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WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role Cheats

Cheats and Tips for WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role


We have 35 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation

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Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Billy Gunn:
During Year 1 win King of the Ring.
Unlock Michael Cole:
In Season mode get to the first week of April in Year 2.
Unlock Shawn Michaels:
In season mode get to the May pay per view event 'Judgement Day'.
Unlock Cactus Jack:
Keep playing Season mode until you get to the pay per view event 'No Way Out'.

Unlock Debra:
During Year 1 at Raw after the Royal Rumble when Debra is backstage Debra will ask Vince to be in a beauty contest and she is then unlocked.
Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin:
During Year 1 of Season mode go to Backslash and complete the event with Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Unlock Mean Street ..

Brand New KANE! ! !

Nose type 18 No.1
Eyes No.23 (Var128 Shade128 Bri0)
Mouth No.1
(Upper body)
Wrist pad No.1 (Shade0 Bri0)
(Lower body)
Short pants No.4 (Var106 Shade128 Bri79 type0)
Feet(Shoes)No.6 (Var53 Shade128 Bri128 type128)
Skin Colour No.2
Height No.701
Weapon Piped chair
Auto setting superstar Kane

How to create randy orton,goldberg and mordecai

Hi i got a lotta help from in playing SD2! On my PC.
So I owuld like to give something back to this site that can help players like me in creating new players in create a superstar mode.
EYES 048 TYPE15(V153,S16,B44)

HAIR: BASE HAIR006(V128,S128,B128)
TATTOO 021(V56,S0,B100)
SHORT PANTS 011(L33,V225,S242,B164)
FEET: SOCKS ACCE.008(V125,S123,B64)
SHOES 001(L36,V128,S128,B128)

How to never lose by pinfall

When you are pinned and you know you are about to lose pause the game. Then when you resume you will instantly kick out. Keep using this in slobberknocker and you could beat tons of people.

Brock Lesnar CAWHead:Original/Superstars CrashU..

Brock Lesnar CAW

Head:Original/Superstars Crash

Upper Body: Shirt 1 B0

Lower Body: Shoes 5

Pants 1

Belt : any title belt

Moveset Powerful

Finisher F-5

Favourite move Double Powerbomb Pin

During a table match you can do a piledriver by ..

During a table match you can do a piledriver by first getting your opponent onto a table (press circle to whip him up) then press circle and down together to do the piledriver.

Create Brock Lesnar

HEAD- advanced
nose 032- type 1
eyes 004- type1 brightness- 0
mouth 102- type1
Hair- base
hair 008- type 6 brightness- 188
base- M-type 008 normal 003
tattoo- 014 variation- 151, shade- 128, brightness- 100
wrist band- both hands
wrist 001 length- 48, variation- 128, shade- 0, brightness- 36
skin-base- M-type1 normal 002
short pants- shorts 020 brightness- 112, length- 127
knee pad- both legs
knee pad 023 variation- 128, shade- 0, brightness- 28
shoes 011 length- 57, variation- 128, shade- 0, brightness- 48
ADV colors- variation- 131, shade- 114, brightness- 140

Here is how the WWF Smack Down 2 Brock Lesnar wi..

Here is how the WWF Smack Down 2 Brock Lesnar will look like.

Brock Lesnar.

Face:Nose 031 Type 05

Eyes 021 Type 05 (V 128 S 128 B 128)

Mouth 102 Type 05

Hair:Base Hair-016 Figure hair 07 (V 128 S 128 B 128)

Upperbody:Base: M-type 008 Normal 03

Tattoo: 007 Normal 03 (V 128 S 128 B 56)

Elbow pads:Elbowpads 005 (V 128 S 128 B 80)

Wrist bands: Wrists 001 (L 50 V128 S 128 B 0)

Lowerbody:Underwear:Underwear-001 Normal 01 ( L 127 V 128 S 128 B 76)

Feet: Shoes: Shoes-005 Normal 01 (L62 V 128..

hey heres my scott hallheadFace: original Hair: ..

hey heres my scott hall


Face: original

Hair: 53 (v-128, s-128, b-128)

Upper body:

Base: m- type 008 (normal 1)

Elbow pads: 2 (v-128, s-128, b-60) on both arms

Vest: 007 (v-128, s-128, b-128)

Accessories: 015 (v-128, s-128, b-128)

Lower body:

Underwear: 001 (length- 127, v-128, s-128, b-60)

Knee pads: 006 (v-128, s-128, b-60) on both legs

Shoes: 007 (length-61, v-129, s-150, b-0)

Height: 643

Weapon: piped chair

I have many more if..

I thought this was cool! For this you have to ha..

I thought this was cool!

For this you have to have a guy who has the Heracarana of the top ropes.

Pick Hell in a Cell and make sure the other guy is right next to the crowd then climb up to the top of the cell, and do the Heracarana off towrds the guy.

I suggest doing this in 2 Player.

How to create Fred Durst:FRED DURSTMODEL A - BAS..

