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Follow the dark path or use the light
Simpsons Wrestling Pack Shot

Simpsons Wrestling


FAQ/Strategy Guide

by TrulyDexterous

              _______ __                                         
             |     __|__|.--------.-----.-----.-----.-----.-----.
             |__     |  ||        |  _  |__ --|  _  |     |__ --|
             |_______|__||__|__|__|   __|_____|_____|__|__|_____|
              ________                    __   __ __              
             |  |  |  |.----.-----.-----.|  |_|  |__|.-----.-----.
             |  |  |  ||   _|  -__|__ --||   _|  |  ||     |  _  |
             |________||__| |_____|_____||____|__|__||__|__|___  |

|                                                                            |
|                            AUTHOR: Truly Dexterous                         |
|                                VERSION: 1.2                                |
|                       ORIGINAL PUBLISH DATE: 25/01/2007                    |
|                            LAST UPDATE: 17/05/2008                         |
|                                                                            |

|                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                             |

                    1....................Revision History
                    2........................Legal Notice
                    5.........................Game Basics
                    7..........................Basic Tips
                    8...............Character Information
                    9........................The Circuits
                    12................Contact Information

|~1~                           REVISION HISTORY                              |

  VERSION 1.0 (25/01/2007)

So the guide is finished. The only updates there are likely to be are if I 
find any spelling mistakes or if I can get some ASCII art up. The Simpsons
Wrestling logo is too difficult for me to make an ASCII image but hopefully I
can find someone up to the task. The file size is around 54kb.

  Version 1.1 (25/02/2008)

This will be the final version of this guide. I have changed my contact
details and sorted out a few typos.

  Version 1.2 (17/05/2008)

Added some ASCII art and changed the contact details section. File size is
around 56kb.

|~2~                             LEGAL NOTICE                                |

This guide can only be viewed on the following sites-

GameFAQs    -
GameSpot    -
IGN         -

Please do not as to host this guide. The above 5 sites are the only ones that
I trust and that keep my guides updated


This guide is the and everything included herein is the sole property of 
D Makey. It may not be used for profitable purposes (whether money is
involved or not) or for promotional purposes. It may not be used for any
reason other than to provide help on a free to view website. Printing of
this document is allowed, but only for personal use. It may not be displayed
or offered publicly.

|~3~                             INTRODUCTION                                |

Welcome to my Simpsons Wrestling guide for the PSX. This will be my second
Simpsons guide after my Road Rage FAQ. I enjoy the Simpsons, who doesn't? I
first  played this game around six years ago. It wasn't a particularly popular
game then (like most Simpsons games) and it will be even less on now. I
suppose this will be a short guide as the game is also short. Obviously it
would be impossible to give a full walkthrough of this game due to the AI
system but I have given the best guidance that I can. 

Hopefully I can be of some help to you. If you require further assistance
go to the contact information section for details. Thanks for looking.

|~4~                                 STORY                                   |

This game has no real storyline but here's the kinda weak one from the 

"Kent Brockman here at the Action News desk. Well folks, Springfield has a
"Fever", but it's not the good kind of fever you are happy to stay home from
school with, nor the kind that can sometimes produce amusing hallucinations,
heh heh, no, not even the kind that gives you a good sweat and helps you
shed a few pounds. This is "Wrestling Fever" and it was brought on by an
alien force. Yes, believe it or not, we have been challenged by wrestling
rivals from another just wait a minute, this is really 
unbelievable, is this another story from I.P. Freely? No? Okay..well, unless
we produce a challenger on par with our town's founder- renowned for wrestling
a bear- we are in deep trouble. According to Springfield's scientific 
community it is entirely possible that this all came about when our alien
challengers spied on Springfield back in the days of Jebediah Springfield and
must have witnessed his famous bout with the bear. Travelling from light years
away has not allowed them to reach us until now- aren't WE the lucky ones.
Well, this reporter will be bringing you all the action, LIVE from the 
various impromptu wrestling rings set up around town. Be sure to tune in."

|~5~                              GAME BASICS                                |

                                   GAME MODES
Select this to start a new single player campaign.

When you have reached the end of the New Challenger circuit you can try the
more difficult defender circuit.

This is the most challenging circuit. Unlocked once you have reached the end
of the Defender Circuit.

Continue the last game that you played, as long as it is saved on your
memory cards.

You can play a quick practice match to try out different characters against
the computer.

Two Player VS mode. Self-explanatory really.


                  D-Pad...........................Move Character
                  Left Analog Stick...............Move Character
                  Square............................Combo Attack
                  Circle.......................High-Power Attack
                  Triangle.....................Projectile Attack

                                IN GAME DISPLAY

Starting on the top left of the game screen here are the different markers
and indicators that you will see.
This indicates how many rounds that you have won in the match.

