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Digimon Rumble Arena Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Digimon Rumble Arena


We have 11 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon Rumble Arena please send them in here.

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Unlock Reapermon's Arena in 2-Player Vs. Computer Battles:
Defeat Reapermon in 1-Player mode.
Unlock 1-Player and 2-Player Mini-Game Modes:
Defeat Reapermon in 1-Player mode.

Reapermon:Complete the game once.MegaGargomon:En..


Complete the game once.


Enter the password MINNYN.


Enter the password SERIUS. Or complete the game with Gabumon and Agumon.


Enter the password KIMJOY.


Enter the password LINMON.

Imperialdramon (Paladin mode):

Enter the password ROYBOY. Or complete the game with both Veemon and Wormmon in first, second, or third place.


Enter the password KENSAN.


Enter the password QRIOUS.


In-Game Reset

I just recently discovered a way to do an in-game reset of Digimon Rumble Arena. It's really cool, so I thought I'd share it with you.
While in battle, ore even in the Character Select screen Hold down L1, R1, L2, R2, Start and Select at the same time and you will be sent back to the title screen.

THe Cheat that Mat put in is the way that I didn..

THe Cheat that Mat put in is the way that I didn't get Black Wargreymon.

What you do ( and this cheat works but it isn't actually a cheat but any way) is that while you play the game, the battle may stop and say "A new challenger has entered the battle" or something like that.

Fight Black Wargreymon and you have to beat him and I think the boss as well I'm not really sure, Then you look in where your characters are then it should have on the left, top column and the second over from the left side there should be a picture of Black Wargreymon.

Ok as you all know Reapermon is the biggest chea..

Ok as you all know Reapermon is the biggest cheater in the game. So defeat him with Impmon his attacks are great his speed is stupends and his fighting is awsome.He is just great all around.

Know this is what you do over and over again, First use his baddaboom then fight him fist to fist now I know what every one says "that you can't fight him head on" but this works so fight him till you knock him down then use summon on him, Then easly digivolve in to Beelzemon and battle it out.

Hold select while player 2 or you as computer ar..

Hold select while player 2 or you as computer are picking the character and you can be the same character as player1 but a different colour.

Also hold L1 or R1 while picking a character and they will have different clothes.

But only season 1 characters (Tai,Matt,TK and Kari) and Ken can have different clothes.

Cheats galore

At the password screen enter the following words:
kimjoy=gallantmon linmon=imperialdramon(fighter mode) royboy=imperialdramon(paladin mode) minnyn=megagargomon serius=omnimon kensan=sakuymon qrious=wargreymon
To get blackwargreymon complete game with any digimon.
To get reapermon complete the game once.
To get impmon complete th game with gilmon,terriermon,renamon.
To get belezmon complete the game with get stingmon complete the game with wormmon.
To get the mega of any digimon complete the game with their rookie.

A few pointless but fun cheats

If you play 2 Player mode and the second player wants to play as the same Digimon Player 1 picked, they can do so by holding down the SELECT button while selecting that same Digimon. While Calumon would usually say "Oh no..." or something like that, holding down the select button will allow Player 2 to play as an alternate coloured Digimon. This also works in vs. Computer mode for the COM player.
Also, if you want to give the 01 Digimon's partners (Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon and Gatomon) their series 1 looks instead of series 2 looks, hold down the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2) while selecting the Digimon. This also works to give Ken his Digimon Emperor outfit when you play as Wormmon. Don't try this out on any other selectable Digimon though, it only works while selecting A..

Hi. I've got the coolest cheat around!To be invi..

Hi. I've got the coolest cheat around!

To be invinceable all you do is press

R2,R2,L2,R2,L2,L2,L2,R2 when selecting your character.

This isn't a cheat but if you want to get blackwargreymon easily just complete the game with reapermon without losing.

Impmon: beat Reapermon with guilmon,renamon and ..

Impmon: beat Reapermon with guilmon,renamon and terriormon

Beelzemon(buster mode): beat Reapermon with Impmon


To get Impmon complete the game with all three season three characters.

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