How to create Fred Durst:




Nose 98 - Eyes 108 - B.72 - Mouth 29 - Figure 6






How To Create TajiriHead: Eyes:#11Mouth:#66Facia..

How To Create Tajiri

Head: Eyes:#11


Facial Hair:#8

Hair:#18 Brightness:0

Upper Body:(None)

Lower Body: Pants:#15 Shade:0

Feet:Shoes#1 Brightness:0

Belt:#19 Brightness:0

Skin Colour:#1 Shade:95

This is my Raven(the one from Backlash)HEADEyes=..

This is my Raven(the one from Backlash)


Eyes=30=type 4



Hair=base=18 vari=128 sha=185 bright=136

=back=32 vari=240 sha=123 bright=104

Facialhair=46 vari=130 sha=167 bright104


Shirt=23 vari=128 sha=128 bright=16

Elbowpad=4 vari=128 sha=128 bright=92


Wristband=9 length=55 sha=0 bright=192


Gloves=3 sha=0 bright=192 vari=128


Hi, here is a list of everything you can unlock ..

Hi, here is a list of everything you can unlock in season mode :-

April - Stone Cold

May - Shawn Michaels and Special Referee Iron Man Match

June - Billy Gunn

July - Table Tornado Tag

August - TLC Single and Title

September - Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson

October - Mean Street Posse

January - Debra

February - Cactus Jack

March - Mick Foley

April - Michael Cole

You can also unlock WWF New York.

Jerry Lawler Is Not Unlockable in the game but h..

Jerry Lawler Is Not Unlockable in the game but his costume and moves list are all you have to do is create the face, his top is in originals, near the bottom and is the hairy chest tarzan thing, and his bottoms are the ones with a crown on the side also near the bottom of originals his move set is in superstars as unknown zj

Create booker Tthis is howmale:figure twoadvance..

Create booker T

this is how

male:figure two

advanced head

nose 4:type two

eyes 4

mouth 10

hairbase 35:type1 variation135/0/52

facial hair 15:type2 variation135/0/60

upper body

base type 3 normal one

hands type 2 variation 128/35/252


lower body

short pants 7 normsal1 lenth 33 variation128/35/252

feet shoes 5 lenth 50 variation 156/6/108

skin col..

To create a wrestler with 225 points for his att..

To create a wrestler with 225 points for his attributes, choose HEAVY as a bass profile and then pick the following 5 options for personality:

weak neck

weak waist

weak knee

weak elbow

injured neck

this works for male or female wrestlers!

BIG SHOWBase Model 2Skin Color 1HEADEyes 10 - No..


Base Model 2

Skin Color 1


Eyes 10 - Nose 71 - Mouth 29 - Figure 7

Hair 31 - Figure 3


Base Type 9 - Figure 3

T-Shirt 1 - Length 32 - Shade 0 - Bright 60

Shirt 16 - Shade 120 - Bright 108

Elbow Pad (right only) 4 - Shade 0 - Bright 100

Wrist Band (left only) 1 - Shade 0 - Bright 40


Tights - Body Suit 2 - Length 55 - Shade 0 - Bright 88

Knee Pads 6 - Shade 0 - Bright 80

Feet - Shoes 1 - Length 55 - Shade 0 - Bright 100


Upper Body all 1..

Easy(ish) way to win a hardcore time limit titl..

Easy(ish) way to win a hardcore time limit title match. (not a cheat just a tip)

All you have to do is beat the hell out of your opponants for a while so they are not likely to kick out when you pin them. (make sure to save a speacial move)

Then goto the back of the ring and throw every one out (be careful not to leave the ring area)

Fight there then select the weakest opponant, eg: YOU, Bradshaw, Steve Blackman & Big boss man

Steve Blackman would be the weaker opponant. leaving the other two to fight each other throw the person of your choice to the other end of the arena and behind the announce tables.

Pull off a power move like normal stunner/pow..

Okay, Here is a list of who you can unlock:1. St..

Okay, Here is a list of who you can unlock:

1. Stone Cold

2. "The One" Billy Gun

3. Mean Street Posse

4. Shawn Michaels

5. Gerald Brisco

5. Pat Patterson

6. WWF New York

7. Mick Foley

I don't know if there is anymore

Does anyone know if you can get Big Show or Jerry "The King" Lawler?

Please do not spend ours or even days trying to ..

Please do not spend ours or even days trying to get the following rumour cheats:-Soft mat matches,jerry lawler,JR,Or the american badass music.

All these cheats are rubbish and you are wasting youre time,If you dont believe me just put in your Replay pack or cheat card and look in the cd-rom part under videos and there is no such enterances as the badass music.

If you want all the moves and parts simply do six years,after these six years there is nothing else. Sorry for the dissapointment.

Heres a great way 2 create HAKU HAIR-5 HAIR TY..