The attacks available to each character are highlighted. Simply press the
corresponding button to execute the attack. 

The Health Meter displays the health level of each character. You health will
decrease the more your enemy attacks you. The amount of damage you sustain 
depends on the attack that your opponent uses. Health slowly replenishes
during gameplay.

This records the number of letters a player has acquired to form the word
TAUNT. Once the meter is full press R1 and you will be invulnerable for a
brief time. Letters can be collected as a pickup or by knocking your opponent
to the ground with a combo.

This meter will appear if you are being pinned, grappled or held in some way.
It will also appear if you have been stunned. This meter indicates how much
time if left before your character regain consciousness or will kick out of a
pin. Rapidly pressing X speeds up recovery.

This shows the energy available for each character to perform moves. Your
energy decreases when you perform moves. Different moves cost different 
amounts of energy. When the corresponding button is lit up you can use that
attack. Energy will slowly increase if you do not use any moves.

                                   BASIC MOVES
The basic moves are performed by pressing square, triangle and circle. These
relate to a low, medium or high power attack. Pressing and releasing square
repeatedly will allow your character to use their combo. Triangle will use
a projectile or projectile-like attack. Circle will perform your characters
unique high-power attack.

You can grapple by facing your opponent and pressing L1. Your character will
grab your opponent. Pressing square, triangle or circle will perform an

Bounce off the ropes and you can perform an attack. Whilst your character is
on the ropes press square, triangle or circle and you will use an attack.
Different characters will have different attacks.

Spell out the word "TAUNT" on the game screen and you will be able to taunt
your opponent. Using taunt will stun your enemy and make you invincible for a
short period. To gain a letter either collect it in a pickup or successfully
execute a combo on your opponent.

Pin your opponent successfully to win a round. If you can hold your opponent
for a 3 count you have won the round. You can only pin an opponent when they
are lying on the ground. Use L1 to use the pin. If your opponents Stun Meter
is emptied before you reach 3 they will kick out. It is advisable to drain
all of your opponent's health before pinning them, as this will make the job
easier. Use X to kick out of a pin quicker.
To use an aerial attack you must first jump. Whilst in the air use square,
triangle or circle to use an attack. Square is generally a stomp attack whilst
circle will be a body slam.

|~6~                                PICKUPS                                  |

Munch these for a minor energy boost. This will fill your energy bar up part
way. This are just small donuts with pink icing.

This will fill your energy bar. This is a greenish ball of energy will blue
swirls around it.

This will fill your health bar up part way. A small box of popcorn with red
and white stripes.
This will give your health bar a large boost. A square green box.

You will now be able to move around the ring quicker. Small white pair of

This will give you one letter for a TAUNT. This is a blue exclamation mark
in a speech bubble.

A random item will be selected. A semi-transparent yellow figure.

|~7~                             BASIC TIPS                                  |

* Circle button rope and aerial attacks are moves which all characters have.
These are generally strong so if you are struggling these attacks can help.

* Make sure you drain all of your enemy's life before attempting a pin.

* Only use your enemy's most effective attacks, don't waste time using weak

* If your energy is low run from your enemy until it replenishes.

* Your favourite character is not always going to have the best moves.

* Try and use a character with a strong high-power attack. This is the 
quickest way of taking down your opponents health.

* Grapple attacks are a waste of time in my opinion.

* Try and trap your enemy in a corner and keep attacking them.

* When grappling, circle will always throw your opponent to the mat, whilst
square will throw them against the ropes. Triangle will be a unique move for
each character.

|~8~                       CHARACTER INFORMATION                             |

This section covers the advantages and disadvantages of each character,
their attacks and special moves and how to defeat them.

Homer is a dad of three married to Marge. He lost all of his hair (minus the
two) when Marge told him about each of her pregnancies. Serial idiot and clot
Homer blags his way through life. Her currently works at the power plant. Can
often be found at Moe's Tavern.


COMBO ATTACK: Slap, shove, kick and then headbutt. This is not the fastest 
combo but it will work okay against slower opponents. Take average damage.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Bowls a bowling bowl at the opponent. You can only use 2
of these at a time. Once bowled it will bounce off the ropes and stay in
play. It is fairly weak but if you can hit the opponent numerous times it
will improve.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Homer will eat donuts. This will increase Homer's size.
He will become quicker and more powerful. This will occur for a short
period of time.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Press square and Homer will use a double-handed
clothesline attack. Triangle will perform a "flail" attack. Neither of
these is very effective. The charge attack is best (circle). This will
stun your opponent and cause maximum damage.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square is a stomp attack, triangle is a "bomb" attack.
Circle will perform the full body-slam, which will stun your opponent.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: Use Square to throw your opponent against the ropes. This
will take minimal health away. The triangle button will strangle your
opponent (a la Bart). If your press circle you will throw your opponent to
the ground. This is better than the other two attacks as you would expect.

