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Follow the dark path or use the light

Tier 0.5 Armor FAQ

by omegachaos

   World of Warcraft
   Tier 0.5 Armor Guide
   By: omegachaos
   1. Intro
   Welcome to my FAQ!  This guide is for those people crazy enough to 
   upgrade their tier 0 armor (like me).  Upgrading tier 0 to tier 0.5  
   armor was introduced after patch 1.10 came out and is completely 
   optional.  If youíre looking to upgrade your armor, read on.
   2. Quest Supplies
This quest requires a lot of supplies and money for you to do this 
chain.  Most of these items you can find from the auction house or 
   receive from your guildies and friends.  Hereís a list of the items:
   Step 1: Bracers
   - 20g
   Step 2: Belt and Gloves
   - 1 Delicate Arcanite Converter
   - 4 Greater Eternal Essences
   - 10 Stonescale Oil
   - 5 more Goblin Rocket Fuel
   - Fel Elemental Rod (see main guide)
   Step 3: Pants, Shoulders and Boots
   - 3 Dark Iron Bars
   - 3 Mooncloth
   - 20 Enchanted Leathe
   - 4 Cured Rugged Hides
   - 8 Large Brilliant Shards
   - 4 Dark Runes
   Step 4: Helm and Chest 
   - Honored with Argent Dawn (to buy a Hallowed Brazier               
      for 120g)
   - Twilight Cultist Set
   - Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station 
   - 1 Flask of Supreme Power
   - Friendly with Cenarion Circle (to get the quest to get the   
     Medallion of Station)
   You will most likely need a total of 700g for some of the mats and 
   what you have to pay for the quest requirements.  
REMEMBER: You MUST have tier 0 armor first to get tier 0.5 armor from 
the quests
   3. Armor Guide
   I. Bracers
   To get the quest, go to Thrallís Chamber in Orgrimmar and talk to 
   Mokvar for Horde.  For Alliance, go to the throne room in Ironforge  
   and talk to Deliana.  The quest is called An Earnest Proposition, but 
   Horde goes to Silithus and Alliance goes to Winterspring.  You must 
   also have 20g on you.
   An Earnest Proposition (Horde)
   For Horde in Silithus, you must kill spiders and scorpions for venom 
   samples.  The drop rate for these things suck, so expect to be there 
for maybe 10-15 min or more.  After you collect them, head back to 
Orgrimmar and talk to Mokvar to get your bracers.
   An Earnest Proposition (Alliance)
   For Alliance in Winterspring, you must kill bears and wintersabers 
   for blood samples.  The drop rate is about the same as Horde and 
   should take you about the same amount of time.  After you collect 
   enough blood, head back to Deliana to get your bracers.
   Note: For Alliance if you want to, you can go ahead and buy the Fel 
   Elemental Rod for 40g so you wonít have to make the long trip back 
   there from wherever you are.
   II. Belt and Gloves   
   The Ectoplasmic Distiller
   Your quest giver will now send you to Gadgetzan to talk to Mux 
   Manascrambler.  He wants you to get materials to make an Ectoplasmic 
   Distiller, which is a Delicate Arcanite Converter, 4 Greater Eternal 
   Essence, 10 Stonescale Oil, and 25 Volcanic Ash.  The Volcanic Ash 
   can be found in the Burning Steppes near lava flows.  The rest of the 
   mats can be bought at the AH or provided by your friends or guildies.
   Hunting for Ectoplasm
   After you get the materials, go back to Mux to get the distiller and 
   his gift, which contains EZ Throw Dynamite, Discombobulator Ray, and 
   some Goblin Rocket Fuel.  He then tells you to go to Silithus to get 
   12 Scorched Ectoplasm, Eastern Plaguelands to get 12 Stable 
   Ectoplasm, and Winterspring to get 12 Frozen Ectoplasm.  To get 
   ectoplasm, simply put down the distiller near a group of the mobs you 
   need to kill and pull the mobs into the radius of the distiller so 
   you can get ectoplasm from the corpse.  Remember, the distiller use 
   Goblin Rocket Fuel, so be sure to buy a few extra to use.  To 
   maximize fuel, constantly pull mobs to the distiller with only few 
   breaks inbetween battles.
   	Silithus Ė Southwind Village is the place you need to go to get 
   ectoplasm.  Just put down the distiller and fight the mobs to get 
   ectoplasm.  Pre-patch 1.12, there would usually be 1-3 Silithid Bugs, 
   but now, there should only be 1 bug that spawns, giving you an easier 
