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Follow the dark path or use the light

Online guide to get a Nuke


Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2
Online Nuke Guide

Hey guys, this is a guide on how to get you that elusive nuke we've all dreamed about getting.

4:Game Mode
6:General hints and tips

First and foremost is the weapons you use.
Naturally, it's a preferance of choice, as people's tastes vary. 
Some weapons however, really stand out, depending on the Game mode (sec.4), and map (sec.3). I will go into more detail on the weapons best suited for a specific game mode or map in the afformentioned areas.

In general though, you will need a silencer or surpressor on your weapon in Normal mode. It's less useful in Hardcore, but can still be helpful in enemy UAVs and stopping enemies hearing your fire.. A silencer vastly weakens the power of a weapon (despite what the stats say), so you'll need a powerful weapon to begin with. Both the TAR-21, and the UMP-45 fit this description. I personally prefer the TAR, but the UMP works fine as well. Both of these work well in close range, and at long-medium range. Other weapons can work well, but their reliabilty in an arms length firefight can be brough into question.

As for Secondary weapon, it doesn't really matter. If you're using a weaker close range weapons, a shotgun won't go amiss. If your using a TAR or UMP, some sort of Rocket Launcher would probably be better. The RPG-7 would be best for this, as it can be used for anti-personnel and anti-aircraft support.

I'm dividing these up into their three tiers (slots)

1st: Scavenger is highly recommended, to save you running out of ammo and having to ditch it for an unreliable weapon. If your using an LMG, Sleight of Hand Pro may be of more use.

2nd: Cold blooded. No two ways about it. This is cruacial to  getting a nuke, on Normal and Hardcore.

3rd: I strongly suggest you use Ninja, especially in Hardcore, where a fair amount of people use heartbeat sensors. Other useful perks include Steady Aim and SitRep

This one can quite easily be put down to common sense.
In a map with large lines of sight, like Wasteland, a weapon like the FAL, M16A4 or FAMAS can dominate. Sniper Rifles are not really recommended, as there are some Close Quarter areas in all maps.
In other maps, like Skidrow, where you are shoved into small corridors with your opponents, an SMG or fast firing rifle, like a Vector are best suited.

4:Game Mode

Normal Mode:
As stated in Weapons (sec.1), Silencers are necessary.
For this Game Mode, I would recommend using the weapons from sec.1

Hardcore Mode:
For this, a Silencer is useful, but you might find a Heartbeat Sensor more useful.
For this mode, I also found the M16 very useful, as it is very accurate at long range, and 1 shot from it's 3 round burst will kill an enemy under normal circumstances at close range.

Here are the Kill streaks I use:
Harriers (7)
Chopper Gunner (11)
Nuke (25)

Harriers are good, as you get an airstrike as well, and I find the hovering harrier gets more kills than the Attack Helicopter

Chopper Gunner or AC130, doesn't really matter, both good. The Chopper has a longer time, as AC130 only stays for 45 seconds. Problem with the Chopper is that it's significantly easier to shoot down.

6:General hints and tips
In general, Camping is the key to a Nuke. When you have to move, do it slowly, and stay crouched at all times. Don't fire unless you have a clear shot, as it could give away your position. If you suspect there's a camper in a room, or more than one person, simply chuck in a grenade and hope it works.

Here's the Class I use for getting a nuke

Primary Weapon
TAR-21 w/ Silencer
Secondary Weapon
Special Grenade
Flash Grenade
1st Perk
Scavenger Pro
2nd Perk
Cold-Blooded Pro
3rd Perk
Ninja Pro
Deathstreak Perk
Final stand
Harrier Airstrike
Chopper Gunner
Tactical Nuke

That's all, good luck getting a Nuke.
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