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Digimon World 3 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Digimon World 3

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Want to get a new Digimon to digvolve to or gain quick exp? We've got the answers here along plenty of others like getting good items that will help you in the game.

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We have 38 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon World 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation

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Getting Champion and Ultimate form Digimon:Champ..

Getting Champion and Ultimate form Digimon:

Champion: Raise Rookie's level to 5 and it will have a Digivolution.

Ultimate: Raise Rookie's level to 20 and it will have a Digivoulition.

Note: Ultimate Digimon learn their Signature attacks from the show at level 70.

First the best pack is the powerful pack.You get..

First the best pack is the powerful pack.

You get

Agumon who digivoles into Greymon then Growlmon but i don't know what else,

Renamon who digivolves into Kubimon Growlmon and Stingmon.

And Monmon who digivolves into Hookmon but i don't know what else.

Wargrowlmon is easy to beat if you have this pack. Use Stingmons Poison Bites attck and it will take away 425 and Hookmon and Greymon Dna digivolve into Flamemon.

Some Digivolvings Ive been playing this game fo..

Some Digivolvings

Ive been playing this game for a long time now and here are some other digivolvings:

Patamon: Angemon 5

Digitamamon. get Angemon to L20

Angewomon 17

Magnangemon 20

Agumon: Greymon 5

Growlmon. get greymon to L20

Metalgreymon 20

Wargreymon 40


Renamon: Kyubimon 5



Taomon 20

Kotemon: Dinohumon 5




Hey, all

Some DNA digivolutions:
DinoHumon + Kyubimon = Agunimon (the one some people are calling Flamemon)
The same for Hookmon & Greymon.
Grizzmon + Growlmon = KendoGarurumon (he looks like a white MetalGarurumon)
ExVeemon + Stingmon = Paildramon (as seen on TV)
WarGreymon + MetalGarurumon = Omnimon (remember the movie?)
One more thing.
There is a way to get MegaGargomon from Guilmon. I'll figure it out soon.
One more thing.
Each Digimon has 14 digivolutions it can learn. Try hard to get all of them.
One more thing.
If you raise Veemon's dark tolerance, he learns Devimon!
One more thing(!)
Does anyone have Veemon? How do you get him?
Phew. Okay, I'm done.


Yes, you can get MegaGargomon. And you don't get Terriermon, so don't try searching for his DRI. Anyway.
Train Agumon to level 40 so he learns WarGreymon and train WarGreymon to level 20 to learn MetalMamemon.
Train MetalMamemon to level 40 to learn MetalGarurumon and train MetalGarurumon to level 90. Then, he will learn MegaGargomon. So, it's possible to get all the Mega Digivolutions from session 3 with just an Agumon.
Off topic: If you must know why I only explain these digivolutions with Agumon it's because he's my strongest in my game (Level 62) and knows most of the digivolutions.

How to Get Veemon's DDNA

It's your lucky day!!!
If you really want Veemon so badly, then follow these steps...Note: You must have a digimon at least 20 level or less...or it won't work...
1) Have all 4 badges
2) Bring one digimon that is 20 or below level with you to Protocol Ruins.
3) Talk to the DRI Agent who is standing near where Baronmon stood. He will tell you how to look for Paildramon...
4) Go to Bulk Bridge...then battle Paildramon...
Remember, after the agent told you to look for Paildramon, you have to put back your 2 strong digimons again...paildramon is quite hard but it's a peace of cake if you have 30+ level digimons...
Note: I have : Guilmon, Patamon (I haven't use him much), Agumon, Kumamon, Veemon.

OK, Im putting this on cause no-one reads it on ..

OK, Im putting this on cause no-one reads it on hint or tips

To get this digmon that i dont know his name get monmon to digivolve to hookmon and get agumon to digivolve to greymon.

Then dna digivolve them hes a power house!!!!! also i just got this game today (actually i rented it!) i have 1 more week then i return it!! :(

Someone tell me were that seriyu city leader is and i just started so tell me how to get to the place that takes me there!

