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Fallout: New Vegas



by eolsunder





V 1.1 Completed 1-08-2014

Written and maintained by James Friel
Copyright @2014 James Friel ([email protected]) This FAQ is solely 
intended for use on forum site, and may not be reproduced or
duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is a game published by Bethesda Softworks 10/19/10.
Developed by Obsidian Entertainment.


  I.    Revision History
  II.   Introduction
  III.  Walkthrough

   1. Northern Passage cave
   2. Southern passage
   3. The Spine
   4. Zion Valley Welcome Booth
   5. Eastern Virgin
   6. Dead Horses Camp
   7. Angel Cave
   8. Fallen Rock Cave
   9. Ranger Substation Peregrine
  10. Crashed Scout Bus
  11. Old Rockville Bridge
  12. Two Skies Cave
  13. Virgin River
  14. Ant Burrow
  15. Virgin Fork Campground
  16. East Fork Bridge
  17. Pine Creek Tunnel
  18. Yao Guai Cave
  19. Burial Mounds
  20. Wind Wall Docks
  21. Clear Water Docks
  22. Zion Fishing Lodge
  23. Vault 22 Dwellers Guard Camp
  24. Ghost Den
  25. Sun Sentinels
  26. North Fork Campgrounds
  27. North Fork Bridge
  28. Zion General Store
  29. Zion Ranger Station
  30. Ranger Station Osprey
  31. Cueva Guarache
  32. Sorrow Fork Campground
  33. Caterpillar's Mound
  34. Sweet Flower Cave
  35. Sorrows Camp
  36. Half Mouse Cave
  37. Stone Bones Cave
  38. Crossroads Cavern
  39. White Birds Cave
  40. Glass Chime Cave
  41. Morning Glory Cave
  42. Patriarch's Campground
  43. Court Fork Overlook
  44. Dagger's Point
  45. The Bend Bridge
  46. Ranger Substation Eagle
  47. Bighorn Bluff
  48. The Red Gate
  49. Red Rapids Docks
  50. The Aerie
  51. Three Marys
  52. Three Marys Cavern
  IV.   Last Words


1/08/2014 v1.0
- Walkthrough started
- Added Introduction
- Added Locations 1-52
- Added Last Words

1/08/2014 v1.1
- site mods wanted more condensed version, focus on size, not structure.

[NOTE: my revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
      noted as a .1 addition, so on the 3rd revision if it gets to that
      will be version 1.3]


This is a walkthrough for the FALLOUT NEW VEGAS DLC HONEST HEARTS. The 
walkthrough is part of a complete New Vegas walkthrough I have posted up on
Gamefaqs. I included it solo so that those not following my walkthrough, and
just need some help with the DLC can use it also. 

During the walkthrough I will be referencing skills, stats, etc. These 
also are part of my walkthrough and if you aren't following that just ignore
these comments as you play through. One thing to note about HONEST HEARTS
DLC area is that there is a lot of crafting plants about the area.
Personally I don't find them useful unless your playing a hardcore game with
maybe a Logan Loophole character who can take advantage of the advanced
features that gives a hardcore game. If you really want to spend hours and
hours gathering tons of plants to sell for minimal caps, go ahead. I don't
suggest it. I would just skip all plant harvesting.

HONEST HEARTS DLC starts at the NORTHERN PASSAGE location on your map, which
is located at the far north north/west part of the Vegas outskirts. If
you head up that way you'll pass some abandoned farmhouses, and go past a
line of tall power line towers into the hill area. By a large red shack you
can walk up the path north up to the NORTHERN PASSAGE CAVE. Enter to start
HONEST HEARTS Walkthrough.

Some Info on the HONEST HEARTS DLC before you start..

 ) Honest Hearts DLC increases your maximum level by 5, like the other 3 
 ) You cannot take Companions into the DLC. Dismiss your companions ahead of
 ) You cannot leave the DLC until the main quest is completed. Afterwards you
   can travel back and forth from the DLC from the Northern Passage, but you
   still cannot take companions.
 ) The only real merchant in the DLC is JOSHUA GRAHAM. If you find yourself
   overloaded with items you can't or don't want to sell, or keep for later
   find yourself a easy to access storage container to store stuff. I usually
   keep my items in ANGEL CAVE, or just at the SOUTHERN PASSAGE.
 ) The maximum weight of items you can take with you in the DLC is 75 weight.
   This can be increased to 100 weight if you have the STRONG BACK or PACK
   RAT perks. You can also increase it to 100 weight if you have SURVIVAL:50,
   talking to RICKY and having him carry some of your stuff, or passing a 
   check with the caravan merchant.
 ) In settings turn your Actor-fade to maximum for best spotting of targets,
   and turn off travel auto-saves to cut down on fast travel lockups and bad
   travel save files. 




