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Harvest Moon Back To Nature Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon Back To Nature

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We have cheats that will allow you to get all your chickens, sheep and cows gold and we'll also tell you the power berry locations.

More Harvest Moon Back To Nature Cheats and Tips

We have 34 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon Back To Nature please send them in here.

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Popuri's Likes and Dislikes

The following is a list of Popuri's likes and dislikes which are helpful to know during the game

Popuri's Likes:
Toy Flower
Pink Cat Flowers
Spa Boiled Eggs

Popuri's Dislikes:
Blue Grass
Pink Grass
Failure Foods



Can anyone tell me how to use gameshark? Please tell me.

Win the Horse Race Picture

When you win the horse race for years 2 and 3 you will be awarded a picture of you and your horse. This picture then goes above the bookshelf.

PSX v1.13

Max Stamina 80071A12 003C
RED heart:Popuri 800786B4 FFFF
RED heart:Elli 80077298 FFFF
RED heart:Karen 800767A0 FFFF
RED heart:Ann 80076EF0 FFFF
RED heart:Maria 80077BBC FFFF
Animals can't die 80127232 0000
Max Harvest sprite's affection
8007A64E 010E
8007A746 010E
8007A83E 010E
8007A936 010E
8007AA2E 010E
8007AB26 010E
8007AC1E 010E
Max hearts dog 300759FA 00FF
Max hearts horse 30075AEA 00FF
Infinate money 80071A5C FFFF
Max lumber 80070D38 03E7
Max Fodder 80070D3A 03E7
Max fish food 80070D3E 03E7
Max Chicken feed 80070D40 03E7
Max Power Fruit 800712BC 000A
Max Rucksack storage 80071A1E 0002
Max Lv:Sickle 80071A40 FFFF
Max Lv:Hoe 80071A42 FFFF
Max Lv:Ax 80071A4..

power berry

buy one from home shopping channel, every saturday only.

Power Berry Locations

Win 1001 medals in a horse race
*Give an egg everyday to the waterfall one day the harvest goddes will appear.
*Win the swim Festival
*The cave behind the waterfall
*Fish in the ocean

That's all see you later when I have MORE CHEATS!


Second Horse
This secret is not true. Although the Horse Stable may seem to be able to fit another horse, there is no room in the start menu. Some people thought maybe if your horse was NOT taken, you could still get another using the horse cheat! This is not true! I have personally tested this out and you can not get another horse. When I say get another horse, I mean a SECOND horse, you can't have TWO horses at once! You can get another horse if yours was taken though! Check out the secret sectoin for more.

There is a rumor that you can have twin babies in the game. This is also a lie. It was said if you gave your wife as much jewelry as possible during her pregnancy she would become so happy and produce twins, this is not right! There is no space..

Goddess Fest / Marry / Girlz likes/dislikes

After the Goddess festival, if you went with a girl, these are the places you will go-
MARY-Mothers' Hill flower place
When you marry the girls, Mary will run the Library only on Sundays. The rest will just live with you.
If you don't marry the girls they will marry-
POPURI will go live in Denmark with kai and only come back for festivals and SUMMER.
These are the places they will live-
KAREN RICK-poultry farm (K will be at the shop on Saturdays)
MARY GRAY-M's parents house or Inn
POPURI KAI-Denmark, Poultry farm, beach.


At the begining of the game go into the places w..

At the begining of the game go into the places where all the girls live (all these cheats have to be done at the BEGINNING of the game!)

They wiil all ask you questions here are the answeres if you want them to like you (or get to know who the heck you are!)

I'm sorry but I only have the answers to Karen, Popuri and Ann!

Popuri: If you go to the pultry farm Rick and her will be arguing. Go and talk to Rick and he will ask you to find her.

She is up at the hot springs. go talk to her and she will tell you somthing. Answer: "My Smyphothies" and she will like you more.

Ann: Go in to the inn after 11:00AM. Ann should br there.

She will say somth..

Other crops

To get strawberries, pumpkins and spinach you have to sell 100 of each crop for the season that they grow in (strawberries - spring, Pumpkins - summer, spinach - fall).
You should get a letter just after this saying that they are avalible in the supermarket.
cost 150G
takes 9 days to grow and re-grow every 2 days
sell for 30G each
cost 500G
takes 15 days to grow, harvest once
sell for 250G each
cost 200G
takes 6 days to grow, harvest once
sell for 100G each
hope this helps Smile


To get your wife to have a baby, give her 1 present each day and one morning shell say " im hungry, i dont want breaqd or rice. And i cant be bothered doing anything" THis took me a while to realize. Go to the clinic theat day and you will see her at the clinic talking to elli and the doctor. she will soon realize that you are in the room and elli will come and say congradulations! and the wifewill tell you about your future son, because you cannot have a girl.
It will take more that 1 season to have your baby.
One day your baby will be sick and you have an option to watch the baby closely, or bring him to the doctors. Pick bring him to the doctors and he will be alright.
In blizzards or thunderstorms, your baby will not be affected by the noise.