If you want an agumon first you talk to this guy..

If you want an agumon first you talk to this guy in tranno valley then he ask you to get agumons DNA from metalgreymon.

Metalgreymon is on bluck swamp be careful he can use his special move Giga Destroyer.

It could take up 1243 hp.It would be easy if you dna digivolve your digimon by tag.

When you beat metalgreymon he will give u agumons dna then you go back to tranno valley talk to him then he give you an agumon as an award.

Some cool stuff.

How to get GranKuwagamon(Stingmon's mega when he doesn't DNA DV into Paildramon):Get Stingmon. Raise him to level 40 and you get Kabuterimon or DinoBeemon. Raise him to level 40 and voila! there is your GranKuwagamon. Also get ExVeemon and learn Paildramon. Raise him to levels 40-50 to get Imperialdramon. When he reaches level 99, he learns fighter mode!
Angewomon can learn Rosemon (Palmon's mega) and Houhoumon/Phoenixmon
(Biyomon's mega) but I don't know how yet!

Shortcut to Asuka City

This also works when you're in Amaterasu Server:
When you're far from Asuka City go to North Badland E and search there a tiny square for Submarinemon.
After you use Submarinemon and go through the water beds, you'll end up in Plug Cape which is only a few blocks to Asuka.
PS: I'm already in Galacticmon (I can't find him!)

Good Items for the game

Here are some few very good items that can really help in the game.
Note that some of the crests don't function when you equip items like cerebrus fang,shock horn,raven bow and etc.(e.g.counter crest,multicrest)
Counter Crest:Lets your digimon retaliate with the same damage you receive from your enemy.You can get it from tusksmon in Asuka Server.(west sector)
Multi crest;It makes your digimon attack trice(like Persiamon but only x3)
Get it from clockmon in dum dum factory(Asuka server,West Sector)or get a digimon that knows Picking Claw or Snatch(like Wargrowlmon or Gallantmon) and battle the trainers at Legendary Gym and use Picking Claw to clockmon and after beating them you obtain the
multi-crest.(Its a matter of luck)
Recovery Cr..

List of location of some of the digimon that you get DDNA from.a

To all those reading this, I hope it helps. NOTE that these digimon, as well as the other eight or nine, are incredibly powerful to those who don't have Ultimate Digimon with signature attacks. I recommend the ROOKIE Digimon to be level 25+. WarGrowlmon and Paildramon will most likely make short work of your digimon if you don't meet the requirements that I've recommended.
(2nd NOTE they have they're signature attacks from the series and can easily take of 400+ HP and fit in 2 turns unless they are followed!)
MetalGreymon(Agumon)-Bulk swamp. As soon as you exit the South Station. You can't miss him.
What to watch for--Giga Destroyer
WarGrowlmon(Guilmon)-Ether Jungle. Second path on your top right-hand corner. Follow the path.
What t..

Good attack

To do a good attack you must, go to the accessory of the resistance(fire power, ect...).
You have to get the multi crest (Clockmon, Dum Dum Factory) to attack 3 times.

Part 01

Your start in Kusagani city and you choose either pack:a,b,or c and go to the login room here you go up the ramp.
Talk to the navi facing away from where you came from.
Talk to her twice and she will give you your digimon you noe leave and battle tamer genji.
Two or three shots should do the trick, save at the inn and challenge all opponents till you get your guys to level 7 each.

When attacking, tap the x button and there will ..

When attacking, tap the x button and there will be less of a chance your opponent and more of a chance you use the effect of an item your digimon is equiped with!!

Leveling Up

Wait until you get alot of Training points when you level up and then you will be able to train them really high in one specific area at a time. Enjoy!

