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Follow the dark path or use the light
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Pack Shot

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords - War

by PapaGamer

                     (PC version) WARP CODES
                            v1.00 2005-02-

           (c)2005 Barry Scott Will <[email protected]>

The "warp" Cheat
One of the console commands you can use in Knights of the Old Republic II 
is "warp". This command instantly transports you to a specific area.

In order to use a console command (cheat), you have to edit the 
swkotor2.ini file in your main SWKotOR2 directory. Make a copy of the file 
first in case something goes wrong. Open the file in a text editor (such as 
Notepad) and scroll down to the section that begins [Game Options]. 
Somewhere in this section, add the line


Enter the line exactly like that (the option is case-sensitive), then save 
your .ini file. When you play the game, you enter a cheat by pressing the 
backtick (`) key. On US English keyboards, this is the key just to the left 
of the numeral 1 (one).

NOTE: On non-US keyboards, a different key may be required. If finding and 
pressing backtick does not seem to work, try whatever key is directly left 
of the number 1 (one).

In KotOR2, the console for entering cheats is NOT visible. You have to type 
blind. After typing the cheat, press ENTER. If nothing happens, try again, 
and type slowly and carefully. The commands themselves are case sensitive, 
so make sure CAPS LOCK is off and you are typing the command correctly. To 
warp to a different area, after pressing backtick, type:

warp xxxxxx

Where "xxxxxx" is the code from the list below. You will be instantly 
transported to the new area.

This cheat should only be used in a dire emergency as it can seriously mess 
up your game. Scripts that are supposed to run will not run and variables 
will not be set and your entire game could be ruined. You can also use this 
cheat for fun: jump around and get screen captures of area maps (using the 
"revealmap" cheat); practice swoop racing without going through the track 
manager and paying for track use; practice the turret minigame; etc. Using 
a cheat will cause your savegames to have a "Cheat Used" stamp placed on 

Warp Codes
Enter these codes after "warp " in the console to be instantly transported 
to the listed area. The area code is not case-sensitive; i.e. 101per, 
101Per, and 101PER all work.

Code    Area
------  ------------------------------------------------------
001EBO  Prologue - Ebon Hawk Interior
002EBO  Prologue - Ebon Hawk Exterior Hull
003EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior
004EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior - Red Eclipse Slayer Invasion [1]
005EBO  Ebon Hawk - Escape from Peragus [2]
006EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior (Unused?)
007EBO  Ebon Hawk - Interior (Unused?)
101PER  Peragus - Administration Level
102PER  Peragus - Mining Tunnels
103PER  Peragus - Fuel Depot
104PER  Peragus - Asteroid Exterior
105PER  Peragus - Dormitories
106PER  Peragus - Hangar Bay
107PER  Peragus - Turret Minigame [2]
151HAR  Harbinger - Command Deck
152HAR  Harbinger - Crew Quarters
153HAR  Harbinger - Engine Deck
154HAR  Harbinger - Command Deck (used for cutscenes)
201TEL  Citadel Station - Dock Module
202TEL  Citadel Station - Entertainment
203TEL  Citadel Station - Residential 082 East
204TEL  Citadel Station - Residential 082 West
205TEL  Citadel Station - Cutscene with Carth Onasi [3]
207TEL  Citadel Station - Cantina
208TEL  Citadel Station - Bumani Exchange Corp.
209TEL  Citadel Station - Czerka Offices
211TEL  Citadel Station - Swoop Track [4]
220TEL  Citadel Station - Suburban
221TEL  Citadel Station - Suburban
222TEL  Citadel Station - Entertainment Module 081
231TEL  Telos - Restoration Zone [5]
232TEL  Telos - Underground Base
233TEL  Telos - Czerka Site
261TEL  Telos - Polar Plateau
262TEL  Telos - Secret Academy
301NAR  Nar Shadaa - Refugee Landing Pad
302NAR  Nar Shadaa - Refugee Quad
303NAR  Nar Shadaa - Docks
304NAR  Nar Shadaa - Jekk'Jekk Tarr
305NAR  Nar Shadaa - Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels
306NAR  Nar Shadaa - Entertainment Promenade
351NAR  Nar Shadaa - Goto's Yacht
352NAR  Nar Shadaa - Goto Cutscene [6]
371NAR  Nar Shadaa - Swoop Track [4]
401DXN  Dxun - Jungle Landing
402DXN  Dxun - Jungle
403DXN  Dxun - Mandalorian Ruins
404DXN  Dxun - Mandalorian Cache
410DXN  Dxun - Jungle Tomb
411DXN  Dxun - Sith Tomb
421DXN  Dxun - Turret Minigame [2]
501OND  Onderon - Iziz Spaceport
502OND  Onderon - Iziz Merchant Quarter
503OND  Onderon - Iziz Cantina
504OND  Onderon - Sky Ramp
505OND  Onderon - Turret Minigame [2]
506OND  Onderon - Royal Palace
510OND  Onderon - Swoop Track [4]
511OND  Onderon - Iziz Merchant Quarter Invasion [7]
512OND  Onderon - Iziz Western Square
601DAN  Dantooine - Khoonda Plains
602DAN  Dantooine - Khoonda
603DAN  Dantooine - Khoonda Plains Cutscenes [8]
604DAN  Dantooine - Crystal Cave
605DAN  Dantooine - Enclave Courtyard
610DAN  Dantooine - Enclave Sublevel
650DAN  Dantooine - Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
701KOR  Korriban - Valley of the Dark Lords
702KOR  Korriban - Sith Academy
710KOR  Korriban - Shyrack Cave
711KOR  Korriban - Secret Tomb
851NIH  Ravager - Command Deck
852NIH  Ravager - Bridge
853NIH  Ravager - Nihilus/Visas Cutscene
901MAL  Malachor V - Surface
902MAL  Malachor V - Depths
903MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Academy
904MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Core
905MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Crescent
906MAL  Malachor V - Trayus Proving Grounds
907MAL  Malachor V - Kreia/Sion Cutscene
950COR  Ebon Hawk - Escape From Telos Cutscene [9]


[1] Warping into this area will leave you without companions. Not a good 
thing unless you just want to test your toughness.

[2] Warping into a turret minigame may cause the game to hang when the 
minigame is complete.

[3] Warping into this area does nothing except trigger a cutscene on 
Citadel Station with Carth Onasi. You then travel to Malachor V.

[4] You can warp into a swoop track and race. Afterwards, you'll find 
yourself in front of the track manager; however, your race time won't be 
recorded. Use this for practicing swoop racing without paying any money.

[5] Warping into the Telos Restoration Zone prior to having entered it 
normally will cause the game to hang in the cutscene and your only option 
is to ALT-F4 to force the game to close.

[6] You'll see a plot-exposition cutscene that normally occurs the first 
time you travel to Nar Shadaa and then end up on the Refugee Landing Pad.

[7] This is the Iziz Merchant Quarter after you have landed your 
Mandalorian War Basilisk in the middle of the street.

[8] This is actually an amusing area to visit. This is the are used to show 
cutscenes when you are helping/sabotaging the defense against the 
mercenaries. There's a computer console that allows you to play all the 
mini-movies and you can wander around and see how the developers set up the 

[9] This is the scene aboard Ebon Hawk after you leave Atris' Secret 
Academy the first time.