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Suikoden 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Suikoden 2

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Check out our cheats for a hidden room in Radat, Levell 99 and Flowing and Mother Earth runes.

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We have 6 cheats and tips on PlayStation.If you have any cheats or tips for Suikoden 2 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Suikoden 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Super Nanami!

I don't know exactly how I did this cheat but it worked...
But try this method:
1. Get 'Hazy' Rune from Highland Soldiers. (Rare)
I got it at the very beginning when the Hero and Jowy escape from the "Surprise attack!"
2. Get 'Fire Sealing' Rune in Highland Camp when Jess asks you to check how many provisions they have.
3. Do the Matilda Border cheat where you can recruit Humphrey and Futch early in the game.
4. Make the Hero and Nanami level up. I tried this and they both became from level 9 to level 42. This way, Nanami has 2 rune spaces (Rh and Lh)
5. Attach the Fire Sealing on Rh and Hazy on Lh.
6. Make sure Nanami is always in your party.
7. Get the 'Kindness' Rune on the dock at Lakewest Town.
8. Attach the 'Kindness' Rune to Nanami's weapon.
9. Refine your weapons until level 11.
10. Save your game at the inn at you castle.(Note: Don't save at the journeyman crystal or this whole process is ruined.)
11. Restart the game and you'll see Nanami with 999 attack power.
This only works on Nanami.
Not the Hero.
The good thing about this cheat is when you unite with the hero (Family Attack),
It is really strong.
Another thing, this cheat is completely worthless after you overtake Matilda because Nanami would die there.

The Silver Beast Rune Boss

Here's a good way in defeating the last boss:
Attack the parts of his body in this order:
1. The Rune
when the rune is gone, DEF and MAG DEF of the boss decreases a little bit.
NOTE: use all might if possible. For example, when a character has a Thunder Rune, use Thunderstorm (1200 damage to 1E) and use a character with Rage and use Final Flame (900 damage to all Es). This will combine the two runes and create an attack called Armageddon (2000 damage to all Es). Make sure your'e characters' levels are above 62 so that it will deal intense damage.
2. The Right Leg
the right leg is an irritating part because if you don't attack it at once when you've defeated the Rune, it will resurrect it. NOTE: the right leg is weak against Thunder element but strong against Earth.
3. Left Head
The left head is powerful even without the Rune's help. When it uses Crystal Fall. It deals at least 120 damage to your characters.
4. Right Head
His attack is the Fire Sword so make sure your characters have Fire Sealing Rune or Fire Amulet to lessen the damage.
5. Left Leg
even if you don't attack this part the boss is defeated because all it can do is cause status problems.
NOTE: The reason why the Rune must be killed first because of it's UNITE with the two heads which deal at least 200 damage to the characters. (350 damage at maximum.)
Here's my List of Favorite characters to be used in the FINAL BATTLE:
1. Van (the name I give to the hero)
2. Flik (Uses Thunder Rune)
3. Luc (has intense Magic Stats but low STR and DEF)
4. Viktor (has a UNITE with Flik and is very powerful)
5.Lorelai (another good magic user and for support purposes)
6. Georg (Same as Humphrey but has higher Attack Power)

Hidden Room, Level 99 and Flowing and Mother Earth Runes

Hidden Room in Radat:
To get to the secret room in Radat you have to be mistakenly teleported there by Viki from the headquarters. There are some great items there which you can get there.
Instant Level 99:
Go to L'Renouille when a character has reached level 39 or reached level 49 if they have a Fortune Rune. Kill off ALL the party members but him and defeat the group of six Highlanders and his level will rise to 99.
Unlock Extra Flowing and Mother Earth Runes:
Go to Gregminster speak with the Rune Master and purchase ALL the runes that appear in 'Rare Finds'. Select 'Quit' if there aren't any 'Rare Finds' and look at the cabinet behind the Rune Master and talk to him again. There is good chance that the 'Rare Finds' will open, it's worth trying this once every time you go to Gregminster.

Easy Level-Up

When you can go to Muse City, just go all North until you enter Muse-Matilda Border. The guards says you can't pass!! But, push the wall like you push those boxes in Mercenary Fortress. Go to Highway Village. Talk to Humprey then recruit him ( join with Futch). If you fight monsters without recruiting them, it's nearly imposibble to win!! After recruiting them, I suggest do not fight at Rakutei Mount because there's a lookalike birdie that can take away one character then will not get EXP. You can simply win againts any enemies in world map with Humprey because of it's Prot is totally high but.. Patient is really really needed here!! OK, Good Luck

Highest Rune(s)

Here are locations of Highest Rune(s)...
Rage Rune (Fire):
You can get It in Greenhill, just talk too the Runemaster in School!
Cyclone Rune (Wind):
You can get It in Gregminster, just talk too Sarah in Inn, at 2nd floor!
Flowing Rune (Water):
You can get it in Muse City, just talk too the Guy at the 2nd floor, of Runemaster Shop!
Also you can buy it in Gregminster at Rare Finds! It will always come new stocks soo come too Gregminster more than 1s!
Mother Earth Rune (Earth):
You can get It in Tinto City, just talk too Gustav, after you defeat BloodSucker Neclord! You can buy It in Gregminster, sam as Flowing!
Thunder Rune (Lightning):
You can get it in Rocxeck Castle (or someting), talk to the Blue Knight in the same place where Nanmi dies, just a littlebit futher!
Also you can get It from White Knights in Regural battles...but thats very hard!

At the name entry screen go to Determine and pre..

At the name entry screen go to Determine and press L1; then a name will be randomly selected.

If you don't like that name press triangle until it is totally deleted, then press L1 again until you find a name you do like...or just put in your own name.

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