   time to farm these things.
   	Eastern Plaguelands Ė Northdale is your next stop.  If possible, 
   have a warlock cast Greater Detect Invisibility so youíll be able to 
   see the invisible ghosts that wander around.  Either the banshees or 
   invisible ghosts will give you ectoplasm.
   	Winterspring Ė Lake KelíTheril is the last stop for ectoplasms.  
   You can usually find a large number of ghosts by the ruins, so it 
   shouldnít take long to get all 12 ectoplasms.  If you happen to have 
40-50g, you can go to Darkwhisper Gorge, to the first cave you see, 
and buy the Fel Elemental Rod from Viíel, a little imp, which will 
save a lot of time in the upcoming steps.
   A Portable Power Source
   Now that you have the ectoplasm, go back to Mux and he should give 
   you a quest to kill Magma Lord Bokk in the Burning Steppes.  He is 
   west of the Pillar of Ash, inside a small lava pool.  Just look for a 
   giant earth elemental.  Heís pretty easy to solo, just watch out for 
   his adds and the occasional 60 elite dragon.
   A Shifty Merchant
   Once he is dead, get his Magma Core an go back to Mux.  Now heíll 
   tell you to get a Fel Elemental Rod that hopefully you had gotten in 
   Winterspring while collecting ectoplasm.  If not, just go to 
   Darkhisper Gorge in southern Winterspring and look in the first cave 
   you see to the right (be careful of the elite demons!).  After giving 
   him the rod, heíll tell you to go back to your quest-giver in 
   Ironforge or Orgrimmar, where they should give you your belt and 
NOTE!: Iíve asked people about the price of the Fel Elemental Rod and 
looked on the internet, and everyone seems to be buying it at 40g or 
50g for many different reasons, like maybe people are buying it at 
40g even though theyíre on the quest, so if you find it at 50g, try 
waiting for a little bit, then checking back to see if itís 40g. 
   III. Pants, Shoulders, Boots
   Dead Manís Plea
   Your quest-giver should now give you something called an Extra 
   Dimensional Ghost Revealer and send you to the main entrance of 
   Stratholme to find a ghost named Anthion Harmon.  Use the revealer at 
   the entrance and a human ghost should appear in front of the meeting 
   stone named Anthion Harmon.  Heíll tell you to rescue his wife from 
   Baron Rivendare in UD Stratholme.  See the 45 Baron Run section for 
   more info.
   Proof of Life
   Once you save his wife, talk to the ghost again and heíll give you a 
   quest to gather materials.  What you will need are 3 Dark Iron Bars, 
   3 Mooncloth, 20 Enchanted Leather and 4 Cured Rugged Hide.  After you 
   get the stuff and turn it in, heíll send you to the Dire Maul library 
   to talk to Falrin Treeshaper.  
   Falrinís Vendetta
   Falrin will tell you to get 25 Ogre Warbeads from ogres in Dire Maul 
   and Lower Blackrock Spire.  Lower Blackrock Spire has the highest 
   drop rate for the ogre beads, but there are fewer ogres in it than 
   Dire Maul North and outside Dire Maul, but itís up to you where you 
   want to get the warbeads.
   The Instigatorís Enchantment
   After you get the 25 Ogre Warbeads, go back to Falrin, and then heíll 
   send you on another quest to get materials.  What he requires are 4 
   Dark Runes, 8 Large Brilliant Shards, and 1 Jeering Specterís 
   Essence.  You can find the essence in Dire Maul West from a group 
   drop off of ghosts.
   The Challenge
   Once you get the materials, turn them in to Falrin.  Heíll then give 
   you a Banner of Provocation to put in Blackrock Depths.  But after 
   you get the banner, youíll be attacked by 5 or 6 ghosts.  If you 
   defeat them, good for you.  If not, you still win.
   Anyways, go to Blackrock Depths and go to the arena.  When Theldrin 
   starts to talk crap, put down the banner.  Instead of the usual 
   mobs that come out, mobs that seem to be class specific come out.  
   These mobs are immune to taunt, but not to fear effects or polymorph.  
Use that to your advantage while you beat down the mobs.  Once the 
mobs and Theldrin are defeated, heíll drop a box of loot that only 
drops if the banner is down, and the Top Piece of Lord Valthalakís 