Quick marriage

If you want to get married in your second year to Elli and you have all the extensions for your house (you don't have to have a hot-house). Everyday give Elli 5 flowers, talk to her in all the festivals (invite her if you can) and soon and I mean SOON she will have a red heart. I started giving her flowers on 3rd of spring and I was married to her by summer 11th (the same year).

Make harvest sprites work regularly in spring

First of all, make them have 2 hearts or more... it won't work if they only have 1 or 0 hearts... i'm not sure if it works at any time, but I do it from 3 pm to 4 pm...
Give them each a box of flour... talk to one, he would say something about a tea party... now, talk to him about 6 times, and at the 6th time he would ask about what kind of work you want...

When you get the hot house grow mainly Pineapple..

When you get the hot house grow mainly Pineapples. Plant a new crop of them every 8 days.

This way you will get laods of cash and your monthly profits will sky-rocket.

The first month will be quite low but as the months pass you will be the richest farmer around.

Cooking Requirements

If you want to buy cooking utensils, go to the tv shopping every saturday for ordering, then go to the inn to order on the phone. YOu will get your package on tuesday!
You can also get a POWER BERRY which increases 10 points on the channel for 5000g.
Shopping is FuN!

Quick Way To Fall In Love With Elli

Hey, this is my first time here and I hope my info is useful.
The thing that I did at the very beginning of the game was to go up to the mountains
and bring Elli as many flowers that I could.
I did that everyday after my farm chores
were complete.
If you do it the way I did it Elli should have a red heart by the time I got it which was the 21st of Spring.
After I did that I worked my hardest to get the 2nd Expansion for my house which would enable me to propose to Elli.
I completed the 2nd Expansion by the 7th of Winter.
I'm trying this out on the other girls in the village, I'll keep you posted.
Hate mail, comments, congratulations are all welcome.

This is to get a lot of money:Plant some flowers..

This is to get a lot of money:

Plant some flowers near the apple tree(any kind) and wait for them to grow. After they grow, some bee's will build a hive in the apple tree.

Go up to the hive, take out some honey and sell it every day for a few days. Then give some honey to the bee maniac in the carpenters house.

He will be overjoyed and tell you that your bees are a rare spiecies and tell the guy that buys your stuff that and you will get more money than before.

If you collect all the stuff in the fall AND honey, you get way more money. This will work any season, any year.

Get all your chickens, sheep and cows gold

You will need two memorycards. On the one you must have all your animals, and on the other one you must save on the day of the chicken, cow or sheep festival. Copy one of your animals over, then win the festival. When you have won it, copy the golden animal back and load the game agian. Do this until all of the animals are gold.

Fishing Rod

When you catch 50 fish and place them in your pond the following day Greg will drop by and he will give you a better fishing rod.

Have the mother name your baby!If you don't know..

Have the mother name your baby!

If you don't know what to name your child then don't sweat it! the day your wife has the baby simple don't go in the house stay out till it automatically puts you inside..

By then your wife would have named the baby. Just go pick it up and check out the babys name.(reset the game and name it)


popuri-parsely/mint(This is what confused me she named her and gray's baby mint, but she names yours parsely)

Elli-cocotye(sorry can't spell)

Maria-Lyla (can't spell)


~*~Repcipes~*~Sandwiches-Give a Pink Cat flower ..


Sandwiches-Give a Pink Cat flower to Ellen.

Chocolate Cookies-Give a Pink Cat flower to Sasha.

Ohitash Greens-Give a Pink Cat flower to Manna.

Ice Cream-Give an Egg to Yode.

Pastors Afternoon Snack-Give an Egg to the Pastor

Cheese Fondue-Give a Tomato to Doug.

Fruit Latte-Gice a Tomato to Basil.

Potato Pancakes-Give a Bambo to Gotoz.

Popcorn-Give a Ear of Corn to Kai

Mixed Juice-Give a Blue Medicine Plant to the Doctor.

Fries-Found in a bottle when fishing off hte pier.

Ketchup-Go the mine that is only available in the winter time. Dig for a while to find it.


The game goes on till your babys is grown-up. It..

The game goes on till your babys is grown-up. It dosen't end when it's time to hear everyone thinks.

But if you do a bad job on the farm then you have to leave the farm.

Power Berry Locations

Here is how to get all 10 power berries:
1. In the cave by the hot springs.
2. In the cave in Mothers Lake.
3. Behind the mine in Mothers Lake.
4. Swimming competition, if you win first place.
5. Try to chop down the tree in the middle of the Peak of Mothers Hill and the Base of Mothers Hill. When it asks you if you are going to chop it down say no.
6. Fishing in the ocean.
7. T.V. Shopping.
8. Fairy Goddess- you have to give her 5 presents (veggies/ fruits from your farm).
9. From Anna (Marys mother). You have to plant 100 flowers. She will come to your farm and ask to pick some, let her pick some. YOU CANNOT BE MARRIED WHEN THIS HAPPENS.
10. Horse Race- buy one for 1001 medals.

