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The Sims: Vacation Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Sims: Vacation

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims: Vacation Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..

We have 5 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims: Vacation please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our The Sims: Vacation Questions & Answers page.

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Reset Characters

If you want to reset your characters, just use the cheat "Move_objects on" and delete your sim(s). Then double click on the face icon and they will teleport in or out of the house. All the bars are reset. (even the experience bars).

Cheat Codes

During gameplay press Ctrl + Shift + C and when you see the prompt in the upper left corner of the screen enter one of the following codes below to enable the corresponding code.
Unlock 1000 Simoleons:
Add Family History Stat to Current Family:
Allow Visitors to be Controlled using the Keyboard:
Begin Sim Logging:
Sim_log begin
Fix Lot Objects:
Create Moat or Streams:

Create-a-Character Mode:
Disable Floorable Grid:
Draw_floorable off
Disable Map Editor:
Map_edit off
Disable Preview Animations:
Preview_anims off
Draw Dots at Each Sim's Origin:
Enable Draw ALL Animation Frames:
Draw_all_frames on
Enable Floorable Grid:
Draw_floorable on
Enable Map Editor:
Map_edit on
Enable Review Animations:
Preview_anims on
End Sim Logging:
Sim_log end
Force Assert:
Invisible objects:
Genable_objects off
Load House:
house (house number)
Log Animations in Event:
Log window log_animations
Move Any Object:
Move_objects on
Prevent Browser Crashes:
Programmer Stats:
Quit Game:
Refresh Character Texture:
Restore Tutorial:
Rotate Camera:
Rotation (0-3)
Save House:
Save Family History:
Set Event Logging Mask:
Set Game Speed:
Sim_speed (-1000-1000)
Set Grass Change Value:
Edit_grass (number)
Set Grass Growth:
Grow_grass (0-150)
Set Lot Size:
Lot_size (number)
Set Menu Items to appear for In-use Objects:
Show Tile Information:
Tile_info on
Show Personality and Interests:
Sim's Path Displayed:
Draw_routes on
Sim's Path Hidden:
Draw_routes off
Toggle Assets Report:
Toggle Automatic Oobject:
Reset auto_reset
Toggle Camera:
Mode cam_mode
Toggle Object Compression:
Toggle Sound Log:
Toggle Sounds:
Total Reload:
Set Time of Day:
Set_hour (1-24)
Set Free Thinking Level:
Autonomy (1-1000)

Instant Job Stats

First, create a kid sim. Edit the personality, choose a gender, and give the sim a name. Don't do anything with the skin, head, or clothes. Now press done.
Now edit the sim. Change him/her into an adult, change the skin, body, and head to whatever you want, re-enter the name(the name is erased when you re-edit a sim), and press done. Do NOT change the personality.
Move your sim into a house or lot and check the job stats. Your sim should now have their own job stats and a job that has no pay. Just change the job to one that matches the sim's skills.

If have a dog or cat(if you have unleashed)you c..

If have a dog or cat(if you have unleashed)you cant feed them on holiday.So before you go do this.

Put on the move objects cheat (move_objects on)then save your game.Go to buy mode click on your dog or cat and then delete on the keypad or click on the blue line go on holiday.

When you come back click on the picture of the dog or cat.

If you want to trap burglars, all you have to do..

If you want to trap burglars, all you have to do is to pause the game, and build a fence around the

burglar/roomie. For Burgler:Trap and call Police. Roomie:Lure out side

far away from house and trap.(they get sort annoying)

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