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Watch Dogs Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

We have 16 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Watch Dogs please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : Xbox One : PlayStation 4 : Wii U

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Main Mission Rewards

The following rewards are unlocked as you progress through the campaign.
Skill Tier 2 Unlocked:
Start 'Open Your World' (Act I, Mission 05).
Vehicle: Rosewood:
Complete 'The Defalt Condition' (Act IV, Mission 04).
Vehicle: Gambino:
Complete 'No Turning Back (Part 1)' (Act IV, Mission 07).
Vehicle: Luciano:
Complete 'Stare Into the Abyss' (Act II, Mission 11).


Check out the video below to see how you play a game of Texas Hold'em with some 'friends'. While playing make sure you use any cameras to your advantage by sneaking peeks at opponents' cards and use your phone to monitor heart beats to see if they are bluffing.
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Digital Trip Costumes

There are four digital trips you can partake in the regular Watch Dogs and each one will unlock a special costume which you can wear when completed. Conspiracy! Can be unlocked through the season pass.
You will have one district and all you need to do is hack ALL the generators in that district.
Complete 129 phases unlocking almost everything in the Skill Tree.
You do not need to get the highest scores you just need to beat ALL 17 courses.
Beat ALL 16 objectives, you do not need to be fully upgraded in the skill tree of the Spider Tank.
Identify and hunt down alien cyborgs.

Minigame Rewards

When you complete the following tasks in the minigames you will earn the corresponding new weapons or skills.
Auto Weapons Expert:
Reach wave 5 in NVZN.
Maximized Focus:
Complete 10 Chess puzzle challenges.
Earn one gold star in any Cash Run game.
Reach the 5th level against one single opponent in a drinking contest.
Sayonara LE:
Fully clear out one poker table.
XB Bonus
Beat 3 levels of the Shell Game.

Shell Cup Game

The easiest way to figure out where the ball is located is to pause the game after he finishes moving the cups to enable an X-ray which will show you the ball outline under one of the cups. Make sure your brightness setting is not too low otherwise this will not work.
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Unlock Extra Costumes

The following additional costumes can be obtained by completing the corresponding task.
1920's Mobster Costume:
Available through the Uplay Exclusive Full Rewards Pack and the Season Pass.
Alone Costume:
Complete the 'Alone' digital trip.
Black Viceroys Costume:
Complete the preorder Signature Shot missions.
Blume Agent Costume:
Available through the Blume Agent Preorder Pack; features a weapon boost (greatly reduced recoil).
Chicago South Club Costume:
Available through the Club Justice Single Player Pack; features a driving boost (more hit points to vehicles).
Conspiracy! Costume:
Complete the 'Conspiracy!' DLC digital trip.

Investigation Rewards

When you complete the following Investigations you will earn you corresponding new vehicles and weapons.
Collect 16 QR codes.
Magnate LE:
Collect and hack 10 Human Trafficking Briefcases.
Spec-Ops Goblin:
Locate 9 of the Weapons Trade shipping crates.
Vespid LE:
Collect 7 burner phones.
Find 6 missing people.

Money Making Video

The following video will show you different ways that you can make fast and easy money.
Watch the video

Unlock Vehicles

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding vehicle will become unlocked.
Boxberg LE:
Complete the Fixer Contracts.
Papavero Stealth Edition:
Spend 40 Uplay points.
Sayonara LE:
Clear out a poker table during a poker match.
Complete the Privacy Invasions.
Vespid 5.2:
Complete the Privacy Invasions.
Vespid LE:
Collect ALL 8 burner phones.
Zusume R:
Complete the Fixer Contracts.

City Hotspot Badges

There are a total of 43 different badges that can be earned by completing various tasks which are related to the 100 City Hotspots.
A More Perfect Union:
Check into the John Hancock Center on the fourth of July (system date).
Check in at The Chicago Yacht Club.
Architectural Marvels:
Check in at the Vault Tower, Willis Tower, Triomphe Tower, Chicago World News Tower, WKZ-TV Tower, Water Tower, and the John Hancock Center.
Ashes to Ashes:
Check in at the Burned Down Factory.
Auto Graveyard:
Check in at the Junkyard 10 times.
Batter Up!:
In a multiplayer session, check into the May Stadium with 3 players on your friends list.

Side Mission Rewards

When you play and complete side missions you will unlock new skills, weapons, and vehicles.
Complete one Gang Hideout.
Boxberg LE:
Complete 20 Fixer Contracts.
Chrome HP Revolver:
Catch 10 criminals via the Crime Detection System.
Critical Focus:
Complete one Criminal Convoy mission.
Complete 10 Criminal Convoy missions.
Offensive Driver:
Complete 5 Fixer Contracts.
Quick Switch:
Catch one criminal via the Crime Detection System.
Rapid Reload:
Complete 5 Gang Hideouts.
Spec Ops SMG-11:
Complete 10 Gang Hideouts.
Zusume R:
Complete one..

NVZN Digital Trip Weapons

In the NVZN alternate reality phone game that makes it appear that aliens are attacking Chicago keep an eye out for dropped weapons from the aliens as these weapon have limited ammo.

Cash Run

In this minigame coins and ghosts appear in front of Aiden and you need to race as fast as you can to collect all of the coins while avoiding the ghosts. Make sure you keep an eye out for purple clocks as these give you bonus time and to get a high score you need to keep your time low.

Shell Game

Don't look away for one second when you play this game as the shell game man is not to be trusted. If you guess correctly, Aiden will get a payout.

Unlock Weapons

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding weapon will become unlocked.
Clear 1 Gang Hideout.
Available through the CyberPunk Single Player Pack.
Biometric Assault Rifle:
Complete the preorder Signature Shot missions, then complete the 'A Wrench In the Works' mission.
Chrome Revolver:
Complete 10 crime detection missions.
Destroyer Sniper Rifle:
Stop 10 criminal convoys.
Gangster Gun:
Complete the QR Code mission.
Gold D50 Desert Eagle:
Spend 30 Uplay points.
M1 Submachine Gun:
Available through the Untouchable Pack.
Spec Ops Goblin Assault Rifle:

Unlock Perks and Bonuses

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bonus will become unlocked.
ATM Hack Boost:
Complete the Palace Pack mission; increases cash rewards when hacking banks.
Offensive Driver Skill:
Complete the Fixer Contracts.
Investigation Bonus:
Complete the Palace Pack mission; allows more investigative opportunities inside the network databanks.
Rapid Reload Skill:
Clear 5 Gang Hideouts.
Vehicle Expert Perk:
Complete the ULC mission in The Breakthrough Pack; allows free vehicles from Underground Car Contact and discounts on selected cars.

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