When you enter the cave area, you will see 5 people. 2 of them are basic
caravan guards. STELLA is another guard, you can talk to her but you won't
get any viable information. Talk to RICKY for various dialogue choices. You
do not want to have him dismissed or turn him in, but you can pass 5 talking
choices for experience. MEDICINE:45 to diagnose him as an addict. Then you
can pass PERCEPTION:7, SCIENCE:45, SURVIVAL:20, and GUNS:45 while talking
to him.

Finally talk to JED MASTERSON to get various info on the caravan. You can
pass a [BARTER:45] check to notice things. When ready tell him your set
to join the caravan and head out to the SOUTHERN PASSAGE.


You'll get some speech about the caravan travel and background history on
the location you are heading to. At the end your caravan arrives in Zion.
Zed gives a finishing speech and you head off down the trail. Quickly 
White-Leg raiders ambush your caravan and after a quick firefight you are
the only survivor. Go ahead and loot and search all the bodies. If you 
have excess put them in the 3 dufflebags by the cliff wall, you can come
back for them later when you want. 

Make a hard save, a good starting spot for a save area. Now head down east
and cross the small wooden bridge. As you cross, a White-Leg native
appears on the nearby hill and shoots at you. DO NOT ATTACK HIM, just make
sure to stay healed up. Another native jumps him and kills him. FOLLOWS-
CHALK then speaks to you about heading over to his camp.

Chat with him a bit for background info, he will be your companion for a
while so outfit him with some armor or weapons if you want and excess gear
also. Head east towards his camp. As you go up the hill he has you check
the nearby white log (they are containers with random loot). Continue east
and you'll run into a quick animal encounter. He then suggests heading
north along the trail instead of east for a better view. Go ahead and 
head north.

Hug the plateau on the right. As you swing around on its north side 3 
White-leg raiders ambush you. Kill them and loot, and continue east then
south, going around the plateau. Now at the south end, back on your
original trail, instead of continuing east, go west back up the hill and
go all the way up to the top of the plateau. You will probably encounter
a YAO GUAI or 2 on the way, maybe a BIG HORNER. At the top you will find

At some point near here I leveled to 18. SURVIVAL, UNARMED and REPAIR 60
and pick the TRAVEL LIGHT perk.


At the top of this plateau FOLLOWS-CHALK will activate his companion ability
which lets you see extra distances when at certain high points. Stand on the
north side of the plateau should activate it. Not much up here except a few
dead molerats, etc and plants. Head back down south and then continue east
down the hillside. 

You will come to a road, continue east and you'll see a small shack and 


Some minor loot is about this campsite. Inside the booth is more loot plus
a [PARK RANGER HAT] which boosts SURVIVAL by 5 when worn. Take what you
want. Before continuing east, head south/southeast down the road. you'll
find a few plants, and at the end a crushed car with a suitcase with minor
loot in it. Head back to the WELCOME BOOTH and continue north/east down into
the river valley to a small boat dock area, the EASTERN VIRGIN.


There is some misc loot about the dock area but nothing important. Continue
southeast through the river canyon and watch out for bear traps. There are
about 4 of them in the water on the way to JOSHUA's camp. Near the camp you
will find FALLEN ROCK CAVE on the left, just register it and pass it for
now we will come back in a minute. A few friendly tribals scout the hills to
the south. 

Following the river east you will arrive at the DEAD HORSES CAMP.


You enter the camp from the northwest. At the north side of the camp is a
small underwater pool where a couple loot crates lie on the bottom. To the
northeast is an alcove with an underwater back door entrance to FALLEN ROCK

The south side of the camp has some living huts and the entrance to ANGEL
CAVE but we don't want to go in yet. Instead go to the southeast part of
the camp (east of ANGEL CAVE) and there is a winding path that leads up. 
Follow this path up, past the writing on the walls on the right and up to
a natural stone bridge. There is a BIGHORNER on the far side. Have FOLLOWS-
CHALK wait here, he will naturally attack the BIGHORNERS and we don't want

Now wait until nighttime, and make sure you have three [BANANA YUCCA FRUIT]
handy. If not you'll need to pick a couple back in the areas you have been
already. Go into stealth and continue up the path, giving the first 
BIGHORNER a wide birth. You'll come into a main open BIGHORNER area. If you
look to the right and up, you will see the high location you want to head
towards. Go across and up to the right and follow the path all the way back
to the north/northeast, through a narrow passageway and all the way in the
rear is the LOST BIGHORNER CALF. Interact with it and lure it to follow you
with the [BANANA YUCCA FRUIT] plants. You want to lead it all the way back
to the first BIGHORNER near FOLLOWS-CHALK. Once there the quest is complete.