How to get Veemon

First, you need the Byakko Badge ( fight the real Byakko Leader ).
Your digimons combination must be under level 30 to talk to the DRI Agent in Protocol Ruins. Keep going left until you end at a dead end ( one more left after you see the ladder which leads to Baronmon's place ).
After talking to him, now go to Bulk Bridge which is in North Sector. Cross the bridge ( the bigger one which leads to another island ) then go up and up until you see Paildramon. I have fought Paildramon alone with my level 23 Kotemon. After you win the battle, Paildramon gives his DDNA. Go back to the DRI Agent and he'll add Veemon as your partner. And then you go to Dr. Kadomatsu or Piximon to change one of your digimon. You now got Veemon as your partner!

Ok here is the easy way to defeat Zanbamon First..

Ok here is the easy way to defeat Zanbamon First you have to get your rookie to champion level.

Next learn champions final move.After that you must get to Badlands and battle tuskmon to get the counter crest. Then go defeat Zanbamon.

NOTE:Tuskmon is wild

NOTE2:Any questions e-mail me

I have a good hint and a question that you need ..

I have a good hint and a question that you need to answer.

My question is I chose the power pack and i have beet only the sieru leader and I need to know where to get ddna from wargrowlmon, I need to know the answer soon and my hint is if you have the fishingpole then I know the perfect place to train drivermons lake.

Please tell the answer to this site.

In Digimon World 3 I can get through the Mobius ..

In Digimon World 3 I can get through the Mobius Desert! Enter Mobius Desert then go left twice, down twice then left once and you'll reach the tower! When you do, heal and save before you climb up to the leader!

Get BlackWarGreymon:Raise dark tolerance on Agum..

Get BlackWarGreymon:

Raise dark tolerance on Agumon to about 200 and you will be able to get SkullGreymon, then raise SkullGreymon and Metalgreymon to skill level 99 and you will get BkWarGreymon....


If you want to get kotemon just go to the at the firt place in mobius desert and talk to the guy about kotemon dna, then go to suzaku city.
Go to that place past renamon then call submarinamon and at the end you'll get to a place called suzaku UG lake in there is the ultamite for kotemon(I don't remember his name) and he uses his final (blake twister).
Beat him and go back to the guy and kotemon will be added!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way if your stuck at the part where you have to go to Asuka City here's the way call submarinamon at the place where spikemon was.
Go to the sewers beat up datamon
go to kail and her friend then go to UG lake and it will automaticly then go back to datamon.
He'll open the doornow before you you should h..

Prepare for adventure in the DigimonWorld

If you want a good guide to help you beat Digimon World 3 then read this.
When you get to start the game and you want a good pack then choose Maniac pack. Its Digimon Digivolve into strong Digimon. Talk to the lady at the front counter 2 times. Then leave and beat tamer Genji. Then leave Asuka city and train your Digimon at CentralPark untill they're at level 10 or more.Don't want to leave CentralPark untill you train alot at the Gym. If you don't you can very easily get a game over.
Next time:Prepare to battle in the EastSector.

Quick Levels

If you want to gain quick exp then then go to the circuit board and battle Drimogemon you will got 205 exp and most champion, ultimate and mega Digimon will gain a skill level each time!!

In The End.........

Dear Digimon fans,
The game Digimon is over for me, I've finished all. This game contains some of the haredest boss in gaming history(of course without using gameshark).
The boss Galacticmon has two modes, first, his dragon mode or should I say Mode 1.Mode 1 is a bit easy if you Mega-Digimons like Omnimon, Galantmon, Imperialdramon.
I beat it with these guys by just training in Amaterasu( for years).You need alot of Super charges and Revival Disks.
Well the required level for this guy(minimum) is Lv.56 and matching level is 70.If you beat his Mode1, comes his Fighter Mode.Now this guy is absolutely tough at fighter mode, counter crest doesn't work unless he uses his wind attacks and worst of all he evades every attack like Knightmon.

Get Control Parts(card)

Just fish in Pheonix Bay(Amaterasu)

Really works !!

