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Game Reviews for Metal Gear Solid


Quick Reviews

MGS Is AwesomeAdded 20 Jun 2004, ID #11801
When I first played this game it was on a Pizza Hut demo. I thought the game was going to suck bad.

But when i played MGS I was wrong that game was Freakin awesome the graphics was a little down for me but for Ps1 it was good.

So this game I give :


p.s great game

Awesome!Added 15 Aug 2003, ID #10278
I think Metal gear solid is one of the best games ever!!!

9 and a half outta 10!

ID #5595

Metal Gear Solid (MGS) is very cool game. If you beat the game right way you should get a Stealth camouflage, this gives you a invisibility, this is very cool.

Also I checked the cheats, but I not get a Metal Gear in end.This is wrong.

I have Newer MGS (1999) version maybe this cheat is not work in this version I don�t know.

ID #5594

This game is very good it has action/adventure.I recommend this for mature video gamers who love action/adventure games. Also don't forget to use the cheats there very helpful.

ID #5593

I have seen better:

The graphics are very poor, and the main guys actions arent quite good at all. This is some fat-cats idea up there to try and make another Frogger 3d which has instantly Backfired!

I think anyone in their right mind would gain much more from Frogger 3d or even the first Frogger on your old Atari!

A better game than this would be Klonoa, Crash Bandicoot or Mr Domino on Playstation.

3/10, sorry guys, you could have done better :(

ID #5592

You want to know the best game I've ever played? Metal Gear Solid. It's packed with action and fighting.

Your mission is to stop Liquid Snake from launching a neucular Warhead.

Collect wepons from handguns to hand grenades to take out the gaurds that block your way.

But try not to be seen at all, or else your life is at stake, snake.

There are a lot of bosses to kill, weather it's a giant tank or an angry dude with a flamethrower, do whatever it takes to stop that nuke before it's too late...

ID #5591

This is game is just plain awesome.

I have a PS2 now and I still play this game over any other game due to it's wickedly-cool replay value and all the ghost u can catch on camera.

Excellent job Konami and Hideo.


ID #5590
It's the best game ever made for the ps1. The graphics are at an excellent standard for ps1. the missions are great and it has a good story line.

Buy this if your looking for a good game.

10 out of 10

Metal GearAdded 23 Jun 2014, ID #18338

Metal Gear Solid IntegralAdded 16 Feb 2014, ID #18227

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