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Digimon World 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Digimon World 2

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We have cheats involving DNA Digivolving, Adamantium core and finding wild Digimon teams including Leomon, Veedramon, Garurumon Numemon and Devidramon.

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We have 19 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon World 2 please send them in here.

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DNA Digvolving

The following is a guide to DNA Digvolving (All Digimon Digivolve at 11, 21, 31).
2 Champions = Rookie
2 Ultimates = Champion
2 Megas = Ultimate

Champion + Ultimate = Rookie
Champion + Mega = Rookie
Ultmate + Mega = Champion

DNA Digivolving Formula
The following is the formula to working out the maximum level of your digimon when you DNA Digivolve
X = Larger level of two Digimon
Y = Lower level of two Digimon
Maximum level = X + Y/5

What can I do if I want to continue up level for..

What can I do if I want to continue up level for my digimon when it level become 9999999999999?

Godessmon and other dude are fake

If you see a cheats that says you could get GODESSMON and that other guy, it's fake.

All digivolutions-Rookie>Champion>Ultimate>Mega/Vaccine,Data,and

Virus Digimon
| Rookie->Champion(EL 11) |
| Digimon | Digivolves into | DP needed |
| Betamon | DarkTyrannomon | 0-2 |
| | Darkrizamon | 3-5 |
| | Tuskmon | 6+ |
| DemiDevimon | IceDevimon | 0-3 |
| | Devimon |..


The guy that sent in stuff Wargrowlmon could he please tell me what 0+ or 5+ means is it level you get it at or Dp points?

The best dna digivolve

If you want Agumon never fear you can dna digivolve Ikkakumon and D-Tyrrannomon to create Agumon yeah!

Admantium Core

To get this you need to pass scan, diode,giga,and port domains. Go to jijimons house talk to her 2 times.he will give it to you. Your going to need the DragonEG-1 which you can buy after you do the following.
1)Finish the 4 domains I mentioned
2)Talk to jijimon twice
3)Go to main gate in digital city.
4) Go to jijimons house

You will have to see some events during step 3 and 4 but no batling so don't worry.

Easier team mates

To get easier digimon you have to give them more than one of the item to get their heart bigger.
Then after the battle with it, it will say do you want the digimon to join the party and you click yes.

Different Opening Sequence

View the opening sequence twice to see Blackwargreymon instead of Wargreymon in the animation at the beginning of the game.
(this will not unlock Blackwargreymon in the game though) :'(

Really, a best starter Digimon?

Technacly there is no best starter, because, later in the game you can make them better with DNA Digivolution, but, here's a little research hint that I came up with, Agumon and Gold Hawks Digimon, normally specialise in Offensive stats, Patamon and Blue Falcons Digimon, normally specialise in Defensive/Hit Point Wise stats, and last yet my choice, DemiDevimon and Black Swords Digimon, normally specialise in MP Draining/HP Draining/Attack Fix techniques, but I only went on Gold Hawks and Blue Falcon teams once, so, it might be a so-so research topic, but keep it in mind.

To Capture MetalGarurumonAt the Domain where you..

To Capture MetalGarurumon

At the Domain where you fight MetalGreymon capture him.

You will get the next stage.[it will be easier if you have the Vaccine digimon] Use a toy car. Chase Gobumon til he fight you.

Win then add him to your party. You should be able to trade at the trade area. When you are there press R1, L2, R2, L1, and start+x.

When he gets to lv22 he will not be WereGarurumon. [originally he should be at lv33 to MetalGarurumon]

How To get Cool Digimon.Here Are Some Very Cool ..

How To get Cool Digimon.

Here Are Some Very Cool Digimon's Digivolutions and their Champions attacks.


Elecmon-Tyranomon blaze blast

candlemon-Tankmon hyper cannon

betamon-Dark-tyranomon fire blast

mushroommon-redvegimon party time

biyomon-airdramon spinning needle

agumon-greymon nova-blast

veemon-veedramon v-nova-blast

I hope this is cool.

This is for Ahmed

Igloo city's pretty tough-iknow because i'm on it myself. the first battle's frigimon as you must know(the fool loves food).
Next is whamon, and if you're lucky enough to beat him, you'll face garurumon. he's quite easy and I would've defated him if i had 10 hp more. last is stingmon.
Then go to tha battle cafe and fight garurumon again - you can go tojunk city.
ps. the first three battles use blue decks and stingmon uses black.
ps2. use only one coluour so it's easier to digivolve and keep few option cards and have some ultimates.
ps3. frigimon uses healing cards and garurumon uses attack boost cards.
ps4. keep about 10 rookies, 7 champions, 5 ultimates and 8 options
Did you know I have a veemon(I think hes the bes..

Digivolution points

Digivolution points determine what digimon you will get when you digivolve later.
The only way to get more DP is by Dp up items or DNA digivolution.
DNA digivolution is better as it makes your digimon stronger.

Please read this!!!!

If you wan't an Impeldramon you must have a Veemon with DP 4.
Champion: Flamedramon
Ultimate: Raindramon
Mega: Impeldramon
This are some DNA digivolving tips.
If you want to get kimeramon: KIimeramon is in the 99th floor of Tera Domain NOTE: He is hard to fight
My Digimons are:
My digimon's are
WarGreymon el 45
Metalgarurumonel 50
But I lose to him !!!!!!

If you want to get Baihumon

Just have a Meteormon with 20dp

Easy VenomMyotismon

After you get Metalmamemon from the trade center raise him to level 27. Afterwards go to File Island and buy a toy plane for 8000 BIT and go catch a Bakemon in Web Domain and raise him to level 20. Then DNA digivolve them together with Metalmamemon selected first and you'll get a DemiDevimon that stops geowing at level 31.

Some of the wild digimon teams(order I remember them)

Here is a short list of digimon that you can find at some of the domains
They are in the team orders
Leomon, Veedramon, Garurumon
Numemon, Devidramon, Mushroommon
Kokatorimon, Kokatorimon, Akatorimon
Birdramon, Ikkakumon, Gururumon
Centarumon, Ninjamon, Sandyanmamon
Birdramon, Mojyamon
Greymon, Apemon, Shimaunimon
Unimon, Elecmon
Gabumon, Gotsumon
Hagurumon, Demidevimon
Gomamon, Biyomon
Woodmon, Vegiemon
Tankmon, Meramon, Clockmon
Angemon, Clearagumon
Devimon, Icedevimon, Hyogamon
Greymon, Kabuterimon, Saberdramon
Frigimon, Gatomon, Piddomon
Frigimon, Tortomon, Dolphmon
Toyagumon, Snowagumon, Clearagumon
Gasimon, Dokunemon, Kunemon
Gazimon, Gizamon

Easy Level Up

Do not run away from battles and you will get more experience points.
Also, try to fight stronger opponents for more experience points.
After defeating Leomon in the first dungeon, You can go back and fight a level 5 Gazimon and a level 5 Gizamon. After defeating these digimon, you get 39 experience points and 260 bits.
(P.S. They are quite hard to beat so only do this when you have strong digimon)

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