If you really want Patamon to be strong , train his strength,defense,dark tolerance ! Believe me , I trained him well enough with this tips and I trained him for years and he became my strongest digimon after Kotemon ..So train hard guys !!!

Various tips for the Australian version

You use a red snapper at divermons lake
the bamboo spear from smiths (dont equip)
protical forest: find donkugamon to drop spider web

To get a new digimon to digivolve to

Train your mega digimon skill level to lv 10 and you earn a new digivolve...
At every five level you grew to(maybe?),you learn a new technique...
How to find Guilmon??(to find the blue card)

To get a new digimon to digivolve to

Train your mega digimon skill level to lv 10 and you earn a new digivolve...
At every five level you grew to(maybe?),you learn a new technique...
How to find Guilmon??(to find the blue card)

Hey digimtal Angel! I

Hey I found out how and why!
You must've left kicking forest!
But quess what!
Its all I can help you with as thats as far as I've gone!


I'm thinking that you can get to all the servers!!
If you can get from aluska to the arttamaster you can keep doing it.

Shortcut to Asuka City or Amaterasu City

When youre far from Asuka city or Amaterasu city, take a short cut! Go to Phoenix Bay and you'll see der a square for Submarinemon.
When you're in Seabed, go RIGHT. If you go left you'll end up in Ether Jungle. When you go right, you'll end up in Shell Beach.
I'll try to add more shortcut when youre really far away. bye!

Cards!!!!! are presis

I hope everybody knows all the booster packs name but I'm telling you anywhere:
Booster pack 01a, booster pack 02a, booster pack 03a
Booster pack 04a, booster pack 05a, booster pack 06a
Booster pack 07a, booster pack 08a, booster pack 09a
Booster pack 10a, booster pack 11a, booster pack 12a
Booster pack 13a, booster pack 14a, booster pack 15a
Booster pack 01b, booster pack 02b, booster pack 03b
Booster pack 04b, booster pack 05b, booster pack 06b
Booster pack 07b, booster pack 08b, booster pack 09b
Booster pack 10b, booster pack 11b, booster pack 12b
Booster pack 13b, booster pack 14b, booster pack 15b
Rare booster pack 01, rare booster pack 02,
Rare booster pack 03, rare booster pack 04,
Rare booster pac..

Don't worry..

After defeting Gallacticmon don't look for epic items because they don't exist, you have finished the game after killing that guy {Gallacticmon}
I have finished the game 3 times and I have writen everything you have to do so if you have any questions just ask.
Here are some hints on the hardest parts in the game.
When you find Sepikmons mask he will give you a garlic wreath or something then go to Zanbammon in that place at the bottom of the south sector, battle him and he will run away.
When battling Gallacticmon have heaps of hp recoveries and charges and use your signiture move ALOT because attacking does damage but not that much.
To ge past Knightmon you have to get the coloured cards from the leaders then go to Knightmon and he..


Levels you get your Evolutions.
Level 5.....Champion
Level 20.....Ultimate
Level 40.....Champion
Hope this helps you.

To get digivolves

Agumon lvl 5 4 greymon (anyone knows that)
Agumon lvl 20 4 skull greymon
Skull greymon lvl 90-99 and metalgrey mon lvl 90-99 4 War grey mon or black wargrey mon
I dunno d rest I've just sneeked on it
Kumamon lvl 5 4 grizzmon (I know anyone knows that)
Kumamon lvl 30 4 oh shox I 4got but get it in2 lvl 99 it has good techniques even it's special move
I dunno lvl 99 2 get marsmon unlocked

Guilmon lvl 20 4 metalgrowlmon
Metalgrowlmon lvl 30 4 metalmamemon
Growlmon lvl 90 and metalgrowlmon lvl 99 2 get it's mega

A quick and easy level up!

If you go to Mirage Tower you will find only Kokatorimon there they will give you 158 EXP and 300 BITS your Champion, Ultimate or Mega level digimon will always grow up a level from this digimon.

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