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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Cheats for PC

We have 3 cheats on PC
We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation   Nintendo 64   DreamCast   GameBoy   Gameboy Advance

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UnlockablesAdded 20 Jun 2006, ID #8833
Before entering the following codes you must first on any level pause the game and hold 7 on the number pad. Then enter the code for the corresponding effect and if entered correctly the text in the Pause menu will shake as confirmation.

Unlock everything Except ALL Gaps!:
Space, Space, Space, C, V, Up, Down, Left, Up, C, V, Space, V, B, Space, V, B.

Unlock ALL Gaps and Private Career!:
Down, Up, Left, Left, B, Left, Up, V, V, Up, Right, C, C, Up, Spacebar.

Unlock Double Moon Physics:
Left, Up, Left, Up, Down, Up, C, V, Left, Up, Left, Up, Down, Up, C, V.

Unlock Fat Heads:
C, B, Up, Left, Left, C, Right, Up, Left.

Unlock ALL Stats at 10:
Space, V, B, C, V, Up, Down.

Unlock Neversoft Skaters:
Up, C, C, V, Right, Up, B, V.

Speed Up the Game:
Down, C, V, Right, Up, B, Down, C, V, Right, Up, B

Always have Full Special:
Space, V, B, B, Up, Left, V, C.

Turn Blood Off/On:
Right, Up, C, V.

Unlock Fat Skater:
Space, Space, Space, Space, Left, Space, Space, Space, Space, Left, Space, Space, Space, space, Left.

Unlock Thin Skater:
Space, Space, Space, Space, C, Space, Space, Space, Space, C, Space, Space, Space, Space, C.

Unlock the following effects by completing the corresponding task without using Tony Hawk, Officer Dick, a Custom Skater and Spider-Man unless stated otherwise.

Unlock Officer Dick:
Beat the game 100% one time with any character.

Unlock Skip To Restart:
Choose your starting position in a level, beat the game 100% with 2 charcters.

Unlock Kid Mode:
Skaters look like little kids, beat the game 100% with 3 different charcters.

Unlock Perfect Balance:
Beat the game 100% with 4 different charcters.

Unlock Always Special:
Full Special Meter continuously, beat the game 100% with 5 different charcters.

Unlock STUD Cheat:
Full stats but doesn't display it, beat the game 100% with 6 different charcters.

Unlock Weight Cheat:
Allows you to select the weight of your skater, beat the game 100% with 7 different characters.

Unlock Wirframe Mode:
Reveals only the polygons of a level without colors or textures, beat the game 100% with 8 different characters

Unlock Slow-Nic:
Game plays in slow motion, beat the game 100% with 9 different characters.

Unlock Big Head Cheat:
Beat the game 100% with 10 different characters.

Unlock Sim Mode:
Skater's abilities become more realistic, beat the game 100% with 11 different characters.

Unlock Smooth Cheat:
Eliminates ALL textures, beat the game 100% with 12 different characters.

Unlock Moon Physics:
Gravity becomes less, beat the game 100% with 13 different characters or beat the game 100% with Officer Dick.

Unlock Disco Mode:
Objects on the level blink different colours, beat the game 100% with 14 different characters.

Unlock Private Carrera:
Get every single gap in the game.

Unlock Spider-Man:
To earn Spider-Man, complete the game 100% with a custom character.

Unlock original THPS Levels:
To unlock three original THPS levels (Downhill Jam, Warehouse, and Skate Park) win one gold in each of the three competitions.

Unlock Secret Wind Tunnel in the Hangar:
To unlock the secret wind tunnel area in the Hangar grind across the propellor that is at the back of the half pipe.

Unlock Chopper Drop:
To unlock Chopper Drop, a huge halfpipe in the middle of the ocean with a pier you can jump to, get gold medals with everyone in the game including Officer Dick, a Custom Skater, and Spider-Man.

Unlock Skate Heaven:
Beat the the game 100% getting every goal on every Career mode level with every skater to unlock Skate Heaven, a huge level with awesome areas.

ID #2988

How to unlock Private Carrera and Mcsqueeb(80's Tony)

To unlock Private Carrera and Mcsqueeb you have to do expert type things.

To get Mcsqueeb u have to either beat the game with Tony Hawk, or get 3 gold medals with Tony Hawk. (I can't remember which it is.

Now if you're really an expert at this game you'll probly be able to get Private Carrera. To get Private Carrera u have to get every single gap!

This is no joke. That's right, all the gaps. That's y u have to be a total expert to do this.

The only thing i can say about that is "Good Luck."

ID #2983

Complete game.Go to career mode and start a session.

Pause the game and hold Numpad 7,press b,left,up,right,b,left,up,right,spacebar,b,left,up,right,b,left,up,right.

The pause screen will shake.

Now,the game is completed with the current skater.


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