   Turn in the quest you get to Anthion at Stratholme. He will then send 
   you back to your quest-giver in Ironforge or Orgrimmar.  Turn in your 
   tier 0 stuff to get your new tier 0.5 pants, shoulders, and boots.
   IV. Helm and Chest  
   Your quest-giver should now give you a quest to find a gnome ghost 
   named Bodley in Blackrock Mountain.  Go to the mountain and use the 
   ghost revealer on the balcony just before the entrance to Blackrock 
   Three Kings of Flame
   He gives you a quest to get Incendicite of Incendius, Ember of 
   Emberseer, and Cinder of Cynder.  Lord Incendius can be found in 
   Blackrock Depths, Pyroguard Emberseer can be found in Upper Blackrock 
   Spire, and the Duke of Cynders needs to be summoned in Silithus.  The 
   items are group drops so anyone on the quest can get the items. For 
   the Duke of Cynders you will need a Twilight Cultist set and a 
   Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station to summon the duke.  You must 
   be Friendly with Cenarion Circle to get the quest to get the 
   medallion.  Youíll be able to summon him from a regular Wind 
   Note: The Cinder of Cynder will still drop if you are in a raid.  
   The Left Piece of the Amulet
   Turn in the items to Bodley and heíll give you a random quest 
   followed by a similar random quest to get the left piece of Lord 
   Valthalakís Amulet.  Here is the list of places he might send you to:
    - Purgation Isle in Hillsbrad Foothills where you have to kill 
      Condemned Monks, Condemned Acolytes, Cursed Paladins and Writhing 
      Mages for Soul Ashes of the Banished.  Bodley should then send you  
      to Scholomance to summon the ghost of Kormok in Ras Frostwhisperís  
      room.  See the Bosses section for the strategy on him.
    - Tyrís Hand in Eastern Plaguelands to kill Preatorians to find the 
      Brilliant Sword of Zealotry.  You can find Preatorians in the  
      inner part of Tyrís Hand.  Bodley will then send you to Live  
      Stratholme to summon the ghosts of Jarien and Sothos in   
      Balnazzarís room.  See the Bosses section for the     strategy on 
    - HiveíRegal in Silithus to kill HiveíRegal Burrowers, HiveíRegal 
      Spitfires, and HiveíRegal Slavemakers to get Druidical Remains.  
      Bodley will then send you to Lower Blackrock Spire to summon the 
ghost of Mor Grayhoof in War Master Vooneís Room.  See the Bosses 
section for the strategy on him.
    - Frostwhisper Gorge in Winterspring to kill Frostmaul Giants and 
      Frostmaul Preservers for the Starbreeze Village Relic.  Bodley  
      will then send you to Dire Maul East to summon the ghost of 
Isalien in Alzzin the Wildshaperís room.  See the Bosses section 
for the strategy on her.
   Note #1: The quest to kill elites for stuff is easily doable with 2-3 
   people, so donít go crazy looking for a full group of people do this 
   Note #2: You must NOT be in a raid when killing the ghosts.  
   Otherwise, no amulet for you.  :(
   I See Alcaz Island In Your Future...
   After getting the amulet, Bodley will send you to Alcaz Island in 
Dustwallow Marsh to gather 20 Bloodkelp.  They drop off the elite 
Naga, and there is some Bloodkelp in Bloodkelp Baskets.  Again, 2 
people are good enough to fight the elites there.
   The Right Piece of the Amulet
   Now Bodley will send you to do two more random quests from above to 
   get the right piece of the amulet.  Once you have the right piece, 
   make it into Lord Valthalakís Amulet and turn it in to Bodley.
   Final Preparations
   Bodley will then send you into Blackrock Spire to kill orcs to get 40 
   Blackrock Bracers.  You also need to give him a Flask of Supreme 
   Mea Culpa
   Once you have those items, turn them in to Bodley and he should let 
   you summon Lord Valthalak, which can be done in The Beastís Room in 
Upper Blackrock Spire.  Look in the Summonable Bosses section for his 
   Once you defeat Valthalak, loot him and get the quest from 
   Valthalakís spirit to return to Bodley.  Bodley will then send you 
   all the way back to your quest-giver in Ironforge or Orgrimmar to 
   finally receive your 0.5 head and chest. 
   You have just completed on of the most tedious and            
   expensive quest chain in the game!