It will take you 3 [BANANA YUCCA FRUIT] to lure the calf all the way back, 
each fruit leads it about 1/3rd of the way. Once the quest is over grab
CHALK and head back to kill the BIGHORNERS for some exp/food. Head back 
down to the DEAD HORSES CAMP. When you come to that first stone bridge that
leads out of BIGHORNER area, look down on the right side of the bridge. You
will see 2 trees and a skeleton on the ledge, obviously someone who fell
off. Drop down and loot the sack and items. Now go enter ANGEL CAVE.


As you enter a DISCIPLE OF CANNON stops you and asks something. You'll pass
an [INTELLIGENCE:7] check to understand the language. You can pick [CAVE
FUNGUS] now from cave sources should you wish. Head up the small path to the
top level where JOSHUA GRAHAM stays.

JOSHUA GRAHAM's place makes a nice base, has crafting areas, a storage item
or 2 and isn't hard to get to. Talk with JOSHUA for information, agree to
help him and a few quests will start up. You can steal 4 pistols off the
counter he is working on. JOSHUA also can repair your gear, and has a small
inventory for you to sell items.

You want to keep 3 [SACRED DATURA ROOTS] for a future quest, so make sure
during your travels to store 3 away for later.

Head out the rear of JOSHUA's area back into Zion. You will be on a raised
plateau above the EASTERN VIRGIN boat area. Some loot sacks are about and
on the west part of the plateau, under a handprint sign, is a [SURVIVALIST

Fast travel to FALLEN ROCK CAVE and enter.


Careful here, there are a ton of traps, tripwires, etc about. Take your time
and find and disarm them. 

On the bottom level main room you can find a terminal with some info on the
SURVIVALIST, another [SURVIVALIST HIDDEN CACHE] and a unique energy weapon

Exit the cave, and fast travel to the ZION VALLEY WELCOME BOOTH. Directly
northwest up on top of the hill is a small house or shack. Head up the hill


This small Ranger station overlooks the area, with some minor loot in it. 
There usually are animals about such as Geckos, scorpions, etc.

At the Ranger station, head south and drop down to the pathway that leads
left into the river valley. Follow it down, you might run into a GIANT ANT
or 2. At the bottom head left to the CRASHED SCOUT BUS. 


Not much left of this crashed bus except for various kid items laying about.
Inside the bus with all the other misc items is the [BROKEN COMPASS] and
the [COMPASS SENSOR MODULE] you can repair it with [REPAIR:30]. 

Now fast travel back to the ZION VALLEY WELCOME BOOTH and head northwest
following the road. You will swing back near THE SPINE and come to the 


Not much here, walk on the bridge to register it on your map. Look west you
should see down by the water a large rock formation with white markings on
it. Head west down into the river towards this location. You will quickly 
find the TWO SKIES CAVE.


Another hide away of the SURVIVALIST. Search the cave area, again careful of
traps and mines that the SURVIVALIST likes to leave about. 

Heading into the left part of the caves you will find the Survivalist's 
living area behind an electric fence. Hack the terminal next to it to open
it. Inside is a bunch of loot, [SURVIVALIST HIDDEN CACHE] on a shelf, a
terminal with some background info, and various crafting items.
In the back is an averaged locked door that leads to a watery area. Just
past the door are 2 [PLASMA MINES] hidden under the branches. You don't need
to explore the water there is a tunnel that just leads back to the main 
path. After you are done looting exit the cave and head west. You will see
in the middle of the river a grounded boat. Head there and it will register


This seems to be the main open area of the Virgin River. The grounded boat
in the center has a few misc loot items if you jump in the boat, they sit
at the bottom of the cabin.

Fast travel back to OLD ROCKVILLE BRIDGE and go north across the bridge. 
Right after you cross, head east and swing north around the cliff, you will
come up upon the ANT BURROW, and a small campsite ahead. There probably are
some animals about and maybe a White-Leg raider or 2. 


There isn't anything to do here but register it on your map, you can't enter
the Burrow. Continue north to the VIRGIN FORK CAMPGROUNDS.


This small campsite is littered with bottles and cans. A few suitcases are
in the small campers and may contain random loot. A Gecko or 2 are known to
roam just north of the campers.

Head north/northeast up the hill to the road, and head east across the
bridge. This is the EAST FORK BRIDGE.


Cross over the bridge, just watching out for random animals and White-Leg
raiders. Once over head south/southeast down the long road all the way to
the end, where you'll see a train tunnel. This is PINE CREEK TUNNEL.

You should hit level 19 sometime around here. SNEAK 60, MEDICINE 56.


You cannot enter or access this tunnel. Just register it on your map. The
streambed north of the road has nothing of interest either. Fast travel back

Cross the bridge again except this time head north on the other side. You
will quickly hit the YAO GUAI CAVE.