Heres a great way 2 create HAKU




Leave upper body

Long Skirt-5 (trust me)


ABDOMEN-Everything 190






Rikishi +

Kane -

Undertaker -

This is the best.

In any type of match if the steel stairs are the..

In any type of match if the steel stairs are there then you can use them. All you have to is whip your opponent into them and they will be yours!!!


this is more of a glitch than a cheat:1.go into ..

this is more of a glitch than a cheat:

1.go into season mode until u face the guy with the karate moves (beat him)

2.create a wrestler with the move tye kwando back kick (the move from the karate guy)

3.go into a table or TLC match

4.get your opponent on the opposite side of the table (not length way) the tye kwando back kick

6.u should appear on the other side of the table because u just got telaported!!!!

When in a hell in a cell match(in specials)climb..

When in a hell in a cell match(in specials)climb on top of the cage (triangle).

And in the middle of the cage roof do as many moves where you don't have to move as you can and the middle of the cage roof as you can and eventually the middle of the cage will go through.

And take you both with it but don't worry you won't get hurt your man will grab thee side and drop down safely.

to unlock:amyone you must play season mode (not..

to unlock:

amyone you must play season mode

(note all wrestlers are all ready created)

Cactus Jack:he appears as an alternate to Mankind in season mode

Debra:she appears in a comeback event during season mode

Mick Folly:he appears as an alternate to

Cactus Jack in season mode

Gerald Brisco:he appears as the tag team partner of Pat Patterson in season mode

Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michals: he appears as the special referee in iron man matches(first at Judgement Day)

Joey Abs:he appears as a member of the mean street posse during season mode

There are a couple of ways to put people through..

There are a couple of ways to put people through the table. One way is the piledriver way by whipping someone to the table and press down+circle.

Another way is to execute a turnbuckle move. But your oppponent has to be very tired so you have time to go to the turnbuckle and do the move while he's on the table.


All you have to do to get Golddust is:
Go to advanced heads and go on the ones that are from Smackdown 1.
Then go right to the bottom and golddustes head should be there.
P.S.this saves you doing season.

Go to the besement through the ring

If you want to go to the basement where all hidden CAW and fighting items are , lust start a Hell In A Cell match. Then pich up Stone Cold Steve Austin. Start the match then go to the top of the cell. Do a Special move STONE COLD STUNNER right in the middle ot the roof. Then the middle part will fal on the ring.
Get back in the cell and do a STONE COLD STUNNER again onto the fallen part. The ring will crash and you and your opponent will fall in another zone. There are about ten lockers and all of them are full of items. Win the match and you get all parts. Trust me , it works , but not every time. Enjoy !


You may call me crazy, but it works, believe me. This "glitch" is real. I've done this with my cousin. Do as I say:
1. Both players have to climb the same wall of the cage at the same time and at he same speed.
2. When both players get to the top and stand over the cage, quickly press X to jump off the cage. Both players must do this. If one player is outside the cage already, just jump and you'll be out too, but the match will continue.
3. Both players must now be outside the cage. Enjoy your cage match, outside the cage.
4. Wondering how could you win? Just enter to the ring as if it was any other match, and... You're back into the cage. The problem is, if you come in, you can't come out, only if you want to win, or repeat the whole process.
I hope ..

Floating Superstar

Hey Hey Hey folks, If you want to know how to get a floating superstar then follow my instructions:
1. Make sure it's a anywhere fall match.
2.Go up the ramp by walking in to the arrow and wait until it turns blue.
3.Walk towards the ramp with the arrow blue until it says now loading...
4.Now run towards the side of the narrow part of the ramp and press O to fall over.
5. Now you will roll forwards and taa daa! You're floating above the ground.
Peace Out People
Please Rate


Take jerico in a single table match then put your opponent on the table and then press left,triangle and X he will perform a lionasult. If you are in right side then press right,triangle and X, where you stand press that direction. To do this you must go near the ropes.

Walking on Titantron

Choose a Hardcore Match, Anywhere Fall Match, or an I Quit Match. Go to the entrance. When your are on the ramp go to the left side of the ramp and run using triangle. (This works best with Kane) You should glitch in mid air and should be able to climb in mid air. Repeat until you are at the highest point you can go.
Then you can jump off the Titantron onto your oppenent.

How to create Jerry Lynn:Advanced= Head mouth 29..

How to create Jerry Lynn:

Advanced= Head

mouth 29, figure type 3

Nose 98, figure type 3

Eyes 112, figure type 3

Hair: 43, figure hair 11. Variation 148, shade 200, brightness 176

Facial hair: 11, figure type 03.

Upper body:

Base 7, figure normal 1

Lower body:

Pants, 51 brightness 28

Shoes, 3, length 40, variation 90, shade 70, brightness 40

Accessories, pattern acc 32 variation, sha..

How to use the shooting star press

To use the the shooting star press you must have unlocked unknown Q. Then in the create a superstar-moves go to autosetting and then choose unknown q's moves. Now you can use the shooting star press.

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