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Toy Story 2 Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Toy Story 2


We have 9 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Toy Story 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Nintendo 64 : GameBoy

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Unlock Level Select

Press Right, Left, Circle, Triangle, Triangle at the 'Options' screen to unlock ALL levels. You will still need to collect the Pizza Planet Tokens.

The Kite Boss

To kill the boss in the tree house (that kite thing), you need to run away until you get a bit of space away from the kite. Then, switch to first-person view and quickly, shoot the kite. Keep on doing this until you defeat it. watch out though, you mustnt fall off the edge!!

Better view!

If you need to get a better perspective of a level you can use Buzz's first-person view (you don't only use it to aim). You can see things in this view that you might have missed in third-person views.
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deafeating the bosses

Having trouble with the bosses?
Here are the easy srategies to defeat them -
Toy plane:
just keep on shooting it.
Slimey guy:
The same.
Spin him all the time and when he uses green bullets spin them.

Secret levelcollect 100 or more coins on a level..

Secret level

collect 100 or more coins on a level then go talk to Hamm, and he will take you to what is called Woody's Workshop.

On level 13 there is a token at the top in the r..

On level 13 there is a token at the top in the repair hanger but you can't really get it if you don't give Mr Potato Head his MOUTH(u should have the MOUTH by now so see Mr Potato Head).

After that find the boss by cilmbing the staircase of cases and jumping to him(he shouldn't be hard really just jump over his attacks and spin on him.

I have now completed Toy Story 2 and I will tell..

I have now completed Toy Story 2 and I will tell you how to get all 5 suitcases on Tarmac Trouble

1. Is on the floor next to one of the zones (I forgot which one)

2. Is on the aeroplane

3. Is on the tractor in front of REX

4. Is on the green thingy by Zone 7

5. Is on one of the zone,s (it is by a ledge which you can go to by going on the plane.

To get to the plane go up the pole by SLINKY!

In the Elevater Hop level if you haveany trouble..

In the Elevater Hop level if you have

any trouble finding Mr.Potatohead`s foot

at the beginning go in the room behind


Swing on the bar and jump on the blue thing next to it.

Then jump to the next one and keep going to the top.

To beat RC Car in Andy's Neighboorhood without u..

To beat RC Car in Andy's Neighboorhood without using Rocket Jet Boots...

...It's quite hard to be honest, anyway all you do is when your in front try to step him get past you but going in his way and he will pause.

Sounds Easy? I DON'T THINK SO!

If he gets in of you and you have not got the Rocket Jet Boots then there is a 99% posibility that you won't get back in front.

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