This small cave system has a path leading left down into a submerged tunnel
that opens up in a small cave containing 3 YAO GUAI, type depending on your
characters level. There isn't much loot in the cave other than some [FUNGUS]
you can pick. Go kill the YAO GUAI and exit the cave. 

Continue north and you'll be standing on a small cliff overlooking a river
valley. There probably are some animals and White-Leg raiders about. Drop
down into the river and head east then southeast heading right. you'll head
up a small slope and will find the BURIAL MOUNDS.


Like many locations in Zion, not much here. There are various burial pots
about on the lattices that contain basic random loot. Take what you want and
head back north to the river. You will see the little dock and boat on the
other side. Head there to register WIND WALL DOCKS.


Nothing here but one boat and a dock. Head northeast following the river
around. You will come to another small dock area, the CLEAR WATER DOCKS.


Again, nothing really here. Just a location to register. Kill any animals in
the area and head south up the path, then follow it southwest where it will
bring you up to a wooden house, the ZION FISHING LODGE.


There isn't anything outside the lodge, so enter. Inside you will fight a
few Geckos who have taken up residence. Loot the lodge when finished.

The average locked cabinet contains the [WALKIE-TALKIES] you are looking
for. We now have the [COMPASS] and the [WALKIE-TALKIES], only 1 item left
to find. 

Exit the Lodge and head due north to the path, then continue north across
the river and northeast up the hillside. You will encounter some SPORE
PLANTS and SPORE CARRIERS, maybe an animal or 2. Keep going northeast into


After finishing off the various SPORE creatures and roaming animals, search
the GUARD CAMP for items. There are a couple storage crates and 2 Dufflebags
near the benches. One holds a note from the Vault 22 dwellers.

You will gather info from the various SURVIVALIST journals, and other text
to determine that the Vault 22 inhabitants were infected in their vault with
the Spore plague. They brought it out into the world with them when they
left Vault 22. The SURVIVALIST killed most of the Vault 22 stragglers due to
them becoming cannibals, I assume from the plague. A small group escaped, 
and the rest turned into SPORE creatures.

From the camp head west up the hill, you will register the GHOST DEN.


This is a small valley leading back northwest to a dead end filled with
bones. There isn't any loot or anything to do at this time, so just register
the location and continue on.

Go back down south from the GHOST DEN/GUARD CAMP back to the river. If you
look southwest you will see the large hill/plateau area across the river. 
That is going to be our next goal, to reach the top of the big mountain.
Move out southwest across the water and up the path to the left. Head to
the big mountain and head right around to the north side, where the path up
will be. Kill any animals about that bother you and continue up the mountain
to find the SUN SENTINELS.


This high area offers a view of the northern river area. Various animals 
will be about depending on your character level. The only thing on the 
mountain are harvestable plants so just register it. 

We want to head southwest from the SUN SENTINELS, you will see a burned-out
house and just past that down the hill is the NORTH FORK CAMPGROUNDS.


A small campground area with minor loot about. Again, nothing much here. 
Continue west to the bridge, the NORTH FORK BRIDGE.


Head west over the bridge and then north up the road to a few buildings. 
Kill any animals about and you'll come up to, and enter the ZION GENERAL


There will be a few low level animals in the store, take them out and start
looting. Behind the counter in a broken cabinet is the [SNOW GLOBE-ZION
NATIONAL PARK]. Various crafting and food loot is about the store.

There is an average locked desk in the back room (the key is in the cash
register). Containing a [LI'L SCOUT LUNCHBOX]. There are 5 total in the
store you want to gather up to complete JOSHUA's quest. The hardest one to
find is in the back room near the desk. In the open cabinet you can find one
behind the broom. You probably have to manually move the broom to be able
to access it. Once you have all 5 lunchboxes the quest will complete.

Exit the store and go north to the next building just up the path, the ZION


Entering the Ranger station, you will fight a few minor animals, usually 
barkscorpions or geckos. There is various loot about so make sure to check
In the back room on the table is the [MEDICAL SUPPLY KIT] that you can 
sterilize with alcohol (there is some in the station) with [MEDICINE:35]

After looting, exit the building and head to the cliff above it, you can 
jump on the Station roof and there is some minor loot by the skeleton you
will find there. Now that we have all the area supplies we need to head up
north to the SORROWS camp to talk to DANIEL. You should have all of them 
KIT (fixed). 

Head northeast up the mountain path (you'll go under a rock tunnel), you
might run into a few Geckos. At the top of the path on the right is RANGER


This ranger station like the others has minor loot in the cabin, the bottom
area has a hard [LOCKPICK:75] lock that will let you get more loot from a 
few containers/shelves.

At the station, head south/southeast and drop down the cliff side. At the 
bottom is a white marked cave, CUEVA GUARACHE.


