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Ace Combat 5 :Unsung War

Ace Combat 5 :Unsung War Cheats for PlayStation 2

We have 2 cheats on PlayStation 2

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UnlockablesAdded 24 Jan 2006, ID #19275
MiG-21bis Fishbed: Complete Mission 3

F-4E Phantom II: Complete Mission 3

A-6E Intruder: Complete Mission 4

F-16C Fighting Falcon: Complete Mission 6

F/A-18C Hornet: Complete Mission 6

A-10A Thunderbolt II: Complete Mission 7

MiG-29A Fulcrum Complete Mission 7

Mirage 2000: Complete Mission 7

Tornado Gr. Mk1: Complete Mission 9

MiG-31 Foxhound Complete Mission 9

F-14A Tomcat: Complete Mission 9

F-15C Eagle: Complete Mission 12A

SU-27 Flanker: Complete Mission 12B

JAS-39C Gripen: Complete Mission 15

F-117A Nighthawk Complete Mission 15

EF-2000 Typhoon: Complete Mission 16A

F-35C Joint Srike Fighter: Complete Mission 16A

YF-23A Black Widow II: Complete Mission 16B

SU-47 Berkut Complete Mission 17

F/A-22A Raptor Complete Mission 17

Rafale M: Complete Mission 16B

Hawk T.1A Complete Mission 19

MiG 1.44 Complete Mission 25

F-5E Tiger II: Available from the start of the game

F-4G Wild Weasel Earn 12800 points with the F-4E

SU-32: Earn 129050 points with the SU-47

F-20A Tigershark: Earn 19800 points with the F-5E

Mirage 2000D: Earn 35000 points with the Mirage 2000

EA-6B Prowler: Earn 43200 points with the A-6E

Rafale B: Earn 46000 points with the Rafale M

F-4X: Earn 47450 points with the F-4G

F-14B Bomcat: Earn 47450 points with the F-14A

F-14D Super Tomcat Earn: 56250 with the F-14B

Tornado ECR: Earn 56250 with the Tornado Gr. Mk1

Tornado F3: Earn 56250 with the Tornado Gr. Mk1

Tornado Gr.Mk.4 Earn 56250 with the Tornado Gr.Mk1

F/A-18E Super Hornet: Earn 51800 points with the F/A-18C

X-29A: Earn 60800 points with the F-20A

F-16 Block60: Earn 65450 points with the F-16C

F-16XL: Earn 65450 points with the F-16C

F-2A: Earn 65450 points with the F-16C

MiG-31M: Earn 65450 points with the MiG-31

MiG-21-93: Earn 80000 points with the MiG-21bis

YA-10B: Earn 85050 points with the A-10A

EA-18G Growler: Earn 90200 points with the F/A-18E

F-15E Strike Eagle: Earn 95450 with the F-15C

F-15S/MTD: Earn 95450 with the F-15C

SU-32 Strike Flanker: Earn 111800 with the SU-27

SU-35 Super Flanker: Earn 111800 with the SU-27

FB-22 Concept: Earn 123200 points with the F/A-22A

SU-37 Terminator: Earn 123200 with the SU-35

FALKEN: Complete the missions in which they appear on 'Normal' or higher difficulty and Destroy ALL Falken Hangars. X-02 Wyvern: Unlock and purchase at least one of every aircraft in the game.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War cheatsAdded 19 Aug 2005, ID #16780
Unlock Ace Mode:
Finish Normal mode.

Unlock Medals
Play 'Campaign' mode or 'Free Mission' mode to unlock the following.

Bronze Shooter Medal:
Destroy 5 Enemy planes with the machine gun.

Silver Shooter Medal:
Down 15 enemy planes with machine gun fire from your aircraft.

Gold Shooter Medal:
Down 50 enemy planes with the machine gun.

Bronze Wing Medal:
Get 'S' Ranks on every mission on Normal.

Silver Wing Medal:
Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on Hard.

Gold Wing Medal:
Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on expert.

Bronze Ace Medal:
Destroy 200 enemy targets.

Silver Ace Medal:
Destroy 500 enemy targets.

Gold Ace Medal:
Destroy 1000 enemy targets.

Grand Falcon Medal:
Kill all 16 named planes in second play-through on Normal or harder.

Guardian Medal:
Down 10 enemies who get a missile lock on your wingman.

Lightning Hammer Medal:
Protect all 8 armored tanks on the ground.

Needle's Eye Medal:
Get 'Perfect' from AWACS in all 6 landings and 2 refueling stages.

Desert Eagle Medal:
Don't let more than 3 allies die when aiding them in missions 16A or 16B.

Unlock Falkin:
Destroy the hangers on mission 11a, 11b, 12a, 12b, 16a, 16b and 27.

Unlock Expert mode:
Finish Normal mode.

Aircraft Names

Mission 1: Hawk

Mission 3: F-14D

Mission 4: F-4G

Mission 6: MIR-2000D

Mission 10: EA-6B

Mission 15: X-29A

Mission 16A: Mig-31M

Mission 16B: EA-18G

Mission 17: FB-22

Mission 18: E-2A

Mission 23: Mig-21-93

Mission 25: YA-10B

Mission 26: Rafale B

Mission 27: Su-37

Mission 27+: Mig-1.44

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