadow

When I Recorded View If My Cheats, I See A Farmer's Shadow In The Car. I Don't Know How I Do It But It's Creepy. When I Get In And Out To The Barn Again, The Shadow Gone.

How To Find Things Around The Barnyard

Here Are The Lists About How To Find Things Around The Barnyard:
- Egg: Kick The Chicken Coop Ramp
- Apple: Kick The Apple Tree
- Flour: Kick Grain Sacks Around The Farm
- Flowers: Go Explore The Farm And You Will See Flowers
- Notes: Go Explore The Barnyard And Look For Them In Trees Or Fences
- Recipe Rocks: Go Explore The Farm And Look In A Place That Everyone Doesn't Want To Check
- Honey: Collect Honey In The Wallnut Woods
- Royal Jelly: Collect In The Hive Near The Stop Sign After You Collect All The Honey.
- Carrot, Pumpkin, Cabbage: In Vegetable Patch
- Strawberry & Watermelon: In Vegetable Patch
- Wallnut: In The Wallnut Woods
- Cherry: In The Beady Farm
- Lemon: In The Izzy Springs Golf Course
- Milk: Inside ..

Easy Climbing Without Milkweed

Beady Farm: See The Two Trash Cans, Go Jump To Top Of Them. Then Keep Jumping Until You Get To The Roof.
Old Mill: See The Crates And Barrels, Jump On It. Then Jump Again Until You Get To The Little Roof. Then Jump From There. There Is A Recipe Rock Inside That House.
Izzy Springs: You See The Rock From The Little Waterfall. Jump On It. Then Keep Jumping Until You Get To The Top. Be Quick Or You Get To The Pond.
Vegetable Patch: See Those High Ground, Jump On Them And The Last One Should Be Down Of The Place. Keep Jumping Until You Get There.

Get all knapsack and flower pack items

X, X, Triangle, O, Square, Square, Square, O, Triangle
Is not the real cheat it is
X, X, Triangle, O, Square, Square, O, Triangle while holding l2 and r2 at the same time keep doing this till you get 10 of each flower the maximum is 10

Open any gate with any key

Hi, I'm the guy who posted all those hints two years ago, But I found a Bug/Glitch.
When you get to the honey for hanna mission,do buy the honey from the gophers at night. (Special thanks to us cobra11 for that glitch.
Ok, then youll have the "Walnut woods key"
About 5 missions later there will be a text from ben saying "Can you be in the barnyard tonight"?.
After that defend the coop and youll get the "East path key"
You can open the gate with the "walnut woods key". Im pretty sure you can keep mixing keys after that but I'm not sure. Heres the process.
Walnut woods key- East path
East path- West path AKA The "real" Walnut woods key
"Real" Walnut woods-....Ill get the rest soon..

Cheats In Barnyard

Hold R1 And R2 To Activate Cheat
9999 Gopher Bucks: X(2X),Rectangle (4X),Triangle, Rectangle
All Bonus Items: Triangle,Circle,X,Rectangle (2X),X, Circle,Triangle
All Antics Games: Triangle,Rectangle,X,Circle (2X),X, Rectangle,Triangle

Easy Gopher Bucks

When Chapter 3, Ben Want To Talk With You In Ben's Hill. He Told You If Gophers Put Gopher Bucks In Treasure Bells (Yellow Flower). If You Use The Metal Detector, Gopher Bucks Will Come Out. Here An Example, In Barnyard There Is Treasure Bells Near The Farmer's House Where Duke Sleep. Equip Your Metal Detector. After Take All The Gopher Bucks You Found, Go Inside The Barn Then Go Out Again. Use Your Metal Detector Again In The Treasure Bells That I Told You. Gopher Bucks Will Come Out Again. Do This Every Time And You Can Get 9999 Gopher Bucks (Which Is The Limit)

Honey for hanna

When you have to get honey for hanna go to the gopher store and buy a jar of honey for 75 gopher coins can only go to the gopher store at night.

how to find tin cans

look on dirt paths when your detector flashes red it should be tin cans note, look between the barnyard and gopher hill too

how to get the high score on mud jumpers

KO other players for lives you have to kick for this to work.Jump too because when you jump or kick it is a point If done correctly your score should be over 200 points

how to use gold rush tokens

Gold rush tokens are a bit easier to find They are tree stumps with a red lever When seen whip out a Gold rush token and press x to insert it Then,there will be a trail of coins Different machines have more coins than others There are between 50-150 Have your bike with you to help collect all of the coins Then sprint after those coins

how to get tin cans 2

try looking with your metal detactor bettween bens hill and the vegtable patch When it pulses red press x to dig up those tin cans

how to find cownip

make sure you explore by water Cownip looks like a dark purple Press x to pick it up and press triangle to put it in your inventory

how to sell and buy items

you have to have items in your knapsack and flower pack in order to sell If you have gopher bucks you can buy items at the gopher underground Go to the gopher underground and go to the sell section where you can sell items Trade em all or some its up to you

how to find ice

look in the old mill or in the barn in the daytime if you look at night it will be the night barn you have to find a way to get in old mill

secret item: King jelly

when collecting honey go to the far hive This is the one by the stop sign Collect all the honey out of it and you will get King jelly Come back every day for more king jelly

how to find snowbells on bens hill

If you look carefully there are some snowbells on bens hill Jump on the grass stones and jump your way up there

How to get up to Beady Farm super squirt without planting milkwe

First, head to Beady Farm and park your bike between two small houses.There you will see a ledge and some trash cans.The milkweed spot is around back.Next,hop on the trash can and move the left analog stick foward and press circle over and over.Finally,you will be on one of the houses, cross the ledge, and you will see the super squirt spot.