This is another survivalist cave, but actually has SPORE foes in it. As you
enter, just down on the right is a sorta of "wooden branch" wall, careful
going through it, there are 2 bear traps and a trip wire hidden in the 
ground branches. A hard [LOCKPICK:75] door is in your way.
Behind it is the SURVIVALIST's area, with containers and loot to take. A 
terminal in the back gives more info on the SURVIVALIST, and like his other
caves, a [SURVIVALIST HIDDEN CACHE] Dufflebag is here also.

Leading out the back is a chain link gate, with a plasma mine behind it. 
Some misc loot sacks are about along with a number of SPORE plants and SPORE
carriers. Kill the enemies about, pick any fungus you want and continue
through the SPORE plant chamber up the path and you'll come to a small side
room with another SPORE plant and CARRIER. Finish looting the cave and head
back outside.

Head north/northeast across the river and up the hill to the road then 
north to the small campground ahead, the SORROW FORK CAMPGROUND.


Like many of the campsites about, just some basic junk around and a few
suitcases in the campers to search. The random animal will be about also, 
maybe even a CAZADOR or 2. 

Clear out any wildlife and take any loot you want, and head northwest. You
will see the small dock, and directly in front is a small hill area in the
middle of the river basin. Head northwest towards that hill and you will


This small hill sits in the middle of the river basin. If you head west to
the small boat there are a few loot sacks there. Go up the hill northwest
and you will come to a unmarked area with more SPORE PLANTS and SPORE 
Take out any foes in the area and loot the small campsite. To the far south-
west of this place is a skeleton with another loot sack. 

Head back to CATERPILLAR'S MOUND and this time we will head north into the
SORROW tribe area. 

You should hit level 20 soon. BARTER, EXPLOSIVES and MEDICINE 60, GUNS 53.

Heading north through the NARROWS you will come to an open area with a small
bridge above you. WALKING CLOUD of the SORROW tribe will come up and talk
to you. Make sure to comment on her Gauntlet.

Now head up the small path to the left up towards the overhead bridge. Just
past the bridge on the left is the entrance to SWEET FLOWER CAVE.


There isn't much in this cave except for a few molerats and misc junk items
laying about. Kill and loot if you wish, then head back out.

As you exit, drop down to the river below and head north where SORROWS CAMP
will register. 


This first area with a few huts is the entrance area to the SORROWS tribe
camp area. DANIEL often walks between here and the north part of the camp
but we don't need to talk with him yet. 

Continue north through the waterfall to the northern part of the camp, and
follow the river east. You'll go through a 2nd waterfall, then come upon 
the east part of the camp. A 3rd waterfall is on the left and a path up to
the right. Go left through the 3rd waterfall and at the bottom of the pond
is a loot suitcase. Now head back and go southeast up the path. At the top
head north along the ledge, you'll find a skeleton with a couple loot sacks.
Loot and continue north and on the right is HALF MOUSE CAVE.


This is a living area for the SORROW tribals. They wander about, and there
are a variety of loot sacks and items about you can take. On the top level
there is another exit back into the camp area. Take it.

You emerge into a small grotto. 4 loot sacks are about, go ahead and take
what you want then head up the rock slope to the higher levels. At the top
of the ramp, face northeast and you'll see a campfire pot. Go there then
turn around and face southwest, you'll see a hidden loot sack under a wood

Continue southwest and you'll cross a little wooden bridge. Follow the path
and at the end, look down you'll see a white marking cave. Drop down to 


Another of the SURVIVALIST's hidden cave areas, fully loot and explore the
cave system, being careful of a lot of traps about. 

The entrance cavern has a half dozen or so skeletons about. Heading up the
path on the left you will hit major trap area, a trip wire with grenade 
bouquet, 3 bear traps then another trip wire, followed by a plasma mine at
the top of the path.

You'll move onto another area with a left and right intersection. Head right
to a water filled room brewing area, a gun tripwire is followed with a 
plasma mine. There isn't anything in the water filled cavern. Head back then
take the left path into the SURVIVALIST's lair.

In the lair, on the left is a trip wire exit back into the village area. 
Ignore that for now and loot the room. The prizes are up the stairs on the
platform level. Another [SURVIVALIST HIDDEN CACHE] Dufflebag, a terminal to
get more info from, plus some very nice [DESERT RANGER COMBAT ARMOR] and
[DESERT RANGER COMBAT HELMET]. Now, this is nice armor but its not Light
armor, its Medium. It gives better protection but mess's up your faster 
Light armor movement. I would give this armor to your companion and keep
your current Light armor (Reinforced leather, what ever your wearing). But
that is up to you. 

