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ATV Offroad Fury 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for ATV Offroad Fury 2

We have 25 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for ATV Offroad Fury 2 please send them in here.

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Enter any of the following codes at the cheat sc..

Enter any of the following codes at the cheat screen..

EATDIRT - Aggressive AI enabled/disabled

FLYPAPER - Wrecks disabled/enabled

GABRIEL - Unlock San Jacinto Isles

GAMEON - All minigames unlocked

GIMMEPTS - 1000 profile points

GOLDCUPS - All championship events

IGIVEUP - Unlock everything


THREADS - All equipment

TRLBLAZR - All tracks

All Cheats

Here is a list of all cheats. Go to Profile Editor, Unlock, Cheats, and enter the codes.
Everything: IGIVEUP
1,000 Profile Points: GIMMEPTS
Aggressive CPU Riders: EATDIRT
All Games: GAMEON
All Tracks: TRLBLAZR
All Equipment: THREADS
All Championships: GOLDCUPS
Disable/Enable Wrecks: FLYPAPER
Unlock San Jacinto Isles: GABRIEL
Wheelie Points: GETONUP
Action Replay Camera: STOPCAM
All out AI Enabled/Disabled: BRINGIT
Switched Aspect Radio: WIDESCRN

water cheat

When your in the water thats not to deep but good anough to make it saying '' to deep go back'' . Well pull up the front of your bike by doing a wheely and it will stop counting down. Incase if you fall of your bike enter this cheat in the cheat menu: FLYPAPER then you will never fall of your bike.

Unlock stuff!!!

First select profile editor, then unlock items, then cheats, and enter any of the following:
Unlock everything
All ATVs
All equipment
All tracks
San Jacinto Isles
All games
All championship events
1000 profile points
Disable wrecks
Enter FLYPAPER. Reenter the code to enable wrecks again.
Aggressive AI
Enter EATDIRT. Reenter the code to disable the aggressive AI.
Well thats it for now see you later.

Amazing cheats

Select profile editor,Unlock items,then cheats,and enter in the following:
Unlock everything-enter IGIVEUP
All equipment-Enetr THREADS
All tracks-Enter TRLBLAZR
San Jacinto Isles-Enter GABRIEL
All games-Enter GAMEON
All championship events-Enter GOLDCUPS
1,000 profile points-Enter GIMMEPTS
Disable Wrecks-Enter FLYPAPER (Reenter the code to enable wrecks again)
Aggressive AI-Enter EATDIRT (Reenter code to disable aggresive AI)
Happy gaming =)

No crashesGo to profile editor,un..

No crashes

Go to profile editor,unlock items,and then cheats.When you get there,it will already have the word CHEATER.Just earase that and put in FLYPAPER.Now you can go upside-down without falling off.

Unlock Everything

Go to profile editor,unlock items,and then cheats.Enter IGIVEUP.Now all ATVs,clothes,gloves,goggles,boots,and helmets will be unlocked!

All ATVs


How to get everything

In the cheat menu, put this in. IGIVEUP

IGIVEUP:Unlock Every ThingPeace Hope Need This!!

IGIVEUP:Unlock Every Thing
Peace Hope Need This!!

Game on

Unlock all mini games

All cheats

unlock everything: IGIVEUP
All atvs: SHOWROOM
All equipment: THREADS
All tracks: TRLBLAZR
San jacinto isles: GABRIEL
All games: GAMEON
All championship events: GOLDCUPS
1,000 profile points: GIMMEPTS
Disable wrecks: FLYPAPER
agressive al: EATDIRT

Unlock cheats

Never fall off the ATV: FLYPAPER
Get all the ATV's: SHOWROOM
Ulock all the games: GAMEON
Unlock all the equipment: THREADS
Unlock all the trails: TRLBLAZER
Unlock Everything: IGIVEUP

To earn profile points try freestyle for 20:00 o..

To earn profile points try freestyle for 20:00 on rampy tracks

Cheats for ATV 2

EATDIRT - aggressive al enabled/disabled
TRLBLAZR - all tracks
THREDS - all equipment
SHOWROOM - all atvs
GOLDCUPS - all championship events
GAMEON - all minigames
GIMMEPTS - 1000 profile pts.
FLYPAPER - wrecks enabled/disabled
GABRIEL - unlocks San Jacinto Isle
IGIVEUP - unlocks everything except San Jacinto Isle and the Fury Bike

To get all atv's go to profile editor, then to u..

To get all atv's go to profile editor, then to unlock items and then to the cheat menu and enter "SHOWROOM" as the cheat.

Also to open every track enter the cheat "TRLBLAZR" if you do it right you will get a message.

Hey. During freestyle try and go off trail and t..

Hey. During freestyle try and go off trail and then their are huge hills.

Try and get points off that.

I usally get 4 or 5 or 6 combo. Super Cheat Rules! Keep playing.

Unlock every thing

Go to profile editor,unlock items cheats and enter in: IGIVEUP if you entered it correctly a message should appear.

Various stuff to do

Do freestyle with no objectives or time. Then run in a straight line for a while, just STRAIGHT. You will come up on a big hill that surrounds the area in all places exept the stadium. Go up it and the land should get real flat. Keep going and a force will fling you wayyyyyyy down and it's funny to watch him fly real far. Also if you fall from a great height with the male rider, sometimes he will scream like a girl.


For Supercross events it's better to have a hard suspension because there will be many bumps and jumps. For Enduro it's better to have a soft suspension because of turning difficulties. A soft suspension gives you less suspension and more traction which enables you to turn easier on changing ground types

All Championship Events


Big air

This will give you big air!
On Arlington stream go drive at the front of the train as fast as you can(try 60 or higher)and you won't fall off your bike you will go 30-60 feet in the air!


Go to any map(thats not a stadium)and go in any direction but you must go straight and you will eventully hit a invisable wallthat will fling you and you will fly thousends of feet have more fun by having someone trail inches behind you so you both crash ontop of each other

G Ride

To unlock the G Ride ATV and all the G Ride gear you must have a save file from ATV Offroad Fury (the first one) on your memory card. Thats about it. When you start up your game, if you have already made a profile, you will get a message telling you that you have been rewarded for having ATV Offroad Fury save data on your memory card with the G Ride ATV and the G Ride gear. Have Fun!!!

If you never ever want to fall off your bike go ..

If you never ever want to fall off your bike go to profile editor and type in flypaper as the name.

Big Jump

OK you have to use this.
If you are coming up to a jump and it looks impossible to jump press down just before u hit the jump and half way up the jump press forward and you and your ATV are going to fly!:D

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