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Monster Rancher 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Monster Rancher 2

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking Joker and getting the Phoenix Feather.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Monster Rancher 2 please send them in here.

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Unlock Joker:
Go to the Volcano a second time with Dr. Talico and take the 1st right and follow the trail until you reach a large building with stairs. Search there until you find a mask and then combine it with any monster to get a Joker.
Unlock Gold Suezo:
Combine a Silver Suezo with a Bronze Suezo.

Phoenix Feather

This item is found when you search the cave on your 1st trip to the volcano with dr-talico or it can be found in the phoenix statue on your second trip. It is used when combining to get a Phoenix.

Rare Metalner

Be Rank 8 or higher, and have all stable upgrades. On a clear September night, aliens will visit, and will continue to do so. On the third night that they visit, they will give you a crystal. Take it to the shrine. You may now regenerate Metalners from cds.

Getting Zilla

Get to 4th breeder rank. Raise a hopper to B class or higher (I reccomend you do this with the same monster you get to rank four with). The hopper will dig up "hot springs" in the winter months. This will unlock Undine and Niton. Then, get yourself to rank six (again, if possible, same monster) with a B or higher monster. Send a monster to Torble Sea. They will warn you about a water monster. After completing the four basic drills there, you will fight a monster. You will randomly fight "Zilla King" (who is very powerful. LIFE:684 POW:841 INT:310 SKI: 396 SPD:155 DEF:787). Beat him and get a Zilla Beard. Use in combining to get a zilla.

Easy ResetTierd of waiting to turn it off and b..

Easy Reset

Tierd of waiting to turn it off and back

on now you don't.

You know If you get a wrong breed you have to turn it off don't.

Press start and select and it should say soft reset and count down backwards from 58 and you should end up at the main menu (This dosen't mess up your game)

Heres the cooooooolesssssssst hit or tip on here..

Heres the cooooooolesssssssst hit or tip on here so far.

To get a Pheonix a second time use the folling steps to get a Phoenix, again after it is retired or flies away.

Take the disc from the PC game Dune 2000

from Westwood Studios, to the shrine and you will receive a Pheonix, with higher stats than the original one you obtained from the Fire Feather.

Ther cds that will unlock a Pheonix at higher stats than the original are Frente-Marvin, and Savior Machine-Legend Part-1.

NOTE: An original Pheonix, has to be obtained before receiving one from the disc. To get an original Pheonix, go on an adventure to Kawrea Volcno (pre or post eruption).


first of all try to feel the music of emotion ,i..

first of all try to feel the music of emotion ,in this GAME you will feel it.

then you can do: try to think that you are the monster;look at it in a different way(such as threating it as yourself ....

train many monsters ; try many disc tones ; do it in your way.

HAVE FUN playing

learn it from me bec. I'm the

Acquiring a Bajarl Monster

Throughout MR2, you will be asked to upgrade a multitude of things: your ranch house, your stable, and your shrine for dead monsters. Get all of the house and stable upgrades, which require you to have a certain rank for each of them. (You will start being offered upgrades when you 1. Have at least 5,000 G. 2. Are at or beyond breeder rank 3, and 3. It is May Week 4.) Each upgrade costs a pretty penny (the most being 30,000 G), so be sure to save up for every May Week 4. When you get the final upgrade, a house upgrade, at Breeder Rank 8 for 20,000 G, a long cut scene will occur, in which Binto's secret will be revealed. At the end of the scene, you will receive a Bajarl pot; use this when combining two monsters (of any breed) to get a Bajarl.

If your monster cheats scold it.If it does well ..

If your monster cheats scold it.If it does well prais it.If it loses a battle still praise it.If it wins make sure you praise it.

Scolding surprisingly is good for a monster.It will make them stop cheating,but if it loses a tornament It's because you entered in a tornament that was too strong.

Get a mustardy right at the start by combining z..

Get a mustardy right at the start by combining zuum with suezo.

Make sure it is at least B grade after 2 and 1/2 years. A traveller will come and ask to use your monster in an exploration say yes and go streight to the mountain where a pheonix will burst out. explore the mountain until u find a fire feather and then go back to camp. your mustardy will have to be retired then so go to town and combine it with another monster and use the fire feather as a secret seasoning. It will come out as 100% pheonix which never dies.

If you wait for a specific season you can get a ..

If you wait for a specific season you can get a crab thing from the market(I'm not sure which season).

Then get a zuum and mix it with the crab.It will turn into a zuum,crab or a crab zuum.

First, If you never scold or punish your monster..

First, If you never scold or punish your monster and give it everything it wants then it will become spoiled and die a lot sooner.

Scold it and on occasions give it that snake item from the shop.

After doing this your monster will become more loyal to you, be stronger, and above all live longer.

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