Exit the cave down through this rooms' exit then head east and southeast 
across the 2 wooden bridges. Continue southeast until you hit the cliff wall
then go left (east). You'll see a wooden bridge on the left, and if you hug
the right wall you'll see a cave (it doesn't register as a location on the
map). Its the CROSSROADS CAVERN. Go ahead and enter. The cavern is directly
opposite the bridge on the left.


This forgotten cavern is the lair of some White-Leg raider scouts. When you
enter the cavern the first room has a few Coyote's about. Proceeding through
you'll hit the other exit of the cavern, but to the left is a wooden branch

Going through the wall you will go down into the White-Leg camp where 3 
White-Leg Raiders await. Kill them and loot the area. Exit the cavern at the
nearby entrance. The Cavern now appears on your map. 

Head directly east to WHITE BIRDS CAVE.


This is the home of the SORROW shaman WHITE BIRD. Talk to him and he will
give you a quest to pick 3 [SACRED DATURA ROOT]. Exit the cave, and before
you go get the 3 roots, straight ahead if you haven't looted them already
are 3 loot sacks against the wall of the hut.

Now its time to get the 3 roots. You should already have stored away at 
least 3 of the roots, if not, put the current quest as active and it will
give you map directions to 3 plants you can harvest for the roots. 

Return to WHITE BIRD with the roots and he will make a special tea for you
to drink. Go ahead and drink it. You will gain special spectral vision. Now
you have to defeat the GHOST OF SHE.

Exit the cave and fast travel to GHOST DEN. Careful animals might spawn
near you, plus the SPORE PLANTS and SPORE CARRIERS are right there also. Be
ready to fight. I dropped in and had 4 types of foes attacking me. After
the area is clear, head west then northwest up the GHOST DEN path, you
should run into some YAO GUAI near the back.

When you get close to the rear of the Den/path, the GHOST OF SHE Yao Guai
will appear and attack. Take her down to get her [GHOST OF SHE PAW]. Return
back to WHITE BIRD to complete the quest. You'll get [SHES' EMBRACE], a 
unique Yao Guai gauntlet unarmed weapon. It is very nice, very durable, good
damage and ignores targets defenses similar to a deathclaw or mantis 
gauntlet. Use vs heavily armored foes like Deathclaws, hi-end robots,
power armor troops, etc.

Exit WHITE BIRDS cave and head northwest, drop down the hill and at the camp
fire at the bottom are 3 loot sacks. Fast travel to STONE BONES CAVE and 
head east, dropping down to the path near the bridge. Keep to the left and
just past the bridge is the last cave in this area, the GLASS CHIME CAVE.

You should hit level 21 soon, UNARMED 70, GUNS 58


This is another White-Leg Raider scout cave. It is 2 levels filled with
White-Leg raiders. Go ahead and clear out the cave and loot the dead Raiders
along with any other items you want to pick up. 

Now that we have explored the cave network, we want to hi-light the main
quest to find DANIEL. Talk to FOLLOWS-CHALK about his questions and he will
tell you about his interest in the outside world. Agree to talk to JOSHUA
about it then find JOSHUA back at the DEAD HORSES area and talk to him. You
can then talk again to FOLLOWS-CHALK and either convince him to stay with
the tribe or leave and explore. Your choice.

Remove all inventory from FOLLOWS-CHALK, we are done with him, we will get
a new companion in a minute. Offload, repair, buy, etc and we are ready for
the next part of the DLC. 

Head to the SORROWS camp and find DANIEL and talk to him, turning in your
quest items. You can pass a [BARTER:50] check to have him sell you limited
items, though he has a poor inventory.  You then will have WALKING CLOUD
join you as a companion. She does good in melee with her YAO GUAI gauntlet
so I usually equip her with the DESERT RANGER armor and helm.

Talk to WALKING CLOUD and get some info from her, including that her family
was evacuated for their protection, but she hasn't heard any word. Agree to
talk to DANIEL about it, then talk to DANIEL. You will learn that her
husband was killed, and convince DANIEL that she needs to know. Talk with
WALKING CLOUD again and inform her. Convince her that DANIEL was doing what
he though was best for both her and the tribe.

We are now ready to head out. You need to head out of the SORROW valley on
foot, at the entrance you will run into JOSHUA who talks about defending
against the White-Legs instead of running away. After the conversation you
can fast travel again.

Fast travel to YAO GUAI CAVE. WALKING CLOUD will talk to you, get some info
from her. Kill any spawning animals around the cave entrance. Enter the cave
and you'll have to plant 3 explosive charges at certain locations. The
locations are just lunchbox like items on the ground you click on. There are
3 YAO GUAI in the main cavern go ahead and kill them for experience. Once
you have placed 3 charges you can exit the cave and use the detonator which
finishes the quest. 

Outside the cave head southeast down the road towards PINE CREEK TUNNEL, 
there will usually be another 3 YAO GUAI that spawned during the quest. Kill
them also for experience and any other animals roaming about.

