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Weapons and Items

by speedy437

Weapon and Item Descriptions and Locations

Weapon: Socom
Location: In the back of the truck on the Heliport
Description: .45 calibre handgun
Ammo: Boxed in 12 rounds

Weapon (Accessory): Socom Suppressor
Location: In the room numbered 1 in the tank hangar
Description: Minimizes the noise made by the Socom
(Once this is attached this cannot be taken off)

Weapon: Fa-mas
Location: Chamber 2, Armoury B2
Description: 5.56mm calibre assault rifle (French)
Ammo: Boxed in 25 rounds

Weapon: Nikita Launcher
Location: Number 3, Nuke Building B1
Description: Remote controlled missile launcher
Ammo: Boxed in 4 missiles

Weapon: PSG1 (Sniper Rifle)
Location: Chamber 5, Armoury B2
Description: Long range sniper rifle (with Viewfinder)
Ammo: Boxed in 6 rounds

Weapon: Stinger Launcher
Location: 1st Room of Comm Tower B (directly after the walkway)
Description: Long Range Surface-to-air missiles (SAM)
Ammo: Boxed in 5 missiles

Weapon: Claymores
Location: (These are invisible to the naked eye, Use the Mine Detector, Location to the Mine Detector will be below in the Item section of this guide).
Description: Invisible to the naked eye
How to collect: Use the Mine Detector to locate the Claymores, Crawl over the Claymores or Thermal Goggles to collect.
(BEWARE: Stay outside of the claymores field of vision).

Weapon: C4
Location: Chamber 1 in Armoury B2
Description: Most common item you�ll find in the game
Ammo: Boxed in 4 packs

Weapon: Grenades
Location: Chamber 1 in Armoury B2
Description: Like the C4, it is the most common item you�ll find in the game.
Ammo: Boxed in 4 packs

Weapon: Stun Grenade
Location: Small Storage unit on the left of the Heliport
Description: Stuns Guards but your radar will be out of use if another guard is nearby
Ammo: Boxed in 3 packs

Weapon: Chaff Grenade
Location: In the middle of the Helipad
Description: Disables Gun and CCTV Cameras only for a short time and it will short out your radar
Ammo: Boxed in 3 packs


					Time Bomb

You will encounter this twice in the game:

First: After you escaped from the Mediroom (having possibly been placed on the left hand side by your Equipment by Ocelot)

Second: It is hidden in radioactive water in Underground Base (while you are searching for the PAL Key.

If you have the time bomb, Hold L2 and throw it as far your can and stand back.



      Name�s, Type�s, Ammo and Damage

Name: Socom	Type: Automatic Pistol	Capacity: 12 rounds	Damage: Low

Name: Fa-mas	Type: Assault Rifle	Capacity: 25 rounds	Damage: Medium

Name: PSG1	Type: Sniper Rifle	Capacity: 6 rounds	Damage: Medium

Name: Nikita	Type: Rocket Launcher	Capacity: 1 missile	Damage: High

Name: Stinger	Type: Missile Launcher	Capacity: 1 missile	Damage: High

Name: Claymore	Type: Anti-Person Mine	Damage: High

Name: C4		Type: Plastic Explosive	Damage: High

Name: Grenade	Type: Fragmention Grenade	Damage: High

Name: Stun Grenade	Type: Temporarily Disabling Grenade

Name: Chaff Grenade	Type:	Electronic Jamming Grenade


				Function and Description

Name: Diazepam
Function: Take this to stop trembling while you are holding a sniper rifle
Description: You will always tremble while looking through the scope of a sniper rifle

Name: Cold Medicine
Function: Take this to stop a cold
Description: At somepoint in the game a guard will confront you with a cold, kill him and you will catch his cold.

Name: Food Rations
Function: Restores LIFE
Description: These are to help your LIFE Gauge (if you are about to die and you have the rations equipped it will automatically restore to full health).

Name: Cigarettes
Function: These will harm your health but you will be able to spot laser beams (Faintly)
Description: If you do not have the Thermal Goggles then you use cigarettes

Name: Scope
Function: This Scope is armed with a powerful zoom
Description: O button to zoom in, X to zoom out

Name: Thermal Goggles
Function: Everything will turn red and you will be able to see traps, claymores and laser beams
Description: Equipping this will lock you in 1st Person Mode 

Name: Level cards
Function: These will open any door that has the same or lower number:
(ie. A level 3 card will open doors 1, 2 and 3 but will not open level 4 or higher doors)
Description: These are given to you throughout the game

Name: Body Armour
Function: If you are wearing the Vest while up against guards the damage dealt will be cut in half
Description: The first is located in Number 6 in Nuke Building B2
The Second is located in the blast furnace past jets of steam

Name: Gas Mask
Function: Increases the time and O2 you are exposed to hazardous chemicals such as Sarin Nerve Gas
Description: There are three times where you encounter this gas but unfortunately you don�t posess the gas mask
First: The entrance to the Snowfield
Second: Inside Nuke Building B1 (If the alarm sounds the exit will shut and its game over.
Third: Shorting out the High Voltage System

Name: Cardboard Boxes A, B and C
Function: Each box has an area written on it
Box A will take you to the Heliport and is located on the catwalk of Tank Hangar 1
Box B will take you to Nuke Building B1 and is located in the room numbered 4 in the Nuke Building B1
Box C will take you to just outside the blast furnace and is located in the bottom left storage chamber in the Snowfield (Not where you fight Raven)

Name: NVG (Night Vision Goggles)
Function: This is a Scope used in Night time activities and using amplified UV (Ultra Violet) and Infra Red (IR)
Description: Like the Scope this also locks you in 1st Person Mode

Name: Mine Detector
Function: This will reveal claymore positions and you can only collect 10-20 claymores
Description: (Careful you don�t go into the claymores field of vision)


					Special Items

Name: Camera
Location: Number 4 in Armoury South
Description: Like the Scope this also locks you in 1st Person Mode

Name: Optical Disc
Location: Kenneth Baker gives this to you before death
Description: This disc contains all the Data on Metal Gear

Name: Rope
Location: Just before the stairway in Comm Tower A
Description: Use to Absail down the building

Name: Hankerchief
Location: After the second torture session, Otacon (Hal Emmerich) gives you Sniper Wolf�s Hankerchief
Description: Make sure you equip the Hankerchief before going back in to the cave, All the wolf cubs won�t attack you because you smell like Sniper Wolf

Name: Ketchup
Location: After the second torture session Otacon gives you a bottle of Ketchup.
Description: Use this to your advantage

Name: PAL Key
Location: Meryl gives you the key in the Ladies room in Nuke Building B1
Description: There is more to this key than you think; this key is made using very sensitive technology
In the Underground Base 3 there is a Command Room with 3 computers: one for Heat, one for cold and one for normal.

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