Homer's combo is pretty slow so it can only be used against slow opponents
effectively. The bowling ball isn't must use either. The "heal" move which
Homer can use is useful but won't take any damage from your opponent. Use
this when your health is running low. The best idea when playing as Homer
is to use the rope and aerial attacks. This will bring your enemies health
down quickly.

Homer seems to enjoy bouncing on your head more than doing any actual
fighting. To counter this you should use rope moves. Homer is a bit of an
all-rounder and will use all of his attacks. Just avoid the balling balls
and keep hitting him with the rope attacks.

Krusty the Klown is a down and out once-upon-a-time success story. He is a
failure in the eyes of his father who expected him to become a rabbi. 
Currently appears on the Krusty the Klown show. Likes: Endorsements,
gambling, alcohol.


COMBO ATTACK: The first hit of Krusty's combo is a slap. Then next part is
a push. This is followed by a kick and then a whack with the hammer. This
is quite effective but by no means the best in the game. Krusty is mediumly
quick so you will get these in against slower characters. 

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Cream pie launch. Use this anywhere on the canvass as it
as it will hit the enemy from any range. 

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Repeated hammer whacks. This is a very effective attack
especially if you can hit the opponent numerous times. The best way to do
this is to trap them in a corner.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Press square and Krusty will perform a clothesline-like 
attack. This isn't very effective so it is one to be avoided. Press triangle
to perform a more effective method of this attack. If you press circle
Krusty will perform a kick attack from the ropes. This is an effective

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will perform a stomping attack, which is really
useless. Use triangle and Krusty will use a spinning attack and stand
on your head. This isn't a very strong attack. Press circle to use the full
body slam. This will result in you and your opponent being stunned. Having
said this you should recover quicker than they do. This attack is especially
useful if you are behind and need to attack without backlash.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Triangle will pick up
your opponent and smash them into the mat.

When you start a fight you need to get some combo attacks in. Hopefully you
should be quick enough to get them in. Once you have put your opponent to
the mat or in a corner use the high-power attack to deal some damage. Your
opponent won't be able to escape if you are in a corner meaning they will
take more hits. Obviously if an opponent moves away from you throw a cream
pie at them.

Krusty is rather pie-happy in my experience so try and stay close to him. 
His combo attack isn't the quickest so try and get a few of your own off
as well as any high-power attacks that are useful. Having said this if he
uses his hammer attack get out of there quickly. This can cause mass 
damage so either run or stomp on his head when he uses it.

Homer's mischievous son. The original prankster. Behind every practical
joke and prank in Springfield. By his own admission all he wants to be
is a "petty thug". Very shrewd at times. Likes: Krusty the Klown, graffiti
(el barto?), skateboarding.


COMBO ATTACK: Punch, Kick, Punch and then a kind of backflip-roundhouse
kick. Bart is very quick so this combo is very effective particularly 
against slower enemies.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Bart uses his slingshot.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Gets on his skateboard and skates around the ring. This
can be effective if you hit your opponent a number of times. However it is
hard to control. Try bouncing off the ropes and changing direction.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square will perform a clothesline type move. Triangle will
make Bart roll and spin. These are non-too effective. The best rope attack
is when you use circle. This will perform a kick attack which is effective
if inaccurate.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will perform a stomp attack and triangle will use a
spinning attack. Again both of these are ineffective. Use the body-slam
attack (circle) for maximum effect.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Triangle will headbutt
the opponent in the face.

Unless you are skilled at using the skateboard I would give it a miss. If you
are going to use a "circle" attack use either a body-slam or kick attack. The
slingshot isn't very effective either but use it if an enemy moves too far
away from you. Combos are a real bonus for Bart. He is quick and small and 
can get those combos off quickly and effectively. Try and corner an opponent
and use combos.

Bart can potentially be a real nightmare. What you really need to look out for
is high rope attacks. These are very strong and will take your health down
very quickly. Combos aren't generally effective against Bart as he is quick and
will hit you before you hit him. High-power attacks are very handy against
Bart as are the body-slam techniques. Try not to get too far away from him as
his skateboard is another effective attack. If he does use his skateboard try
to jump out of his way. My preference here is to use body-slam attacks.

