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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Really Useful/Beast Pets! cheat for Wizard101

Really Useful/Beast Pets!

Well on some of the forums people asked "What is the best pet?" Well here are some ideas and why: Sea Dragon and Rain beetle. First of all here is why Sea Dragon is a good pet. It gives at least 1-10 damage/defense/accuracy on all schools. It has pierce spell which gets rid of shield effects. Plus can have these but are not limited to: May cast "Sprite" spell, May cast "Unicorn" spell, and May cast "Balanceblade" spell. Now onto rain beetle. First of all it doesn't even need Balanceblade spell because it give storm beetle spell. 125 Storm Damage on a single target plus 25% Damage to next Damage spell (at adult). Second it has a high pedigree like Sea dragon (Sea Dragon 72 Rain Beetle about same thing). It has all the damage/defense/accuracy rating boost as Sea Dragon. It also has all the "May cast" spells that Sea Dragon has. The Sea Dragon is a Fire School pet but anyone can use it hatch time is 24 hours. The Rain Beetle is a storm beetle Hybrid Storm School pet but anyone can use it and hatch time is 21 hours. (Oh btw the Sea Dragon egg is called Pyromantic egg and Rain Beetle egg is called Stormsquall egg.) Hope this helped you guys in need. To hatch a Rain Beetle which is rare, have a storm beetle or someone else and hatch it with any of your pets. To get Sea Dragon pet buy with 12500 crowns or from the Sun, Moon, and Star bosses drop (Extremely rare to drop). Or from the dragon hoard's pack (Rarity is Ultra-Rare) or have someone with one hatch with your pet (pedigree may be weaker which makes it weaker). Once again Hoped This Helped!

Added By Guest
Jun 9th 2012, ID#17197


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36 comments, latest first.
Jul 14th 2014 Guest
I got the spark demon pet the tailstorm panther,The
Firetrent tree,the baby toadle.
ID #418231
Feb 15th 2016 Guest
this was on my birthday XD
ID #635573
Jul 11th 2014 Guest
All the codes expired geez people!
ID #416349
Jun 1st 2014 Dylan GriffinSheild
I have a pet warlord collousus and it is a warlord only pet (which I got only warlord) then I trained it on my death wizard who is only private ang got him to mega in one day! Try using crowns pet snacks because they give more dp and better stats! He gave. Spell proof, Spell defy, may cast death blade,6 death damage, and for some reason ice metor (forgot name lol) which in my case is op for a death wizard like me!

Dylan Griffinsheild
ID #392143
Mar 11th 2014 Guest
Hmmm, sea dragon is nice. Mine gives accuracy and resist! :P
ID #363257
Dec 16th 2013 Guest
ha I know that you can get ghost dragon crowns pet by hatching dragon and blue ghost (a drop from the guy in the palace at the end of Cyclops lane)
ID #330293
Aug 10th 2013 Guest
Okay. Yesterday I hatched my adult storm beetle
( it has storm giver 3%, health gift, and the storm
Beetle spell) with a random person's giraffe and
Got a giraffe pet. Their giraffe had "may cast spr-
-itely" and "may cast life shield" . I trained my
cute, newborn giraffe to teen with healthy snacks,
and it learned "may cast spritely" which I was quite
happy with, seeing that that would be my first pet
with spritely and that I had hatched, because hatching
is super expensive! Anyway, since a first generation teen giraffe is supposed to learn spritely at teen, I was worried I wouldn't get spritely on my now a second generation giraffe at teen because it would be a second generation giraffe.
Anyway, the giraffe is very helpful to me because I am life.
Well, happy hatching everyone!!!

level 38. Life.
ID #304072
Aug 8th 2013 Guest
Does the rain beetle learn spritely with out more hatching, or do you have to hatch again?
please answer... Should I hatch a rain beetle cuz I have the money...
ID #303562
Jun 14th 2013 Guest
is there such a thing called free sea dragon code? i need it badly or will someone please hatch with me? THanks!
ID #290294
Mar 17th 2013 justbrawl
The story of pets:
Daniel: Hey John look at my pet (Shows seadragon) isn't that nice?!
John: Daniel that is nice but mine is way better (Shows imp) mine is 100% better.
Daniel: Fine lets race with them.
After the race: John: Humph! I still think my imp is better.
Seadragon knifes imp's head off. THE HAPPY END!
ID #264674
Mar 10th 2013 Guest
my username for wizard 101 is takiya1 and the password is password and the code is hollow hounds
ID #262433
Mar 10th 2013 Guest
my username for wizard 101 is takiya1 and the password is password
ID #262432
Mar 9th 2013 Guest
help! I need to get a brave hound that's for free online. does anyone know how to get one? please help me
ID #261982
Feb 21st 2013 Guest
Anyone know the spark beast code??? Please i have been wanting it for a long time
ID #256999
Jan 23rd 2013 Guest
ID #245791
Nov 21st 2012 Guest
i want the brave hound so bad i need the code
ID #210870
Oct 7th 2012 Guest
PLEAE SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I am collecting all Hounds. I have HeckHound, and 3 FierceHounds Im trying to get like 5 fierceHounds to change their color! :D But...... Now I need brave Hound!! like 3 of em! PLEASE! Im so stupid because I Was on vacation for a whole month of July AND I MISS THE CODE!!!!! please can anyone with a braveHound hatch with me? or please give me some ideas for hatching with one? please? and thankyou!! Smile
ID #192886
Sep 13th 2012 Guest
it all depends on your school. For my level 76 life my giraffe is amazing. It is only ancient so far, and it has health gift that gives 105 health, may cast spritely, and the way it will cast it more is if you level your agility higher, and it may cast a life trap, and again if you level your strength higher it will cast it more. Now my epic forest lord is amazing as well. It may cast life blade, may cast life shield, may cast life trap, and may cast sprite spell. So it varies on your school hope i helped Smile - Keira swift breaker level 76 life - Keira day shield level 41 balance - Alura sparkle eyes level 25 myth - Keira life giver lvl 30 life :D
ID #185753
Aug 9th 2012 raymund0000
what is the code for this plz tell the people 0.o
ID #173921
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
hellhound and tiger
ID #172374
Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
i have a brave hound
ID #171391
Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
what about a brave hound?
ID #171323
Jul 31st 2012 Guest
i got a kranken
ID #170589
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
i have a coullases
ID #168432
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
i think cossel is a good pet.
ID #168405
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
ID #165810
Jul 12th 2012 Guest
what is the code for forest beast pet.plz tell me.
ID #163268
Jul 9th 2012 Guest
Plz!!!! Xl tell mee the code for how too get a free ghoul as a pet!! Plz!!
ID #162002
Jul 7th 2012 Guest
plz the code
ID #161283
Jul 6th 2012 Guest
Tell us the code!!!
ID #160883
Jul 6th 2012 Guest
plz tell me the code
ID #160859
Jul 1st 2012 Guest
i think all pet should be free
ID #159219
Jun 22nd 2012 fldj
i think the sea dragon
ID #155507
Jun 21st 2012 Guest
i think a pixie should be useful and can u tll me how to get it?
ID #155034
Jun 16th 2012 Guest
whats the code and i agree with u.

ID #153341
Jun 13th 2012 Guest
what is the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #152304
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