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Persona 5 Strikers

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Prison Mail Solutions for Persona 5 Strikers


Prison Mail Solutions

Persona 5 Strikers has a series of side quests known as Prison Mail that require you to create Persona with specific skill and abilities by using the in-game fusion system. There are four Prison Mail quests in total, they are listed below along with their solutions.

Prison Mail - Part 1
Show Archangel with Amria Drop to Lavenza

Fuse Succubus and Andras to receive Hua Po. Hua Po and High Pixie at Level 14+ can be fused together to create Archangel with Amrita Drop. You will get a Diarama skill card in return as a reward.

Prison Mail - Part 2
Show Eligor with Divine Grace to Lavenza

You can fuse together a Lamia and Orthus to get Ame No Uzine. Level Ame No Uzine up to Level 29 and they will learn Divine Grace. To get Ame-no-Uzume (Lovers), fuse Lamia (Empress), and Orthrus (Hanged Man). Both of these can be had from Sendai Jail, as can the Lilim (Devil) you also need. You will get the Rebel Soul skill card as a reward.

Prison Mail - Part 3
Show Kaiwan with Makouga to Lavenza

Fuse a Level 26 Setanta with a Level 27 Principality, To get the Principality (Justice) and Setanta (Emperor) Persona, grab them from Sapporo Jail. You will get a Soul Thief skill card as a reward.

Prison Mail - Part 4
Show Mitra with Regenerate 1 to Lavenza

When Setanta reaches level 31 it will learn Regenerate 1. Fuse the Setanta with a Level 27 Principality and ensure it inherits Regenerate 1. Grab Principality and Setanta from Sapporo Jail if you need; get Setanta to Level 31, then fuse. You will get a Charge skill card as a reward.

Prison Mail - Part 5
Show Unicorn with Zionga to Lavenza

Fuse a Black Ooze Level 33 with Shiisa Level 35 and make sure Unicorn inherits Zionga. Your reward is an increase to the level cap of your Bond skill.

Prison Mail - Part 6
Show Queen Mab with Technical Adept to Lavenza

Level up your Kaiwan to 37, it will already have the Technical Adept skill, but it needs to be at this level for the fusion. Combine Kaiwan and a Level 40 Kikuri-Hime and make sure that Queen Mab inherits the Technical Adept. You can find Kaiwan (Star) in Sapporo Jail and Kikuri-hime (Priestess) in Kyoto Jail. Your reward is an increase to the level cap of your Bond skill.

Prison Mail - Part 7
Show Trumpeter with Diarahan to Lavenza

Once you level up Norn to 54 he will earn the required skill, at that point fuse them with a Level 48+ Sarasvati to get Trumpeter. Make sure that Trumpeter inherits Diarahan. To get Sarasvati (Priestess) and Norn (Fortune), find and capture them in the Osaka Jail. Your reward is the Skill Regenerate 3 skill card.

Prison Mail - Part 8
Show Cu Chulainn with Concentrate to Lavenza

Cu Chulainn with Concentrate can be fused from a Level 59 Mot and a Level 55 Nebiros. When you first fuse Mot it will be at Level 57, so you will need to level it up twice to get Concentrate before proceeding. You can find Nebiros (Devil) and Mot (Death) in the Abyss Jail.

Prison Mail - Part 9
Show Dominion with Nuke Amp to Lavenze

Level Mot up to 62 to get the Nuke Amp skill. Then fuse it with Forneus at Level 60 to create Dominion. The reward is a Fortify Spirit skill card.

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