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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mega Man X6 Pack Shot

Mega Man X6

Mega Man X6 Cheats for PlayStation

We have 5 cheats on PlayStation

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UnlockablesAdded 21 Feb 2007, ID #14519
Unlock X's Ultimate Armor:
Press Left(3), Right at the Main menu before starting a new game and if the code has been entered correctly you will hear a sound as confirmation.

Unlock Zero:
Use the teleporters to find Zero and then fight him. When you have defeated him he will join you.

Unlock Nightmare Zero:
Press L1(3), R2 at the Main menu and if the code has been entered correctly you will hear a sound as confirmation. Start a new game and when you rescue Zero after defeating him in battle you will play as the Nightmare version of Zero. Nightmare Zero has ALL of Zero's normal moves but he is much more powerful.

Boss Weaknesses
The following is a list of each of the bosses and their weakness.

Rainy Turtoid - Ice Burst

Dynamo - Meteor Rain

High Max - Magma Blade

Gate Boss 1 - Metal Anchor

High Max - Magma Blade

Ground Scaravich - Yammark

Blaze Hentnix - Ground Dash

Blizzard Wolfang - Magma Blade

Commander Yammark - Ray Arrow

Gate - Invinsible Dash or Shadow Armor Giga Attack

Metal Shark Player - Meteor Raiin

Shield Shelden - Metal Anchor

Infinity Mijinion - Guard Shell

Sigma 1 - Metal Anchor

Sigma 2 - Ground Dash

Ultimate armorsAdded 28 May 2006, ID #13724
To get X's Ultimate armor,push left 3 times and right 1 time,like this <<< >.Then when you start the game,X will have a black armor and his giga attack is unlimited.

For Zero,Push L1 3 times and R2 1 time(L1 L1 L1 R2).When you rescue Zero,he will be black and his sabre will have a teal color.
ID #5394

I found all of the Blade armors. I will list them.(Location)

Commander Yammark

At the beginning of the level, you have to go right. When you go down, do not go left, but right. The armor should be there.

Shield Sheldon

At the door mirrors, there are two doors that lead different ways, go to the one on the ground. You have to get the lasers to hit the pink guns to activate them.

When you open the door, you would fall to an area with a few spikes, there is an invisible wall on the right, you should be able to go through. Use X's ice move to find the platforms, go to the left all the way to find the armor.

Infinity Mijinion

After you kill the big robot, go through the beam thing, if you don't, you would just be going to the boss(going through the blue thing will not take you to the boss).

When you appear afterwards, just go left then there it is with a heart thing next to it.

Ground Scaravich

I do not really how to get it, but on the third transport, that is where you get it.

I found some of the Shadow Armors.

Metal Shark Player

After you go to the right, you would fall down and have to go to the left,when you get to the ladder, keep going left, you need the rock move to bust the blocks out of the way. You need to go across really fast. Use Speedster.

When you go down, try to get a black box at the end of the platform, kill the Nightmares. Try to get the Ice block from Megaman onto the edge of the black box. Jump as far as you can, you should find the armorpiece.

Blaze Heatnix

After you kill two of the minibosses, you see a door, but you have to go up but not in the door, a silver block should fall down. You need to get on the block and try to get up there.

(It took me awhile) Keep going up til you notice the armor, use the Metal Shark Player's move to break the box. You should now be able to reach the capsule.

Rainy Turtloid and the IceWolf guy also have the Shadow armor pieces, but I didn't find them.

ID #5389

Metal shark player shadow armor: I tried this with Zero, what you need to do is on the start before you go down to a diamond shaped energy thing that teleport's you to another place.

You have to go to the far end and don't go down the ladder keep going to the left and you have to have specail dash part's to enhance you're dash so you don't get squished.

ID #5384

For some easy 9999 souls, just:

Defeat Zero Nightmare [get on the blue capsules(teleporters)];

Defeat High Max (go to the same place where you fight the Nightmare);

Again, go to the same place and there will be another guy: Dynamo.

To steal his Nightmare souls, get the Shadow Armor, equip Ultimate Buster.

When fighting him, touch him only with the edge of your charged attack. That stunns him. Hit him again and he will jump over you and drop a GREEN Nightmare soul wich is worth 200 normal souls!

The bad thing is, he only drops 3 green souls. After you got the three souls, just finish him off. Continuosly repeat this process to get 9999 souls. You can also do this with Blade, Ultimate and Zero.

Blade and Ultimate: Charged Meteor Rain;

Zero: just perform the Enzuian Move (the spinning attack)continuosly.


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