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Pentiment Cheats & Tips

PC XOne XboxXS

Cheats, Tips and Questions for Pentiment

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Pentiment Cheats and Tips

Pentiment is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Take a look at our cheats and tips to get help in the game.

Pentiment is a narrative adventure role-playing video game set in Bavaria in the 16th century. It tells the story of traveling artist Andreas Maler and his time spent in Tassing, a fictional town in the countryside of the Holy Roman Empire, during the year 1518. While Andreas' regular routine has him working on his masterpiece or making copies of one of the local abbey's manuscripts, he quickly becomes wrapped up in a series of local mysteries he tasks himself with solving.

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Pentiment Cheats, Tips Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why you should complete the side quests as soon as they appear and why it is essential that you talk to everyone.

Use the Map

The in-game map is a useful tool you can use to find out where you are whenever you get completely lost in Pentiment. The map which appears like the page out of a book tracks Andreas' location and some of his objectives and is invaluable for saving time when taking the right road becomes crucial.

Complete Side Quests

Make sure you complete the side quests whenever they become available. Keep in mind some side quests will only appear during a certain time of the day or after reaching some progress in a certain storyline. Also remember that there are side quests that don't rely on a specific place or time but on talking to the right people. In those cases you need to read up on the in-game notes by checking the appropriate tab.

Talk to Everyone

It is essential that you talk to the townsfolk at every opportunity as there is plenty to learn from their idle chatter. If you listen to what they have to say you will get the lowdown on the relationships, personal beefs, and scandal that has hit the town as well as find out historical background on the town itself. If you talk to the right person you may even be pointed in the right direction for your investigation. Speak to everyone you spot every day, there's always the chance you will find someone who will give invaluable information.

Explore Everywhere ASAP

In order for time to be consumed in Pentiment you need to engage in specific conversations or take a break for supper with a character, this means for the rest of the duration you are free to explore the map without losing time. This is something you should do as the game leaves clues throughout the game which if they are not dealt with at the right time and before a certain date will disappear. This means it is important that you explore everywhere as soon as you can.

Consult the Journal

If you are struggling to remember the name or face of certain characters and need a reminder you can always consult Andreas' journal. In the journal everyone will be cataloged alphabetically and include a picture. You will be able to flip through the pages of the journal to find whoever you are looking for. Keep in mind the journal will not tell you everything you need to know about the character.


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