Groundskeeper Willie lives in a shack at Springfield Elementary. He hails for
Scotland and is a bit on the eccentric side. Likes: Kilts, Scotland, Nessie.
Dislikes: Skateboards, Bart.


COMBO ATTACK: A useful attack. Repeated hits with the rake ending in an
overhead smash. 

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Not really projectile. Willie will swing around his
rake and kick the opponent. This is very effective if you are fighting your
opponent toe-to-toe.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Willie will drop some sort of trap. Either a rake, a
bear-trap or a set of shears. Damage is caused when walking into the said
traps. This can be effective if large quantities of traps are used.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square will charge at the enemy with a rake. Use triangle
and Willie will use another charge attack. Circle will make Willie dive
head first and spin his rake at the opponent.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will be a stomp attack. Use Triangle and Willie will
use his rake as a pogo-stick. Circle is the full body-slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Use Triangle and Willie
will attach you to the end of his rake and smash you into the canvass.

You can sort out a pretty good strategy using Willie. You need to drop as
many traps as you can. Absolutely litter the ring with them. Your enemy will
walk into them wherever they go. You can now attack the opponent with a 
combo or a rope attack.

Willie is relatively slow so try and get a few good combos in against him.
Having said this beware when you are attacking him, his triangle attack
where he spins around his rake will stop you in your tracks. He will probably
drop a fair few traps around the ring so make sure you avoid them. His 
grapple attack can also be very strong. He will get you on the end of his
rake and smash you into the floor numerous times. As well as combos rope
and aerial attacks will be effective against Willie.

Proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart. An Indian-American who immigrated when he
was young. Gets shot so often the penalty is now reduced to a $100 fine.
Lives with his wife Manjula and his octuplet kids.


COMBO ATTACK: A series of martial-arts type attacks ending in a scissor
kick. Quite quick and effective especially if the enemy is in a corner.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Throws a Squishee. This has a good range.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Will perform a prolong karate-type attack. This is 
an effective combo, especially if you can trap the enemy in a corner.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: With square Apu will use a two-handed clothesline. With
triangle he will use a shoulder barge attack. With circle he will use
a spin attack.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will use a stomp attack. Triangle is a kind of seat
drop move. Circle is the full body slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Triangle will use
a fireman's spinning lift. 

Use combos to start. Apu has a mediumly-quick combo so you should get a 
couple in. Use the high-power attack whenever possible it is strong and will
quickly take away your enemies health. Squishees can also be used if your
enemy moves too far from you.

Apu WILL use his Squishees a lot if you stay too far away from him. Added to
this his high-power attack is very strong. You need to avoid getting trapped
in a corner by this attack. The best way to avoid being hit by it is to
continuously use the square aerial attack to bounce on top of him. Once his
attack has stopped drop back down to the mat. Combo attacks will work against
him as long as they are not too slow. High-power attacks can also useful as
long as your character has an effective one. Falling this some rope attacks
should save the day.

The brains of the Simpson family. Straight A student. Complete geek. Likes:
Saxophone, Bleeding Gums Murphy, eco-friendliness. Dislikes: Tire Fire,
people who are un-PC.


COMBO ATTACK: A series of kicks and punches ending in an "overhead kick".
This is a medium to quick combo in terms of speed.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Lisa will use her saxophone. Make sure you press triangle
at the end of every note and the entire tune will be played. This will stun
your opponent as well as causing damage. This attack will hit the opponent
anywhere in the ring.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Lisa latches on the opponent's arm and bites. The stun
bar will appear. Lisa will carry on her attack until it is empty.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square will perform a forward roll. Triangle will use a 
"rolling kick". With circle Lisa will whip out her saxophone and hit the
opponent with it.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will use a stomp attack. Triangle will perform a
somersault. Use circle for the full body-slam. 

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Triangle will hit the
opponent with the saxophone.

Lisa's combos are a strong point so get them in. The high-power attack can
also be useful but isn't particularly strong. The saxophone can use useful but
it is hard to use. If you really want to win with Lisa, stick with the rope

Lisa is quick so avoid staying too close. She will counter your combos unless
you have a quick character. High-power attacks will also have to be quick for
this reason. If you stray too far Lisa will play her saxophone which will
harm you anywhere in the ring. The good news is this isn't a strong attack.
Lisa is extremely vulnerable to rope attacks so whack away! Watch out for
Lisa's bite attack. She will latch onto your arm and the stun bar will appear.
The quicker you drain it the quicker she will let go.

Marge holds the Simpson family together. She cooks, cleans, irons, and washes.
With her the Simpsons would live in a cave. Briefly gave up her time as a 
housewife to become a policewoman. Currently a housewife. 


