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Follow the dark path or use the light
Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Pack Shot

Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City

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Puzzle Solutions hint for Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City

Puzzle Solutions

Below is a guide to the puzzles found in this game.

Note: when 'Adult Villagers' are mentioned, this means any adult villager who is not a mother with a recently born baby I.e. They are no longer carrying them in their arms.

1: The First Chief: Find a chief for your village by dropping villagers onto the robe in the ampitheater. Each villager will try it on until one finds that it fits. That villager will then become chief. Anyone can be chief, except for mothers with babies. Repeat whenever your chief dies.

2: The Bee Hive: You need to smoke the bees by the hive to stun them so that your villagers can collect their honey. Collect dry grass and wood in the fire-pit, before lighting the fire (drag villagers to the piles of resources and they will take it to the pit; drag a villager to the torches by the beehive and they will pick up the torch and light the fire-pit). The villager will then take the smoking torch to the hive to calm the bees.

3: The Alchemy Lab: First you need to locate an Adept Scientist out of all your villagers. Then, be on the lookout for four colored pots in your village. Two pots will be colored, either red or yellow and white. One will be brown, and another will be more of a bowl with spoons. Finally you also need to find a spear, which has a golden handle. Drop the Scientist on each object and he will return them to the lab.

4: The Roster of the Dead: Scroll the map to find The Roster of the Dead, which is on the edge of the map - it is a big rock where the names of any dead villagers are recorded. You should find it at the far right of the map. You need to get your living villagers to clear the leaves from the rock. This takes time, but if you put your chief there too, it speeds things up. Completing this puzzle gives you better building skills and speed of completing future projects.

5: Weather Dancing: Put your chief onto the fire in your village. They will start to do a weather dance (you need Level 2 Leadership for this). You then also need 3 Adept Farmers - put them on the fire, and they will help out. The sparks under their feet show that it is working. Eventually it will begin to rain and the villagers will converge on your - you are now able to control the weather.

6: The Lift: You need 3 Adept Builders and Level 2 Restoration to repair the village's lift (the 'strange machine' or see-saw like object to the right of the map. Drag the 3 Adept Builders to the lift (each one needs to be Adept). The game should show that it is being fixed, which can only occur during the rain.

7: The Rubble: With Level 2 Restoration, drop a villager at the rocks in the bottom right corner of the screen. They will remove the rocks, increasing their Building skills and revealing some tablet pieces. Use children to take the tablets back to the laboratory. Use the cave once it is cleared to see history about the area and repeat any story scenes. Note that you can use the chief to increase the speed of clearing the rubble, while any Builders used to do it will be quicker than other villagers anyway.

8: The Ancient Bath: To complete this puzzle, you need a Master Builder, and to have done Puzzle 3, clearing out the Alchemy Lab. Put the Builder on the white board in the Lab and they will plan out the Ancient Bath. Use Builders on the site to begin the construction.

9: The Statue: You must have built the Ancient Bath (Puzzle 8), have Level 3 Restoration, Level 3 Leadership, and have a Master Builder to take on this tricky puzzle. Drop another Master Builder at the white board in the Alchemy Lab to get a plan for the village's statue. Use a Builder on the hill to locate a place for the statue. Put Builders at the statue site (use your chief to direct the work on the construction site - this is essential for this puzzle). The Builders will then push the statue up the hill to it's position.

10: The Orchard: For this puzzle, you need the lift from puzzle 6, and to have planted the first fruit tree when the game started - the initial seed was by the lift. Once you have repaired the lift, there are two more seeds - collect them by putting an adult non-baby carrying villager on the lift when it is raining. At the peak of it's ascent, a seed will fall from the tree. Place a villager on the seed to plant it. Repeat this for the next seed. Once all three seeds have grown and matured, the puzzle will be complete with the orchard in place. Note: you can speed up the game to get the trees to grow quicker (4 hours on fast speed). Because the lift only works in the rain, you have to place villagers on it as soon as you hear the rain. Pause the game once a storm starts to make this easier.

11: Banishing the Sharks: With a Level 2 in Nature or Magic, and having completed the Alchemy Lab (puzzle 3), this puzzle depends on which Faction you have chosen. For nature, you need 2 Black Orchids and 1 Pitcher Plant. For magic, you need 2 Roses and 1 Berry. Get an adult villager to drink the potion. They will take it to the sea and either repel the sharks (with the nature potion) or charms them (with magic). Importantly, this puzzle gives you unlimited food with the sharks prevented from pestering the villagers.

12: Aromatherapy: You need to have built the bath in puzzle 8, and have Level 3 Medicine and a Master Doctor. Put the Doctor in the bath and he will fill the surrounding bowls with Lotus plants. Put a Master Doctor on the fire pit to finish.

13: The Ash Key: After around 10 hours on fast mode, the village fire goes out. If you have already re-lit it, you will have to wait for it to die down again. Once out, there will be sparkles around it and a diamond in the fire pit itself. You need to put adult villagers at the waterfalls, where they will take water and put it on the diamond. After about a dozen trips, the diamond
Will be cool enough to collect. After the villagers begin drinking from the waterfall instead of cooling the key, drop one onto the diamond. They will use it as a key in the door.

14: The Hanging Key: The second key is earned after this puzzle (the first being from puzzle 13). You need to have the Alchemy Lab from puzzle 3 for this. Collect Cactus, Rose and Lotus plants. Get an adult villager to drink the potion, and put them by the pink icon near the orchard. The game will inform you that the villager is trying to reach a key.
Once they have it, they will take it to the door.

15: The Clam Key: Having completed puzzle 9 to move the statue, a pearl will appear. Get a Master Builder to collect the pearl. They will go to the waterfall where the peark will go blue. This will open the clam and give you the final key. You will then be able to go through the now-unlocked door, into the Sun Dial Room. Note: with any of the key puzzles, if a villager drops the key, you have to do it all again to get the key to the door.

16: The Sun Dial: After finding all the keys in puzzles 13-15, you can go through the door into the Sun Dial Room. Put a villager on the Sun Dial and it will move. Wait until it is as far left as possible, and the sunlight hits it. Ghosts will then appear in the room. Put a villager on the ghosts and something very special will be explained.

Added by: MongooseGeneral
Jun 24th 2011, ID#16330


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Jan 5th 2015 Guest
What's the pitcher plant?
ID #496562
Oct 11th 2014 Guest
I am playing VV3 on an iPhone just checking is there anything different that I should know?
ID #457233
Oct 5th 2014 Guest
Can someone help! My statue is already half way there but suddenly my chief stopped and now every time I place him/her on the statue she/he is not "directing work" help me!
ID #455080
Sep 12th 2014 Guest
I couldnt find the last piece to complete my alchemy lab, the spear with a golden handle, can someone tell me where it is located? Thanks
ID #446939
Jul 2nd 2014 Guest
thnx very helpful...But I really agree that the end is a little scary!Anyway, thnx again![b][b][b][/b] [/b] [/b] ♥
ID #411038
Jan 25th 2014 Guest
Thnx for this. It has helped me so much. But I feel the last one scary by reading... :P
ID #347842
Jul 13th 2013 Guest
ID #297287
May 13th 2013 Guest
Great u helped me a lot thanx
ID #282393
May 8th 2013 Guest
thank you![color=pink][/color]
ID #281093
Jul 4th 2012 Guest
You know every time when you have a paragraph that has two options. You have to choose the right one, but sometimes you must guess if you don't understand.
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