   Once you turn in the quest, you are then able to summon any of the 4 
   bosses and Valthalak at any time you want.  You also get a book about 
   the summonable bosses.
   4. 45 Baron Run
   - The most efficient classes to use in the party would be of course a 
   warrior (to tank) and a mage to sheep the occasional humanoid and for 
   ranged DPS.  A great class to have is a priest so they can shackle 
   all those pesky undead mobs, along with healing of course.  Any other 
   DPS class would be great for the remaining two classes like for 
   example a rogue and warlock.  And of course, these guys should all be 
   60 to make the run more efficient.
   - It would be a very good idea to stock up on mana pots, health pots 
   and heavy runecloth bandages.  You should use the bandages on 
   yourselves or other people a lot to save the healer mana and a lot of 
   - You must constantly be pulling mobs.  Always concentrate on the mob 
   with the lowest health first, then the next mob and so on and so 
   forth.  You should only sit down to eat or drink for maybe a few 
   seconds before getting back up and fighting more mobs.
   - If anything green or above drops, greed it all no matter what item 
   it is.  You simply donít have the time to discuss on who will get the 
   loot.  If something epic drops, donít argue over it, just need it and 
   go on with your life.
   - When you need to kill the guys in the ziggurats, just have your 
   mage go in there with his ice shield and have him AOE the mobs in 
   there to death.  While heís doing that, have the party go ahead and 
   work on other mobs on the path to the Baron.
      Baroness Anastari Ė Before you face her, take out the mobs in the 
   courtyard-type place near her, and then take out the mobs to the left 
   of her.  You donít need to kill the mobs to the right, since they 
   shouldnít aggro when you pull the baroness herself.  When fighting 
   her, just DPS the crap out of her.  If she mind-controls anyone, DPS 
   the person down fast so you can once again concentrate on the 
      NerubíEnkan Ė After Miz Anastari is dead, head towards 
   Nerubíenkan.  Kill the mobs on the right side of the street and avoid 
   the mobs on the left.  Once you get to the ziggurat, kill the mobs to 
   the left of the ziggurat, then pull Nerub toward you without pulling 
   the mobs on the right.  
      Maleki the Pallid  Ė  Go through the rat trap near Nerubís house 
   (remember about all those rabid undead rats), then take out 
   patrolling mobs.  Go along the right side of the fountain around the 
   corner, taking out mobs along the way.  When you get to the stairs, 
   take out the mobs to the left of the stairs first, then take out the 
   mobs on the stairs.  Ignore the mobs to the right and fight Maleki 
   where he is standing.
      Ramstein the Gorger  Ė  After Maleki, go along the right wall and 
   go through the gate without pulling the left mobs or Magistrate 
   Barthilas to the right (you can take down the magistrate after you 
   defeat Rivendare).  Once you get into the gate, start pulling 
   abominations immediately.  Itís better to do it one at a time, but if 
   youíre in somewhat of a rush, It might be safe to pull two.  Remember 
   to AOE the bile things that spawn when Bile Spewers die.  When there 
   is one last abomination, fully heal up, then kill it.  Rammstein 
   should then come out.  Once heís dead, a group of elite skeletons 
   will come out of the slaughterhouse.  Once theyíre dead, a lot of 
   non-elite skeletons will come.  Simply AOE them to death, then head 
   into the slaughterhouse to fight Baron Rivendare.
      Baron Rivendare Ė You donít have to defeat the baron to stop the 
   time, but you need to at least start fighting him to stop the time 
   limit.  If you have quite a bit of time left, take your time in 
   getting ready.  Once youíre good, start the fight and the time limit 
   should stop.  Remember to AOE his skeletons when they spawn and DPS 
   the good baron to his doom.
   NOTE: If you wipe on Baron Rivendare, he will immediately kill Ysida, 
   causing a shockwave of anger and frustration of your party members 
   and the inevitable ď/leave partyĒ command...
  5. Bosses