COMBO ATTACK: Marge has a slowish combo so don't use it unless you use
the high-power attack in conjunction with it. Marge will attack twice with
her frying pan and then once with her hair. She will finish the combo with
an overhead smash from the frying pan.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Marge will "butt" you with her hair. Can only be used at
short range.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Marge will release Maggie. Maggie will hold onto you and
slow you down. No health will be lost however.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Use square and Marge will execute a barge attack with her
hair. Press triangle and she will forward roll. With circle she will perform
a spinning attack with the frying pan, which is her strongest rope attack. 

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will use a stomp attack. With triangle Marge will use
a somersault stomp attack. Circle will perform a full body-slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Use triangle and Marge
will attack her opponent with her hair.

Marge doesn't really have any strong attacks. The best idea is to use Maggie
to slow your opponent down. You can then either use your combo attacks or
use rope attacks. Your opponents movement will be hindered making them easier
to hit with rope attacks.

Marge's combo is quite slow so you should be able to get a few combos of
your own in. Marge will mostly release Maggie and then use combos against 
you. If you stand in one place Maggie's effect will be wiped out. Just stand
and use your combo attack. Occasionally Marge will use her hair to attack you
but this isn't a drama. In addition to all this you should be able to get a
few high-powered attacks in against Marge.

Barney Gumble is Homer's friend. He is also the town drunk. If there's beer,
there's Barney. Notable achievements include putting Homer out of business
after becoming the Snow King and narrowly losing to "Man Being Hit By
Football" in the Springfield Film Festival.


COMBO ATTACK: A slow combo that consists of a number of hits with a beer

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Barney will throw a beer glass at his opponent. This is
another slow move but it has good range.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Burps a cloud of Duff onto the air. This will linger and
should you walk into it, you will lose health. 

ROPE MANOEUVRES: With square Barney will use a charge attack. Triangle will
produce a stronger charge attack. Finally the circle attack will be a 
spinning attack. Obviously circle is the most damaging attack.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square is the expected stomp attack. With triangle Barney
will use a surprisingly agile somersault. Use circle to perform the body-slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Use triangle and Barney
will deliver 3 slaps to his opponent.

Barney has no real advantages. His moves are slow and he moves slow around the
ring. His high-power attack can be effective. Try and trap the opponent in the
corner and use it. Other than that I would stick the circle rope attack to
cause the most damage.

Barney will mostly try to use his combo attack. The good news for you is this
combo is slow. Get some of your own combos and high-power attacks in against
him. Occasionally he will burp a cloud of Duff into the air. Just make sure
that you stay away from it.

Bumblebee Man is star of his own television show. Rather eccentric, he often
provides entertainment to Homer.

Bumblebee Man is unlocked in the New Challenger Circuit.


COMBO ATTACK: Quite a slow combo. Uses a combination of punches, kicks and

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Uses his yoyo to hit you with. Not very effective but 
will hold your enemy back. 

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Bumblebee Man will release a Chihuahua. This will run 
around the ring and bite the opponent. It is quite effective if you can hit
the enemy numerous times. Having said this it can be outrun.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square will use a double handed clothesline. With triangle
Bumblebee Man will fly at his opponent. Circle make him fly again but this
time it will be more powerful.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square= Stomp. Triangle= Spinning attack. You know the
drill. Circle will use the full body slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Use Triangle and
Bumblebee Man will kick his enemy in the face.

The first thing you need to do is release that Chihuahua. This will cause your
enemy at least some addition damage. You can try the combo attack but I 
doubt it will be effective on its own. Same goes for the yoyo. Make sure you
have the Chihuahua on the loose at all times. If you are still struggling, the
best bet here is to use aerial or rope attacks at the same time as the

The Bumblebee man can be quite annoying. His attacks aren't especially strong
but they help to defend him.  His combo is relatively weak and slow and he
will try to use that often. Counter it with your own combos. He will use his
yoyo along with his combo attacks. This will knock you back and stop you from
attacking him. Again your own combos should sort this out. When he releases
the Chihuahua it will run and the ring and bite you. It doesn't take much health
but it is annoying. You can only wait for the dog to disappear so run away
from it to avoid it. Combos are basically the order of the day here, but rope
attacks are also useful.

Moe Syzlak owns the local drinking constabulary- Moe's Tavern. Not exactly
the classiest place in town but it does have the essentials- beer and
barstools. Moe had a failed boxing career so has experience in the ring-
however bad.

Moe will be unlocked on the New Challenger Circuit.


COMBO ATTACK: The strongest combo on the game. A flurry of strong punches is
finished off with an uppercut. Very strong.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Will throw a Flaming Moe at the opponent. Good range but
accuracy can be a little wayward.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Attacks you with Kang and Kudos' nemesis. A plank of wood
with a nail through it. If an opponent is trapped in a corner this can be a
effective attack. 