Easy Winning Bike Race

You Need Is An Upgraded Bike. You Can Upgrade Your Bike In The Gopher Shop. Try To Use The 9999 Gopher Bucks Cheat To Buy It Faster. Because The Bike Race Start In Chapter 1. Upgrade Your Bike Can Fast Your Sprint Time. When The Beginning Of The Race, Go Use Your Sprint Until You In Be The Lead. Eddy Is The Fastest One So When Eddy Is Close To You, Go Use Your Sprint. Even If Eddy Fast, He Always Follow Lanes And Not Go To Another Place. You Can Beat Him By Follow Another Lane Like When You Race In The South Path, You See That Little Mountain, Go From There And Jump. Eddy Should Go To The Lane. Another Thing That Useful Is The Chili. The Chili Brings Your Sprint Back. In The First Round, Go Collect Some Gopher Bucks First Then the Second Round, Go Finish The Race. Think Twice Or You Lose..

Easy Defeat Jerseys In Joy Ride Race

Just Like In The Bike Race,The Jerseys Always Follow The Right Path. You Just Need Is The Alternate Path. I Always Go To Grasses If There Is The Hard Path In The Houses. Sometimes, I Do That And Be The Lead. Do Not Use To Much Power Cause In Race 3 Until end, There Is A Path Where You Must Go Right That Is Make A Little Harder. You Can Use The Brake In Here. When Cops Chasing You, Go Quickly Or The Police See You. In A View Minutes Or Seconds, They Should Gone. But Don't Forget About The Other Cops, You Could Just Hit Them.

Recipe Rocks And Notes

It's Easy To Find Recipe Rocks And Notes. Explore The World By Your Bike And Look Closely By Walk. Recipe Rocks Much Is Found Behind Something Or Hard Places That Everyone Don't Want To Check. In Barnyard, There Is 3 Recipe Rocks. In Gopher Hill, Only 1 Recipe Rock. In Outside The Barnyard I Mean Near The Barnyard Way Out, There Is 2 Recipe Rocks. In Dankweed Pond, There Is 3 Recipe Rocks. Well, I Telling You Only A View Places And That Just All. For Notes, Many Of Them Is In Trees And Fences. So Better Open Your Eyes When You See Fences Or Trees. You Could Found A Note. Like In Gopher Hill The Tree Near The River. Hope That Help Smile

Collecting For Gopher Bucks

Try To Collect Items In The Farm And Sell It To The Gophers. In Chapter 1 Where Joey Told You When Frankie Messes Up The Items, He Will Text You A Message For What Item Needed And How Much. They Will Pay Double Then The Usual Rate. So Go Collect What The Item They Need And Sell It In The Same Night. If They Ask For Lemons, Go Collect Lemons Because This Is Really Good For Your Gopher Bucks. Try To Sell A Half Of Them So When You Needed Again, You Can Sell It. Get Some Tin Cans And Gopher Traps To. You Can Sell It To The Gophers. It's Really Easy To Find Tin Cans Because Sometimes They In Dirt And Near Buildings. Gopher Traps Can Be Find In Izzy Springs Near The White Holes.


Here Are The Lists Where You Can Get Keys:
- Barnyard Key: Go Finish The Barnyard Sharp Squirting Game And Ben Will Gave You The Key
- Wallnut Woods Key: Hanna Gave The Key To You When Hanna Ask You To Get Some Honey For Her
- South Path Key: After You Finish Defending The Chicken Coop From The Raccoon And Ben Will Gave You The Key
- East Path Key: After You Talk With Ben In Ben's Hill About Otis Not Paying Attention In Coyote Season
- Old Mill Key: After You Finish The Cow Tipping Game And Ben Will Gave You The Key
- Izzy Springs Golf Course Key: After You Complete Otis's Super Squirt Challenge And Otis Will Gave You This
- Grizzly Gulch Key: After You Play All The 18 Holes Golf And Otis Will Gave You The Key
- Junkyard: After You Finish The Game,..


For You Who Can't Beat Otis Super Squirt, Here A Tip. Try To Shoot In A Low Range. You Can Get 50 Until More. It Was Just Going Underground. When I Do This, I Have Beaten My Own High Score 58.50 M. The New High Score Is 59.93 M. By Only Squirt From The Low Range. Hope Help Smile

Some Cooking And Mocktails With Pig

You Need Is All 20 Items That In The Game And All Recipe Rocks That Complete 100%. So Cooking And Make Mocktails With Pig Is Not Useless After All. You Just Need Is To Cook The Food That Need High Prize Or Hard Finding Ingredients Just Like Honey, Egg, Butter, etc. Those Hard Recipes Can Make 50 Gopher Bucks. If You Use Honey, You Can Just Go Collect More. If You Use Egg, Go Get It From The Chicken Coop. If You Use Butter, Cream, Or Even Milk, You Can Get It Inside The Barn. If You Use Fruits And Vegetables, Just Go Hit A Tree Or Get It From The Vegetable Patch. That Will Help You With Your Happiness Playing Barnyard To. Even If It's Hard But It Doesn't Boring. You Can Keep Doing This And You Got Lots Of Money.

Easy Winning Chicken Launch

For High Score In This Game, It Almost Like 100 More. To Beat This Game With High Score, You Need To Get To The Rings Carefully. I Don't Spend Any Boost At All. For Emergency, You Can Use 1 Of Your Boost. Do Not Go To Low Or High. Just Go Straight. Pass All The Rings That You Can. At The End, Go Left Where There Is Hole With 90 And 100 Points. Pick One Of Them Because 2 Of Them Is Great. Better Pick 100 To Beat Otis.

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