MOVES: - Summons 4 non-elite Skeletons every 10-15 secs 
       - Shadowbolt Volley
       - Bone Shield

        STRATEGY: This guy isnít very hard.  Simply DPS him down 
while doing crowd control on the skeletons.  When he summons 
skeletons, have the mage (or whoever is doing AOE) break DPS and 
AOE the suckers down.  At one point, Kormok will summon 2 elite 
skeleton mages that will use a Fire AOE every 5 secs, and will 
immediately focus on your healer.  Have everyone except the tank 
break DPS from Kormok, DPS the mages down, and continue working 
on Kormok.  He will summon those type of guys for the rest of 
the fight.  
Kormok also casts a Bone Shield that he casts on himself.  If 
any melee attacks are done with the shield up, it will reflect 
shadow damage back at them.  If you see it go up, simply dispel 

Note: He puts the shield up at the beginning of the fight, so 
donít forget to dispel it then!

Jarien and Sothos

                     - Cleave

                     - Fear
                     - Random Charge
                     - Shadowbolt Volley

	        STRATEGY: This fight may be a little tricky, but it 
isnít too hard.  It doesnít hurt to take along a few extra 
Shadow Protection potions (or just have your priest buff Shadow 
Protection on you) as well.  Usually itís best to take out 
Sothos, as he likes to randomly charge people, fear a lot, and 
do some nasty damage with his Shadowbolt Volley.  Have an 
offtank tank Jarien while Sothos is being killed.  When Sothos 
id dead, his spirit will come and help in the fight against 
Jarien (although itís not much).  
Jarien isnít too hard as all she has is a Cleave attack, but it 
does around 1000 damage to everyone in the room everytime she 
does it, so DPS her down quick.

Mor Grayhoof

	MOVES:  Caster Form:    - Shapeshift            
                             - AOE Moonfire
                             - Hurricane
                             - Rejuvenate
                             - Healing Touch
             Bear Form:      - Maul
             Cat Form:       - Sunder Armor (?)
   Sprite Darter:  - Sleep             
                                - Arcane Explosion
                                - Reflection
        STRATEGY: This may seem hard with all the forms, but 
itís not.  Just think of fighting an elite druid with powerful 
attacks.  Anyways, he starts out in his Caster form.  Be careful 
of his AOE attacks Hurricane and Moonfire, especially Moonfire.  
The magic effect should be dispelled immediately by your priest 
or paladin (if one is there).  He is also able to heal himself, 
as all druids can.
Once he is at around 75% health, heíll shift into Bear form.  
Not exactly challenging, since all it did was give him increased 
armor and more attack power.
At 50% health, he switches to Cat form, boosting his attack 
power more and gaining a stackable ability similar to Sunder.  
Healers should be overhealing the tank when heís sundered.  
At 25% health, he changes into a Sprite Darter.  This little guy 
can be slightly annoying, since he randomly sleeps a party 
member.  He also has Arcance Explosion and a thing called 
Reflection, which is a shield he puts up.  It reflects all 
spells back at the caster for about 10 secs.


	MOVES:  - Heal
-	Starfire
-	Root
-	Summon Hippogryph

     STRATEGY: This boss is a joke.  About 10 secs. into the 
fight, sheíll summon her pet hippogryph.  DPS the thing down and 
concentrate on Isalien.  Her Starfire does decent damage, but 
nothing to worry about.  She can also Root people in place, but 
itís no big deal.  The thing you should worry about most is her 
healing spell.  Whenever possible, you should interrupt her when 
she is healing.  Otherwise, itís gonna be a long fight.

Lord Valthalak
             - Shadow Wrath
-	Life Drain
-	Summon Spectral Assassins
-	Enrage
-	Shadowbolt Volley

     STRATEGY: This is the most challenging boss in the quest 
chain.  He has three distinct phases, the first of which is 
slightly complicated.  It is a very good idea to stock up on 
Shadow Protection potions for the third phase.  