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square will perform a two handed clothesline. Triangle sets
Moe off in a flurry of punches. Circle will send Moe into a spinning double

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will perform the stop attack. Triangle will hit the
opponent over the head with a plank of wood. Circle is the flip into body

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: Square sends the opponent onto the ropes. Triangle will the
the opponent with a plank of wood. Circle will throw the enemy onto the mat.

One word. COMBO. Use it and use it and use it. I suppose if your opponent
moves far away you could throw a Flaming Moe at them. If you trap them in the
corner you could use the high-power attack. Sometimes you might find that the
combo is too slow. If this is the case use special attacks or rope moves.

Moe has a very strong combo attack as well as a strong high-power attack. This
means you don't want to get too close to him. If you move too far away he'll
throw Flaming Moe's at you. So you can't win right? Wrong. Rope attacks are
what you need here and lots of them. Obviously use your high-power attack if
you get the chance but the rope attacks will take away a big chunk of his

Professor Frink is the town's smart bloke. Notably creates the matter
transporter which Bart uses to merge himself with a fly. Part of the Mensa
society. Likes: Gadgets, Light-Sabre! (add comic voice) Dislikes: Idiots,
selling his inventions for cents.

Frink will be unlocked on the Defender Circuit.


COMBO ATTACK: Barrage of punches and kicks ending in a double footed kick.
Surprisingly quick, you should get a few of these in.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Ray gun. This is an accurate projectile if not all that
effective but are any of the projectile attacks?

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Frink will put a box on the ground. Out of this box will
come one of three things; a mine, a robot or a rocket. The robot and rocket
will automatically seek the opponent but the mine must be stepped on. A 
good strong high-power attack.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square will produce a "push" attack. Triangle will use a
charge attack. Circle will allow Frink to jump on his rocket skates. With
these you will be able to get from rope-to-rope 3 times instead of the usual

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square is stomp. Triangle will use a spinning attack. Circle
will make Frink shoot his rocket skates in the air and then he will land on
your head.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks. Use triangle and Frink
will slap the opponent. 

Use the combo if it pleases you as it is relatively quick. The main show here
is the high-power attack. Use this as often as possible to cause as much
damage as possible. The ray gun can be quite effective and accurate if need

Frink is another one who likes to bounce on your head. If you avoid this no
doubt you will meet one of his inventions. His high-power attacks are hard to
avoid if a rocket or robot appears. Too many of these and a large chunk of
your health will be gone. Make sure you don't step on the mine if it appears.
His combos are quite quick and his ray gun is moderately effective. The best
way to beat Frink is to use rope and aerial attacks.

Flanders is the bible-basher next door. He does everything in the name of
God. Owns the Leftorium at the mall- the left handed shop. Occasionally
erupts in fits of rage but is generally passive.

Flanders will be unlocked on the Defender Circuit.


COMBO ATTACK: Punch, punch, double axe handle and uppercut. This is a 
mediumly quick combo. Useful against slower opponents.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Throw a bible in any direction and it will home in 
and hit your opponent.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Flanders will kneel down and pray. A tirade of
thunderbolts will now rain down upon your enemy. The most damaging
weapon in the game. If you pin someone whilst using this move they have
no chance of escape.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square with use a barge attack. Triangle will do much
the same. Circle will give Ned "helicopter" legs. 

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will seat-drop onto the opponents head. Triangle is
more of a stomp attack. Circle will be the usual full-body slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: Square will throw onto the ropes, whilst circle will throw
onto the mat. Press triangle and Ned will repeatedly slap the opponent.

SPECIAL NOTES: Flanders has an extremely useful additional move. Once all
Flanders' health is drained, he will be restored to full health! This
effectively means he can be used twice in each round.

When your playing as Ned you need to use the high-power attack. This will
be enough to take anyone out. You can use two of these at once to make it
even more effective! Hold the opponent in place with a grapple or trap
them in a corner for maximum effect. Don't forget if you get pinned once
you will rise again and have full health!

OMG! Do not let him use his high-power attack. This will make thunderbolts
come down and strike you. You can avoid these by running but if you get hit
by a few in a row your history. Flanders will mostly use his combo attack 
which isn't that fast. Use your combos and high-power attacks to overcome 
him. Just don't get hit by thunderbolts!

Waylon Smithers is Mr. Burn's lacky. A hidden homosexual and owner of the
largest Malibu Stacy collection in Springfield. Enjoys: Mr Burns, Malibu Stacy,

Note that Smithers can only be used as a playable character in Bonus Matchup.
In addition to this Smithers may only be used by the 2nd player in a two
player matchup.


