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Follow the dark path or use the light

Twisted Metal 2 Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Twisted Metal 2


We have 14 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Twisted Metal 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Go to darktooth!

At the password screen enter triangle square trangle square blank square and it will take you to darktooth with axel.

Infinite Specials w/Mr.Slam:At the main menu go ..

Infinite Specials w/Mr.Slam:

At the main menu go to options.Put it on easy mode.Go to car select screen and pick Mr.Slam.

Now all you have to do is ram into your opponent and he'll do his special weapon.

Warthog levels

Amazonia-circle square square circle x x
NY-x square square space x circle


Right,down,left,up and you should be invisible for a few seconds
Unlock minion - L1,up,down,left,up,

Invincibility:While playing, hold the Scroll Up ..


While playing, hold the Scroll Up and Scroll Down buttons and quickly press
Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up.
Invincibility on two-player:

At car selection screen, put in the code: destroy. You will here a bomb
Mega Guns:

While playing, hold the Machine Gun button and press Up, Down, Left, Right,
Right, Left, Down, Up. Your machine gun now has the power of a missile!

Minion Attack:up, down, up, up, then press machi..

Minion Attack:

up, down, up, up, then press machine gun.

It's an excellent finishing move. Works for all vehicles.

aol sn is i am your boo2 (all percent damages wi..

aol sn is i am your boo2

(all percent damages will be altered by defences of your oponent so dont expect to beat dark tooth that easy)

ok here is an easy reference chart thingy first of all u can trust me i beat the game w/ everyone without cheats

i will cover mr. slam 100% ok... maybe 99.9% but anyways

when being mr. slam:

if you are mr. slam then you want to use the same strategy as the computer the freeze n' slam strategy if you must this strategy is based on freezing your opponent (this manuever is written in the intruction book) and then unleashing your special weapon! the freeze does around 10% damage itself and the special varies depending on what car your smashing NOTE:if you use thi..

If you want to take somebody out in one or two t..

If you want to take somebody out in one or two trys take axel give a lot of room between you and your oponent then make sure you have a lot of turbo then freze your oponent and ram them as hard as you can!!!!!!!!

when you are raming them use your special wepon then they will never bother you again.

Easy way to get on the rooftop in Paris

to get onto the roof in Paris all you have to do is first get a remote bomb, then get near a building.
Put on your shield (up,up,right)then plant the bomb and detonate it while the shields are still on.
You should face a building before you detonate the bomb)then while you are still in the air press turbo (triangle).
If you did this right and you didn't destroy the Eiffle you should be able to attack your enemies from above them...





freeze burst-right+left+up


rear attack-left+right+down

freeze backwards: left, right up, left, right, ..

freeze backwards: left, right up, left, right, down; fast

All cars, vehicles, trees, statues, artwork, and monuments can be destroyed in paris

I guarantee I saw a game shark code for darktooth in a magazine somewhere

running over people ups your health and ammo

If you want to get SOURTOOTH sweet-tooths mom be..

If you want to get SOURTOOTH sweet-tooths mom beat the game twice then at the automobile selection screen type in R1(2x)L2(6x)right right left R1(3x) L1(2x) down down right left up up up L1(6x).

You will hear something that sounds like squeeling tires go through the automobile selection screen twice and you should have it... HINT do this code really fast.


PLAY AS DARKTOOTH-First, beat the game on hard w..


First, beat the game on hard with anyone but Minion or Sweettooth.

Then at the character selection screen press L1,up,down,left,up,L1,triangle,right,up,down,L1,R1

You will here an explosion and then you can play as DARKTOOTH.

gameshark codes

1 Infinite Specials P1 801882E6 0063
2 Infinite Fire Missiles P1 801882E8 0063
3 Infinite Homing Missiles P1 801882EA 0063
4 Infinite Remote Bombs P1 801882EC 0063
5 Infinite Power Missiles P1 801882EE 0063
6 Infinite Napalms P1 801882F0 0063
7 Infinite Richochet Bombs P1 801882F2 0063
8 Infinite Lightning P1 801882F4 0063
9 Infinite Energy P1 80187D00 0078
10 No Energy P1 80187D00 0000
11 1-Hit Death P1 D0187D00 0078
80187D00 0001
12 25% Energy P1 D0187D00 0078
80187D00 001E
13 50% Energy P1 D0187D00 0078
80187D00 003C
14 75% Energy P1 D0187D00 0078
80187D00 005A
15 Infinite Turbo P1 8018830A 00C8
16 No Turbo P1 8018830A 0000

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