Harvest moon BTN psx (emulator)(cheat engine)

04F#xxxx 0000- let this be main address
# - this number varies if the emulator is rerun.
e.g. (4,5,6,7,E,F) if you close and open the emulator this will change.
Xxxx - this is the subject address e.g.(money-1A7C)
0000 - this is the value
* - note
* remember to change the type if necessary (1bytes,2 bytes-mostly, 4 bytes, 8 bytes-too big) mostly 2 bytes
WOOD - 0D58

Karen - 6710
Ann - 6E10
Elli - 72B8
Maria - 7BDC
Popuri - 04FE
*maximum affection points/value 65,500

Power Berry

Well, go to the mountains and find the solitary cedar tree. (to find it, investigate all of the tree you find in the mountains an investigete them or press the x button in front of it. If you found that tree, it will read "solitary cedar tree". then chop it with your axe. The tree will talk it will ask if you will chop it or not. Dont chop it! if you did not chop it, it will give you a power berry.
ps:can you chop it and tell me what happens? Dont worry, just load the game after that!

To make your baby happy give food and/or drinks ..

To make your baby happy give food and/or drinks that the wife like.
My wife is paporii (sorry) and she likes honey so I give my baby Jamie honey and apples.
Then his heart will eventually go up

How to get karen's red heart

In spring do some things daliy.
Take daily things in the hot spring and go to put in the bin (not relative-only for money), and then go to the mountain and gather all the Moondrop flowers that you can take (put in backpack) and hold 1. Go to the shop at 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM and give her the flowers. The shop opens at all days except Sunday and Tuestday. If you have some money buy and bring daily or once some days.

Harvest Moon Back To Nature: Marriage (BOY VERSION)

To get married , Follow the requirements first.
Marriage Requirements:
> Girl you want to marry must have a RED HEART ~
> House is complete now (with Kitchen and a bedroom with 2 beds)
> Must have blue feather to propose
Well, Talk to her and find the heart located at South-East, Look at the color and see if it's red so if you love her, she loves you too.
If Won (the chinese guy with a yellow coat and colorful hat) notices that you're in love with someone ,He will come to your farm and said to buy the blue feather (sorry I forgot how much it is) And available to in the supermarket cost 1000G

Be Careful of Wild Stray Dogs!

If you have a territory of your chickens , sheeps ,and cows outside, do not sleep early if you're going to leave the animals outside because on 6pm or 12am , Some wild dog appear and wanted to bite your animals , So go to your animal territory on 6pm or 12am and run around the territory to see if there's a wild dog (A wild dog is color brown and his size is big) If you saw a wild dog ,Grab your sickle and attack it to the wild dog, Another way of getting rid of the wild dog is if you have an adult grown up dog , your dog will help you by barking to the wild dog, Continue attacking your sickle to the wild dog until he leaves (If the wild dog crosses the river near the chickenhouse , it means he is leaving) Then if the wild dog leaves , You can sleep now

Yellow!!!if you want to get to talk to karen at ..


if you want to get to talk to karen at night, then you go to the beach at 7:00 pm to find karen walking up and down on the beach.

----------------------------------------If you go there at the same time, u can probaly get the fishing pole.

Less weeds

You will need lumber. First put the lumber on the field to make a fence then put it around the field to have less weeds and also till the soil and water it. Hope this work

Cheat for Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Infinite Lumber 80070D38 03E7
Infinite Watering Can 80071A88 0064
Infinite Chicken Feed 80070D40 03E7
Infinite Fodder 80070D3A 03E7
Infinite Fish Feed 80070D3E 03E7
Infinite Gold 80071A5C 967F
80071A5E 0098
Gold Earned 800711FC 967F
800711FE 0098
Gold Used 80071200 0000
800573E8 0000
Stamina 80071A12 003C
0 Dead Animals 80127232 0000
10 Hearts For Dog 8012724C 000A
10 Hearts For Horse 80127258 000A
Popuri Has Red Heart 800786B4 FFFF
Elli Has Red Heart 80077298 FFFF
Karen Has Red Heart 800767A0 FFFF
Ann Has Red Heart 80076EF0 FFFF
Mary Has Red Heart 80077BBC FFFF
Tools at 400% 80071A40 FFFF
80071A42 FFFF
80071A44 FFFF
80071A46 FFFF
80071A48 FFFF
All Item Shipped 800..

no hurricans!

I have heared a friend that at the start of the game if you enter the natsume farm as the farms name.
There will be no hurricanes.
I'm not sure it works beacuse I have not test it.

Improve Relationship to Elli

On your first visit to the clinic , You're character will walk near Elli waiting for you and notice that you have a small cut , Then 2 OPTIONS will appear, Choose the 2nd Option then she will give you a band-aid put it on your backpack(PRESS TRIANGLE) Then leave the clinic , Go straight to Elli's House and you will see Stu crying , Go to your backpack (PRESS TRIANGLE)then get the band- aid and give it to Stu and he will say thank you then Elli will come saying What's happening and asking you why you did'nt use the band- aid and then 2 OPTIONS will appear again , Choose the "Because It's from You" (2ND OPTION) and Elli will like you better.

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