COMBO ATTACK: A very strong combo attack. Smithers if very quick and his combo
can deal out a good deal of damage. It is a martial-arts-type combo.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: His projectile attack is also a very good one. He will 
throw a 3 eyed fish and it will leap around the ring tripping you up. This is
very annoying as when it does so you will be stunned.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: This high-powered attack comes from Mr. Burns. He will throw
a nuclear bomb onto the ring and if you get caught in the blast you will take

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Both square and triangle will prompt Smithers to perform a
charge attack. Obviously the triangle attack is stronger.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will perform a stomp attack. Triangle will perform a
seat-drop attack. Lastly, if you press circle, Smithers will do a full 

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: The usual circle and square attacks.

When you start release the 3 eyed fish straight away. Now bomb the hell out of
the opponent with Mr. Burns' nuclear bombs. Whenever the fish goes back, let it
out again and carry on the bombing.

First of all you need to avoid getting trapped in a corner as those combo 
attacks can be deadly. Just try a few projectile attacks to get things moving.
I would follow this up with a couple of body slams to take his health down
some more. Wait until he is in an opportune place and use your high-power 
attack against him. If this is not working just stick to rope attacks which 
are a sure way to bring his health down. Whilst you are fighting beware of the
3 eyed fish that is jumping around. It can be very frustrating when you are
caught by it. The  most significant thing you have to do is avoid those nuclear
bombs. If you take too many hits from those you will be dead. You will see
Burns throw them into the ring so make sure your out of the way!

Kang and Kudos are brother and sister. They also happen to be space aliens. In
this game they seek to challenge one as strong as Jebadiah Springfield. They
occasionally make visits to Earth such as to pose as Presidential candidates.

Note that Kang and Kudos can only be used as a playable character in Bonus


COMBO ATTACK: This is a barrage of tentacles and the baseball bat. Hard to
tell how quick it is but it is certainly effective.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Ray gun. Moderately effective and certainly accurate.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Whack with baseball ball. This is hard to avoid being
hit with if you are at any range except long.




This is pretty simple. Kang is so large that it is hard to get strong attacks
in against him. Trap the enemy in a corner and just keep using the combo on
them. They'll soon be knocked out.

If you stray even the slightest bit away from Kang you will be on the
receiving end of a laser gun. Just sidestep this to avoid being hit. Get in
close and you are vulnerable to Kang's bat and tentacles. The absolute ideal
way to do this is to use rope attack after rope attack. Do not get conned into
fighting with your combos, if you do this you will take a lot of damage. If
you are getting really hammered by those combos use an aerial attack to put
a stop to them. If you manage to hit Kang to the floor quickly move in with
some combo attacks.

Itchy was the original cartoon violence character. He proceeded Itchy. 
Since then he has been united with his long suffering accomplice. Itchy
generally comes out on top during the meeting of the two. 

Note that Itchy can only be used as a playable character in Bonus Matchup.


COMBO ATTACK: Numerous hits with baseball bat.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Machine gun fire.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: Fires up the chainsaw. Walk into Scratchy with it to
cause serious damage.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Square will perform a forward roll. Triangle will charge
with the baseball bat. Circle is a spinning baseball bat attack.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Both triangle and circle are the expected stomp attacks.
Circle will use the full body-slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: Press triangle and Itchy will hit Scratchy with the bat.
Press circle and he will shoot bullets in Scratchy's head. Square will
just spin Scratchy around.

SPECIAL NOTES: When playing as Itchy and Scratchy you will not collect
letters that say TAUNT. You will collect letters to spell ANVIL. Once you
collect the letters use them and an anvil will drop on your opponents head.
In addition to this at random points during the fight bombs will appear in
the ring and explode. Watch out.

See Below "Playing Against Scratchy".

If you stay away from Itchy too long he will definitely use the machine gun
to good effect. Try and come closer and discourage him from using it. 
Scratchy has got to be one of the most useless characters on the game. His
combo is slow, his rocket launcher is slow, his high-power attack is 
inaccurate. The only way that you can easily win with Scratchy is to use
rope attacks. Watch out for Itchy's chainsaw as well if he uses it run from
him on keep stomping on his head.

The victim of Itchy's violent streak. This is one tough moggy. Week in
week out he takes punishment for the benefit of young children everywhere.

Note that Smithers can only be used as a playable character in Bonus Matchup.


COMBO ATTACK: A barrage of axe attacks. This is a lot slower than Itchy's
combo so you will have it hard to get one of these in.

