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Resident Evil: Directors Cut PlayStation Cheats and Tips

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking alternate costumes, Advanced mode extra ammo and getting a rocket launcher with infinite ammo.

More Resident Evil: Directors Cut PlayStation Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil: Directors Cut please send them in here.

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Unlock Alternate Costumes:

In Training or Standard mode complete the game once with either character and save ALL your partners.

Reset Game:

Pause the game and press Start + Select.

Advanced Mode Extra Ammo

At the main menu, select a new game and highlight Advanced Mode. Hold right and the font should turn green. Now start the game. When you pick up ammo, you will get double of what you normally get.

Beat the game with Chris or Jill and wait until..

Beat the game with Chris or Jill and wait untill the credits, and the time it took you to finish the game are done and then a screen comes up showing you the special key.

Save the game and start a new one and find your way to the wardrobe room (which is shown on your map 1st floor) Open the closet door with your special key and walk to the end and press X to put on new clothes.

Jill gets a new hairdo and a cutoff shirt with blue jeans. Chris gets a leather bomber jacket and tan pants.

Cool huh! Now go kick some zombie butt in your new threds.

Battery for elevator

When you return to the mansion after you get finished with the guardhouse and fight the big snake the second time Barry will give you a passcode for the door near the storeroom where you find the serum for Richard. Wait until he drops a new rope and climb up it and he will give you the pass code then go and enter it in the door and go through it there will be zombies so be careful and follow the hallway and you will come up on the elevator shaft and there will be a door to your left and it is a closet the battery to the elevator in the garden is in there along with two packs of grenade rounds. But when you go to put the battery in the place where it goes go back up on that elevator and (don't forget to bring the crank with you) go to the place where you opened the water gate so you could..

Beat the game in three hours or less without f..

Beat the game in three hours or less without finding any of the people. You will get a rocket launcher and infinite ammo. Beat it with either of the people on difficult and get couger magnum and infinite ammo.


At the main menu, select new game and highlight advanced mode. Hold right and the word advanced will change to green.

Complete the game in under 3 hours to unlock the rocket launcher for the next play.

Use the bazooka explosive rounds against hunters and spiders. It does huge damage to them.

Complete the game to unlock the special key.

Blow off zombies heads with the pistol

In the arrange version of the game the berreta you get is silver if you shoot zombies from the side or behind with it you have a 50% chance of blowing there head off but only in arrange version does it do this pity huh but it save major ammo and you will need it in arrange mode!

Herbs - all possible combinations and their effects

There are three types of healing herb found in the game - Green, Red and Blue. The below chart will list the the possible combinations and effects of each:

Green - Restores 25 percent of health

Green + Green - Restores 50 percent of health

Green + Green + Green - Fully restores health

Red - No effect alone

Green + Red - Fully restores health

Blue - Cures poison

Green + Blue - Restores 25 percent of health and cures poison

Green + Green + Blue - Restores 50 percent of health and cures poison

Green + Red + Blue - Fully restores health and cures poison

Note - No more than three herbs can be combined together. Therefore, it is not possible to combine three Green herbs and a Blue herb. Also, Blue herbs cannot combine with Red alone..

Decapitating zombies

You can decapitate zombies for a quicker kill. This works best with the Shotgun (the Magnum does it too, but you'll want to save your Magnum for boss battles). When a zombie comes after you, let them get close, and then point your Shotgun up and fire. This should decapitate them. However, the Shotgun does a good job at decapitating from a distance, too, which is what you should try to do if you are facing groups of zombies. Only use the pointing up method for lone zombies that you need to kill.

Hey, where is the battery for the elevator. I..

Hey, where is the battery for the elevator.

I can't find it and i have looked everywhere and i can't get in the room that is locked from the other side where you fight the first zombie the black door at the end of the hall

please help me!?

If you want to defeat the boss snake easier he..

If you want to defeat the boss snake easier here is what you can do.

First if you waste all your basooka amoo and some of it missis then you can use your shotgun.

If your shotgun is dead then kill the hell out of him with your hand-gun.

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