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Phantasy Star Online 2 Cheats and Tips

Vita, iPhone/iPad, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Xbox Series X
Last Updated: by Dennis
Phantasy Star Online 2 Cheats and Tips

Phantasy Star Online 2 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Vita. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free-to-play online action role-playing game in the Phantasy Star series. The game features gameplay elements and aesthetics reminiscent of previous Phantasy Star games while incorporating unique twists on the formula. You play the role of an ARKS Operative, a member of an elite task force dedicated to exploring inhospitable planets looking for signs of a dark corruption called the Falspawn. Join forces with allies from four distinct races and choose from nine classes each with unique weapons and special abilities and embark on an endless challenging mission.

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Play the Practice Quests

Quest Counter Clerk Rebecca offers Practice Quests for each class, and it is recommended that if you are new to the game you accept those and learn the basics of each class. This is a great way to get familiar with some of the more complicated classes in Phantasy Star Online 2, like Summoners for example.

Create Three Characters

Phantasy Star Online 2 employs a shared inventory system, so you should consider creating three characters in order to take advantage of it, so you can maximize your rewards and storage space. You do not have to play the characters, they are just there to exploit their inventories.

Daily Missions are based on the character you are playing, not your account, which means you can load up your alternate characters and make some quick cash. If you have a quest for example that requires you to collect three of a specific item, collect nine instead and send three to each of your two alternate characters and have them each turn them in for extra cash and then send the Meseta over to your main character.

Prioritze Client Orders from Afin and Cofy

At the Arks Lobby you will unlock Client Orders which are basically sidequests offered by many of the NPC's you encounter there. Make sure you prioritize Afin's who you will find left of the Gateway Ship door as you are facing the various quest counters. Afin's initial client orders serve as tutorials and as a way to unlock more activities, quests and opportunities.

Also pay attention to the Client Orders that Officer Cofey hands out as these will help with your progression, obtain a Mag, access sub-classes, and unlock new categories of quests. You will find Officer Cofy in the middle of the right-side quest counters in the lobby area.

Watch your Mag's Hunger

Mags in Phantasy Star Online 2 are small semi-organic life forms that you can assign to your characters. It is essential that you keep an eye on your Mag's hunger, if you see a low battery icon beside your Mag it indicates you need to feed it. When you feed your Mag only give it items that will raise stats relevant to your class. You can preview what stats will increase or decrease in each feeding. Keeping your Mag well-fed will enable it to level up, so it evolves and changes in appearance and also unlocks it's own support abilities.

Enable the Auto-Meseta Pickup Option

The universal currency commonly used in Phantasy Star Online 2 is Meseta, and it is recommended that you enable the 'Auto-Meseta Pickup' option in the basic settings menu, so you don't miss out on cash from fallen monsters during the heat of battle in your missions. You may also want to consider setting auto-pickup to automatically pick up higher-rarity weapons and quest items, so you do not have to worry about collecting useless junk that will take up your limited inventory space.

Choosing a Ship

Ships in Phantasy Star Online are basically servers, which means characters have very limited cross play across ships. It is therefore important that you choose a ship that you will be happy to stay on. Your choice will ultimately be determined by your friends and the commmunity you want to be part of being there. When you consider that Ship Transfers costs real money, you realise the importance of planning which ship you want to join beforehand.

Collect your Earned Titles

In Phantasy Star Online the various activities you complete in will earn you titles which can be displayed above your character. It is important to remember that these titles are not just cosmetic and that each one will typically come with a reward. You therefore need to visit the Arks Lobby regularly in order to check the title counter to make sure you have collected the titles you have earned, so you don't miss out on the reward.

Complete your Daily Orders

Daily Orders in Phantasy Star Online 2 are three tasks assigned to you by Fina, an attendant located at the Quest Counter opposite of Cofy in the Gate Area on a daily basis. They are basically secondary objectives which you can knock out while on other missions, they are worthwhile doing as each one you complete will reward you with a stacking 5% increase up to a maximum of 50% to things like experience gains and rare item drops. Although this bonus degrades over time, you can maintain it by continually completing your Daily Orders.

Creating a Character

You will have access to 6 classes when you create a character at the start of the game and there is no need to worry too much about picking the best character for your playstyle because it can be changed at the class counter after logging in at no cost. The only things you cannot change after creation are your gender and race. The race you select is not really important because by the time you reach the end game your gear regardless of which one you picked will be so advanced and optimized it can make up for any offset in stats.


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Phantasy Star Online 2 FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

Does the race you pick for your character matter?
Not really, by the time that you reach the end game your gear regardless of which race you picked will be so advanced and optimized it can make up for any offset in stats.
Can you play the whole game solo?
No, there are specific missions and events that require a large group of players to complete, you will find them mainly in the end game.
What is the best class for beginners in Phantasy Star Online 2?
This would be the Hunter class. Although the damage that this melee class can dish out is just average, it excels at survival. More than any other class in the game.
Where do you find Officer Cofy?
Officer Cofy can be found in the middle of the right-side quest counters in the lobby area.
Where do you find Afin?
Afin can be found left of the Gateway Ship door as you are facing the various quest counters.
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