PROJECTILE ATTACK: Fire a rocket from a rocket launcher. An effective
attack but it is slow. It is likely that Itchy will hit you before you can
use this.

HIGH-POWER ATTACK: A repeating axe-chop attack. This is similar to Krusty's
high power attack. If you can hit your enemy and keep on them it is
effective, if you can't then it isn't. Not very accurate.

ROPE MANOEUVRES: Scratchy will charge with the axe in his hand if you press
square. Use triangle and he will swing the axe. With circle he will go on a
rampage and hit the ground repeatedly with his axe. This is a similar move
to his high-power attack.

AERIAL ATTACKS: Square will produce a seat drop attack. Triangle will use a
stomp attack. press circle and Scratchy will do a body slam.

GRAPPLE ATTACKS: Square will throw Itchy against the ropes. Circle will 
throw him to the mat. Press triangle and Scratchy will swing at Itchy with
his axe.

SPECIAL NOTES: When playing as Itchy and Scratchy you will not collect
letters that say TAUNT. You will collect letters to spell ANVIL. Once you
collect the letters use them and an anvil will drop on your opponents head.
In addition to this at random points during the fight bombs will appear in
the ring and explode. Watch out.

See above "Playing Against Itchy"

This means that you will be Itchy (excuse the pun). Scratchy will generally
use his combo attack but yours will be quicker. Use the chainsaw as often as
you can to inflict as much damage as possible. If he uses his high-power
attack jump on his head using the square aerial attack until he stops. Failing
that run around Scratchy (stop touching him) in a circle. 

|~9~                            THE CIRCUITS                                 |

This is where you will begin the game. This is the easiest circuit. It isn't
the most difficult circuit meaning you can probably get through it using
your character of choice. Having said this I personally would use Krusty,
as he has a strong high-power attack. You will unlock the Bumblebee Man and
Moe during the course of this circuit.

Moe is a must-have on this circuit. His strong combo attack and good
high-power attack should get you through most tight spots. Frink and Ned
Flanders will be unlocked on this circuit.

This circuit is unlocked once you have completed the Defender Circuit. This
is the most challenging circuit of all. Ned Flanders is the character that you
MUST use on this circuit. His high-power attack is unstoppable. In addition
to this you get to die twice! Once you have completed this circuit you will
unlock the Bonus Matchup. Here you can play as Itchy and Scratchy or any of
the bosses.

|~10~                               CHEATS                                   |

In this section I will list all the unlockable characters and modes as well
as all cheat codes.


These are things that can be unlocked in the game without cheating.


Beat Bumblebee Man in your matchup with him on the New Challenger Circuit
and he will become a playable character.


Beat Moe in your matchup with him on the New Challenger Circuit and he will
become a playable character.


Beat Frink in your matchup with him on the New Defender Circuit and he will
become a playable character.


Beat Flanders in your matchup with him on the Defender Circuit and he will
become a playable character.


Finish the Champion Circuit and you will unlock the Bonus Matchup mode.


These are codes that you will have to enter, and do not normally appear in the


To enter any of these codes press START at the title screen.

        Unlock Bumblebee Man..........Circle, Left, Up, Left, Down, R1

        Unlock Moe....................Circle, Left, Up, Left, Down, L1

        Unlock Frink..................Circle, Left, Up, Left, Down, R2

        Unlock Flanders...............Circle, Left, Up, Left, Down, L2


To enter any of these codes press START at the title screen.

Bonus Games...........................Circle, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right,
                                      Left, Right

Multiple Rope Bounce..............................Circle, R1, R1, R1, Up, Down

Win Without Pinning............................Circle, R1, R1, R1, Right, Left

Credit Gags and Programmers Message........Circle, L1, Circle, L1, Circle, R1,
                                           Circle, R1


Pause the game and enter any of these codes-

 Alternate Ring...............................Circle, R2, R1, Circle, R2, R1

 Ape Mode.....................Circle, L1, Circle, R1, Circle, L2, Circle, R2

 Big Head Mode..................................Circle, L1, L1, L1, Up, Down

 Flat Land...................................Circle, L1, L1, L1, Left, Right

 Infinite Energy................................Circle, R1, R1, R1, Down, Up

 No Outlines..................................Circle, Right, Up, Right, Down

 See Game Completion Date.............................Square, Circle, L1, R1

|~11~                               CREDITS                                  |

Thank you to GameFAQs for the original hosting of this guide.

Thank you to the Codes and Secrets page on GameFAQs where the cheats came

|~12~                         CONTACT INFORMATION                            |

My contact email is [email protected] Before contacting me see my
guidelines below. Follow these and I'm more than willing to help you out.

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Thank you, that's it until next time. See you around peeps.

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