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Total Anihilation Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Total Anihilation please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Total Anihilation Questions & Answers page.

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Help on Canal Crossing

When you startselect 4 teams two alies (you and another)and two enimies (which are alies with each other),your commander is placed either next to or in the centre of 3 metal metal extractors on all 3 then build about 3 solar collectors near them.after that build an aircraft plant anywhere,have your commander guard it whilst it is building 11 construction aircrafts.have the 1st 5 build pulverizers all over your base.then have the next 1 patrol to increase energy automatically(with the trees).the next 5 build your adv.aircraft plant.your commander now has nothing to do so get him to gaurd your adv.aircraft plant(building 10 adv.aircraft and 100 rapiers)(rapiers are the ones on the right of construction aircraft).Build aircraft 1st.when aircraft number 1 is built get it to build a fusion power plant then get all the rest to help (once they are built).after it's done reclaim your metal extractors and build moho mines in there place (dont forget to build moho mines on other metal plates built into the ground!)build guns around your moho mines and fusion power plant.then build a silencer!(if you don't know what it is then i'll let you into a secret,its only ONE OF THE BEST WEAPONS IN THE WHOLE GAME!!!its a nuculear misslr launcher.)set it to build 100 missles(although you wont really need that many) (hold down shift and click for it to go up in 5's)wait a while because you will have about 30-40 rapiers built.once you have that many rapiers(dont go counting them iduvidually just estimate)invade one of your enimies only with rapiers no others destroy his guns first e.g. Pulverizers,gaat guns,vipers,flakkers,punishers,L.L.T'S(Light Laser Towers)for core and e.g.defenders,gaat guns etc.for arm.then take out commander if any remain have them patrol YOUR base(have all of the rapiers going to be built patrol your base will have 1 enemy left,so demolish his base with nothing but nuclear missiles! Once their base as been destroyed you will have something come up on the screen that says somthing like this

Thanks for reading from you're m8


Press 'Enter' and then input the following codes in Skirmish or Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding.
ALL Units Sing when selected:

Unlock an in-game clock Recording your Play Time:

Unlock Skirmish A.I:
+control[0-3] Control

Kill ALL Units:

Win Instantly:
Lose Instantly:
Decrease Energy:

Decrease Metal:
Infinite Radar Coverage:
Makes a large BMP format Image of the Screen:

Trace Units/Buildings in the order they were Built:

Some cheats I remembered

To youse these then press enter during the game
And a message box will appear

+bigbrother=guys say different things when you
Click on them

+doubleshot=you will do double damage with this one
+iwin=you will win if you yo-use this cheat
+nowisee=delete fog of war
+radar=gives you full radar cover
Hope this has helped

Singing commander

Also there is +atm (metal and energy) and +showranges (shows ranges when shift is held) good for seeing how far D-gun goes!

Try always to start building plant as soon as th..

Try always to start building plant as soon as the game begins. Then let the plant produce construction robots - let's say three or four immediatly.

An production plant don't take much energy or metal to produce. After producing it, start producing wind-mills for energy (these are "cheaper" to produce than solar energy) and metal subtractors.

Use the robots produce to make both energy and metalsubtractors in addition to weapens. HINT: Metal converters (from energy) consumes 60 energy.

Therefor build at least 3 wind-mills for each metal converter to get an coordinated energy and metal production.

Press the . This cheat allows you to know t..

Press the [ENTER] key then type in [ + RADAR]. This cheat allows you to

know the location of every enemy vehicle, building. It does not however

let you see them all. just their postitions.

Hi strugglers The cheats all work on skirmi..

Hi strugglers

The cheats all work on skirmish but not all on the missions.



FULL RADAR - +radar

10000 MORE ENERGY - +atm



At the title screen type in drdeath 4 level select on the missions.

Hope I've helped.

p.s. got any cheats 4 actua soccor 2???

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