Fast travel to VIRGIN FORK CAMPGROUNDS we will have a big fight here. Around
the area are a half dozen White-Leg raiders who usually will group on you
here and attack, maybe even with dogs, and there might be spawned animals 
also. A big fight! Once all the Raiders are dead the quest is done. If not
you'll have to see if any stragglers are roaming about on the bluff, they
usually are up on top of the plateau northwest of the camp.

Fast travel to the GENERAL STORE and head south, hugging the right wall. 
You will swing around to a path that leads up east, heading up there will


WALKING CLOUD will comment when you enter this cave, since its another of
the SURVIVALIST hideaways, but she thinks of him as a spirit protector. 
Convince her you still need to search the cave and continue on.

The main cavern has some SPORE PLANTS attacking you. Kill them then you want
to climb up to their ledge. Careful there are 4 or so bear traps leading up
and at the top table area. Loot the various items then look south from the
ledge. You'll see across another small ledge area and a doorway behind it.

Head to the other ledge (there is a walkway up on the left side) and near
the door is a shotgun tripwire. Open the door and 2 bear traps are under the
branches on the ground. Then you can loot the area.

In the back is the final [SURVIVALIST HIDDEN CACHE] dufflebag, along with
the [GRAND STAIRCASE] map inside. Access the terminal for more info on the
SURVIVALIST's diary notes.

Around this time I hit level 22. ENERGY WEAPONS AND MELEE 60, pick PIERCING
STRIKE perk.

Exit the save and head south, dropping down to the PATRIARCH'S CAMPGROUND.


Like the other campgrounds, just a filler area, suitcases in the campers,
junk items lying about. Various animals and/or White-Leg raiders may appear
in the area. 

Head south and just over the hill is COURT FORK OVERLOOK.


Another basic area with nothing about except a few junk items, plants, etc.
Like normal, just watch out for animal encounters. From this area you want
to head southeast towards the water and the small plateau that your
location marker is pointing towards. A small path on the left will let you
jump up to DAGGER'S POINT.


This small plateau sits at the intersection of the 2 small rivers. You 
probably will have some CAZADORS spawn nearby. Head west over to THE BEND


Head over and cross the BEND BRIDGE. Head south straight then follow the
right path southwest, swinging around you'll see a ranger station up and
ahead. WALKING CLOUD comments on the White-Leg camp.

Head on up to the path northwest to the RANGER SUBSTATION EAGLE.


The bottom area of the Ranger Station has various crates with loot in them.
The top cabin area has misc items, plus a hard [LOCKPICK:75] locked gun 
box, along with a first aid box on the wall. 

The station is a great spot to snipe the first White-Leg camp also. Work
your way south to the nearby White-Leg tents, and discover BIGHORN BLUFF.


The first of the White-Leg camps we have to wipe out. Kill the 3 or so
Raiders here, any spawning animals, and swipe the War Totem.

Head northeast through the stone arch you see ahead, then vier east towards
the big rock hill. Go straight to the hill then right, hugging the hill to
your left. When you reach another stone arch on the left THE RED GATE will
register on your map. Don't go here yet, continue to the second White-Leg
camp and finish off the raiders. You can steal the 2nd totem to finish the
quest that way, but you get the same experience so might as well just kill

After like normal, search the camp for loot (a few loot sacks) and kill any
animals roaming about. Now fast travel back to THE RED GATE. 


The Red Gate is actually the little stone arch nearby, but you want to get
up on the high rock hill in front of you. Head left around the hill and
work your way up to the top of the rock formation. Under some trees you 
will find the skeleton of the SURVIVALIST. He finally passed away hidden
from the young soon-to-be tribesmen.

His duffle bag contains the unique SURVIVALIST RIFLE. If it isn't there, 
one of the White-Leg Raiders nearby magically picked it up and has it, you
might even have it already in your inventory. The duffle also contains
the SURVIVALIST's last diary notes.. the 2124 holotape.

Head south/southeast down to the water to the small boat and dock area, the


Like many Zion locations, not much here. Ok. one last location before we
head back. Fast travel to DAGGER'S POINT and head east up the hillside. On
the way up you'll probably encounter random animal attacks. 

Look slightly to the left and far up, that very high mountain with some
sort of tower on the top is our goal. Work your way all the way up the 
mountain where you'll find a tower of some sort, and a shack, THE AERIE.


A Ranger station-like camp, this might have been the central communication
hub of the Zion area Ranger Stations, since it sits at the highest point
on the map, and is centralized. Sadly not much is here.