     PHASE ONE: Have the main tank get 5 sunders on Val and have 
him face away from the raid.  Once the sunders are up, DONíT DPS 
until Val has his mana drained.  It makes the fight MUCH easier.  
Once itís drained, DPS can start (remember to keep his mana 
drained).  Have melee chars stay at max range from Val so Shadow 
Wrath doesnít jump from the tank to the melee chars.  Shadow 
Wrath also heals Val every time damage is done with it.  His 
Life Drain is also able to jump from people.  This must be 
interrupted whenever it is done, since it heals Val.  If 
possible, mana drain Val so he wonít be able to do some of his 
moves.  Val also summons two Spectral Assassins which cast a 
spell called Defile, which basically kills the player instantly 
after 10 secs.  Have hunters and rogues DPS them down before 
they get a chance to finish casting their spell.  Itís also 
possible to use stun spells and scattershot from the hunters to 
disrupt the assassinís spellcasting.

     PHASE TWO: When Val is at 40%, he gets Enraged and starts 
hitting really hard.  To make it easier on your life, DISARM 
him.  Trust me, it helps a lot.  In this stage, he wonít summon 
the annoying Spectral Assassins, so you can keep steady DPS on 
him.  Remember to always keep his mana drained.  When he gets to 
around 20%, drink a Shadow Protection potion, since youíll be 
getting hit with shadow spells.  

     PHASE THREE: This phase starts when he is at 15% health.  
This is basically like phase two, except now he casts Shadowbolt 
Volley on everyone in the raid.  Use a Shadow Protection Potion 
if you havenít already, and DPS the crap out of him.  Again, 
always have his mana drained.  