Fast travel back to the SORROW camp to talk to DANIEL and finish his quest.
You might level to 23 at this point, REPAIR 70 Guns 63

You are now at the final stage of HONEST HEARTS DLC. You have the choice to
fight the White-Legs with JOSHUA and stay in Zion, or side with DANIEL and
slip the Tribals out safely to another home and let the White-Legs have 
Zion. Remove any items from WALKING CLOUD she won't be a companion anymore.
Make sure to sell off, repair, heal, etc and when ready let DANIEL know
of your decision. We will be done with the DLC after this except for 
shuttling our stored items back into the Mojave wasteland. We won't be
coming back. 
We will side with JOSHUA in this fight, to defend Zion from the White-Legs
instead of running. DANIEL will be upset and disappointed, but oh too bad,
running only delays the ending, it doesn't change it. So we fight.

You are now transported to CATERPILLAR'S MOUND. JOSHUA joins you as a
companion, boosting your ability with the .45 cal pistols if your using 
them. We want to move all the way down to the southwest part of the map to
THREE MARYS waterway where the White-Leg main camp is. 

Head down to THREE MARYS any way you want, you will occasionally have to
fight White-Leg ambushes and patrols (animals are disabled during this part
of the quest). Loot what you want, eventually arriving at the entrance to
THREE MARYS. Head into the river valley, you will eventually come up to
the start of the White-Leg area where some friendly tribals are waiting to
help you assault the base. THREE MARYS registers on your map.


This is the final leg of the DLC, assaulting the White-Leg camp. Continue
up the river valley, you will encounter a few White-Leg raiders on the way.
After you swim under the stone arch, the White-Legs detonate some explosive
charges, blocking the pass. 

Head up the nearby path and over the stone bridgeway to THREE MARYS CAVERN.


This small cavern bypass's the blocked pass outside. A few White-Legs are
inside waiting for you. Kill them, there is some ammo and loot up a slight
path, and a passage way out the back. Head out the back exit back into
THREE MARYS river valley.

Go directly across from the cavern exit and up the slope on the other side
of the river. It leads up to a trip wire and a stash of ammo and loot boxes
with a pressure plate under the branches. A grenade bundle is in the nearby
tree for you to take. 

Head back down the slope then continue up the valley west. You'll pass some
high ground with some living tents and various loot sacks. A White-leg or
2 will be in your way as you go, just kill them, loot and continue.

Eventually you will reach the rear campsite, going up a steep path on the
right side. Your friendly tribals will be dealing damage on the way also.
At the end of the valley you will get a cutscene of JOSHUA with the enemy
White-Leg leader SALT-UPON-WOUNDS. 

After talking to SALT, decide that he will die, but will be in a fair
fight. SALT summons 3 other White-Leg raiders to attack you and JOSHUA. Mow
them down not even a close contest. Once SALT-UPON-WOUNDS is dead, the 
battle is done. 

You will watch a extended cutscene describing what happens to the residents
of the Zion valley after the events of the DLC. When it is finished, you
are free to leave HONEST HEARTS. There is a storage box now at the SOUTHERN
PASSAGE. Go grab all your saved up gear and transfer it to the storage box.
then gather ALL the gear (you will probably be slowed due to the weight)
and enter the passage out of Zion. 

Arriving at the NORTHERN PASSAGE, dump your excess gear in the storage box
there then shuttle it all to your room in NOVAC. HONEST HEARTS is over,
your job is complete.

I leveled up to 24. UNARMED 75, LOCKPICK 80, SNEAK 66, perk STONEWALL.


Hopefully this Walkthrough might help someone looking to do HONEST HEARTS. 
The DLC itself isn't extremely fun or good, most of the locations are just
filler travel spots with no depth, items, or planning. The Zion area itself
is very nice, but they could have done so much more with it.

This Walkthrough wasn't designed for you to find every item, or to tell you
how to do every action. Instead its to find and do most locations. How you
go about the areas, or kill the enemies are up to you. The DLC is easy enough
to complete even at lower levels, like 10 or so, but due to the location at
the far north side of the New Vegas Map, most players don't get to it until
higher levels on a normal playthrough.

You of course will not level up exactly as I state in the walkthrough,
because of random fights, exploring and other things, but you will be in the
general level range. Its laid out as a guideline, not a plan.

Feel free to email me with problems you might catch, such as directional
mistakes, spelling, a skill book that is in an areas that i didn't mention,
you get the idea. Don't email me with "why did you do this first, or that".
This is my walkthrough, not yours. You don't have to do the areas in the
order I put them in. 

Now that you have played and learned the game, the next time you play you
can make it a little tougher or different. Play on hard mode. Stick with a
unique template for roleplaying (Cowboy, Night Stalker, etc). You have to be
careful on hardcore mode, since your companions can die. Due to glitches, 
bad programming, and other reasons this can happen easy. Save a lot.

Thats about it. Hope you had fun with the game, and good luck on your next