  6. Tier 0 Armor Locations  
  For those of you who want to get your tier 0 armor and upgrade it to          
  0.5, or just want to get tier 0 armor and screw over 0.5, here is a list
  of the locations of the tier 0 armor for each class.
    Wildheart Raiment	
      Wildheart Bracers: 	 Stratholme (various mobs) 
                   	    	 Scholomance (varios mobs) 
      Wildheart Belt:    	 Scholomance (various mobs)
   	                   	 Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
      Wildheart Gloves:  	 Stratholme (The Unforgiven)
   	           	   	 Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
      Wildheart Boots:   	 Blackrock Spire (Mother Smolderweb)
      Wildheart Kilt:    	 Stratholme (Baron Riverdare)
      Wildheart Spaulders:   Blackrock Spire (Gizrul the Slavener)
      Wildheart Cowl:	      Scholomance (Darkmaster Gandling)
      Wildheart Vest: 	      Blackrock Spire (General Drakkisath)
    Beaststalker Armor
       Beaststalkerís Bindings:   Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
                          	        Stratholme (various mobs)
        Beaststalkerís Belt:   Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
        Beaststalkerís Glove:  Blackrock Spire (War Master Voone)
        Beaststalkers Boots:   Stratholme (Nerubíenkan)
        Beaststalkerís Pants:  Stratholme (Baron Rivendare)
        Beaststalkerís Mantle: Blackrock Spire(Overlord Wyrmthalak)
        Beaststalkerís Cap:    Scholomance: (Darkmaster Gandling)
        Beaststalkerís Tunic:  Blackrock Spire:(General Drakkisath)
     Magisterís Regalia
   	Magisterís Bindings:   Blackrock Spire: (various mobs)
   	Magisterís Belt:       Stratholme: (various mobs)
   	Magisterís Gloves:  Scholomance: (Doctor Theolen Krastinov)
        Magisterís Boots:      Stratholme: (Hearthsinger Forresten)
   	Magisterís Leggings:   Stratholme: (Baron Rivendare)
   	Magisterís Mantle:     Scholomance: (Ras Frostwhisper)
   	Magisterís Crown:      Scholomance: (Darkmaster Gandling)
   	Magisterís Robes:     Blackrock Spire: (General Drakkisath)
     Lightforge Armor
   	Lightforge Bracers:   Scholomance (various mobs)
   	Lightforge Belt:      Stratholme (various mobs)
   	Lightforge Gauntlets: Stratholme (Timmy the Cruel)
   	Lightforge Boots:     Stratholme (Balnazzar)
   	Lightforge Legplates: Stratholme (Baron Rivendare)
   	Lightforge Spaulders: Blackrock Spire (The Beast)
   	Lightforge Helm:      Scholomance (Darkmaster Gandling)
   	Lightforge Breastplate: Blackrock Spire(General Drakkisath)
      Vestments of the Devout
   	Devout Bracers:     Stratholme (various mobs)
   	Devout Belt:        Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
   	Devout Gloves:      Stratholme (Archivist Galford)
   	Devout Sandals:     Stratholme (Maleki the Pallid)
   	Devout Skirt:       Stratholme (Baron Rivendare)
   	Devout Mantle:      Blackrock Spire (Solokar Flamewreath a.k.a Father  
        Devout Crown:       Scholomance (Darkmaster Gandling)
        Devout Robe:        Blackrock Spire (General Drakkisath)
     Shadowcraft Armor
        Shadowcraft Bracers:  Scholomance: (Instructor Malicia and various mobs)
        Shadowcraft Belt:     Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
        Shadowcraft Gloves:   Blackrock Spire (Shadow Hunter VoshíGajin)
        Shadowcraft Boots:    Scholomance (Rattlegore)
        Shadowcraft Pants:    Stratholme (Baron Rivendare)
        Shadowcraft Spaulders: Stratholme (Cannon Master Willey)
        Shadowcraft Cap:      Scholomance (Darkmaster Gandling)
        Shadowcraft Tunic:    Blackrock Spire (General Drakkisath)
     The Elements
        Bindings of Elements:  Stratholme (various mobs)
        Cord of Elements:    Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
        Gauntlets of Elements: Blackrock Spire (Pyroguard Emberseer)
        Boots of Elements:   Blackrock Spire (Highlord Omokk)
        Kilt of Elements:    Stratholme (Baron Rivendare)
        Pauldrons of Elements:  Blackrock Spire (Gyth)
        Coif of Elements:    Scholomance (Darkmaster Gandling)
        Vest of Elements:    Blackrock Spire (General Drakkisath)
     Dreadmist Raiment
        Dreadmist Bracers:   Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
        Dreadmist Belt:      Scholomance (various mobs)
                             Stratholme (various mobs)
        Dreadmist Wraps:     Scholomance (various mobs)
        Dreadmist Sandals:   Stratholme (Baroness Anastari)
        Dreadmist Leggings:  Stratholme (Baron Rivendare)
        Dreadmist Mantle:    Scholomance (Jandice Barov)
        Dreadmist Mask:      Scholomance (Darkmaster Gandling)
        Dreadmist Robe:      Blackrock Spire (General Drakkisath)
     Battlegear of Valor
       Bracers of Valor:    Blackrock Spire (various mobs)
       Belt of Valor:       Blackrock Spire (Highlord Omokk)
                            Stratholme (various mobs)
       Gauntlets of Valor:  Stratholme: (Ramstein the Gorger)
       Boots of Valor:      Scholomance (Kirtonis the Herald)
       Legplates of Valor:  Stratholme (Baron Rivendare)
       Spaulders of Valor:  Blackrock Spire (Rend Blackhand)
       Helm of Valor:       Scholomance (Darkmaster Gandling)
       Breastplate of Valor:  Blackrock Spire (General Drakkisath)
   7. Contact Info
   My e-mail is [email protected]  If you want to
   e-mail me, here are the things I would like in the e-mails to me and     
   what I donít want
   What I want
   - Criticism that doesnít contain anything stupid
   - Asking for permission to use my FAQ on your site
   - Info that could be added to the FAQ
   What I donít want
   - Criticism consisting of ďUR FAQ IS GHEYĒ
   - Asking for my personal information
   - Giving info that is already in the FAQ
   - Anything else that I probably wonít care about
   If you want to contact me in-game, my char name is a 60 Tauren 
   warrior, named Ranglor on the Greymane server.  But only contact me       
   for a good reason, otherwise you might find yourself on my ignore 
   8. Credits
   Thanks to:
   - for some of this info
   - Gamefaqs for posting my FAQ of course
 - Daniel Hnizdo for politely reminding me that you actually can get    
the Ember, Incendicite and Cynder from the three kings of flame 
during a raid, and for telling me to put a Boss section.
   Copyright omegachaos 2006.
   THE END.  Now go upgrade your armor ní stuff.