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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Sims: Unleashed Pack Shot

The Sims: Unleashed

The Sims: Unleashed Cheats for PC

We have 9 cheats on PC

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Recharge All needsAdded 25 Nov 2006, ID #10284
By using Ctrl+Shift+C Type in Move_Objects on Then click on your sim and delete him after doing that click on his picture on the bottom of the screen & in the room your viewing he'll appear with all his needs fully recharged!!

NessieAdded 8 Nov 2004, ID #5467
Go onto the place where you can see the neighboorhood (all of it) and hold shift and ctrl and then press c while you are holding shift and ctrl and a box in the top left hand corner will come up and type in it "nessie" and the lock ness monster will come out of the lake.
CheatsAdded 19 Feb 2004, ID #4166
For all of these cheats press: Ctrl + Shift + C and follow the instructions given then press enter/return. If it just say a word with ' around it just type it into the box in the corner then press enter/return:

1,000 simoleons: 'rosebud'

More than 1,000 simoleons type: 'rosebud' then type '!;!;!;!;!;;' highlight '!;!;!;!;' then press Ctrl + C then press and hold Ctrl + V until you hear a thudding noise. Then press and hold enter/return.

import and load specific FAM file: type 'import' then type in the name of the FAM file.

Create moats or steams: 'water_tool'

Create-a-Character mode: 'edit_char'

Display personality and interests: 'interests'

Draw all animation; disabled: 'draw_all_frames off'

Draw all animation; enabled: 'draw_all_frames on'

Execute a '.cht' file as a list of cheats: type 'cht' then type the filename

Floorable grid; disabled: 'draw_floorable off'

Floorable grid;enabled: 'draw_floorable on'

Map editor; disabled: 'map_edit off'

Map editor; enabled: 'map_edit on'

Move any object; enabled: 'move_objects on'

Move any object; disabled: 'move_objects off'

Preveiw animations; disabled: 'preveiw_anims off'

Preveiw animations; enabled: 'preveiw_anims on'

Quit game: 'quit'

Rotate camera: type 'rotation' then type in the number of 90degree turns you want to turn.

Save currently loaded house: 'save'

Selected person's path; display: 'draw_routes on'

Selected person's path; hidden: 'draw_routes off'

Set events logging mask: 'log_mask'

Set free thinking level: type 'autonomy' then type a number between 1 & 100, 1=low free thinking level 100=high free thinking level.

Set game speed: type 'sim_speed' then type a number between -1000 & 1000, -1000=slow 0=normal 1000=fast.

Set grass growth: type 'grow_grass' then type a number between 0 & 150, 0=normal grass growth 150=fast grass growth.

Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator: type 'sim_limit' then type any number of milliseconds.

Set sim speed: type 'sim_speed' then type a number between -1000 & 1000, -1000=slow 0=normal 1000=fast.

Sets the neighborhood directory to the path: type in the directory path.

Sim logging; begin: 'sim_log begin

Sim logging; finish: 'sim_log end'

Swap two house files and update the famillies: type 'swap_houses' then type in the two house numbers of the houses you wish to stop.

Ticks; disabled: 'sweep off'

Ticks; enabled: 'sweep on'

Tile information; displayed: 'tile_info on'

Tile information; hidden: 'tile_info off'

Toggle camera mode: 'cam_mode'

Toggle music: 'music'

Toggle sound log window: 'sound_log'

Toggle sounds: 'sound'

Toggle web page creation: 'html'

Total reload of people, skeletons, animations, suits and skins: 'reload_people'

Trigger sound event: 'soundevent'
RosebudAdded 28 Jan 2004, ID #4039
While your at your house that you bought, type and hold crtl-shift-c.

A green bar will appear at the top of your screen if you did if correctly.

The word that you type in the green bar is rosebud. Click enter and you'll gain $1,000(sims money)
cheatsAdded 31 Aug 2003, ID #3348
Move objects:Press ctrl,shift,c and a box should appear in the upper left hand corner.

When it appears, type'move_objects on' exactly like I wrote it and you should be able to move anything you want to.

Map edit:Press ctrl,shift,c. When the box appears, type 'map_edit on' and the map editor will come on. T turn these off, type 'off' instead of on.
ID #2907

When playing the game hold down shitf + ctrl and press c. Then a little green box will appear in in the left hand corner.

Type in rosebud and put in l; and hold shift and put a: then a box will appear saying no such cheat but your money will rise.......

Have Fun!

ID #2902

Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and a box will appear in the corner.

In that box type move_objects on, this means you can move or delete anything.

If your sims are all depressed then you can go on to buy mode and click on your person then press delete.

Then go to live mode and you will see your persons head on the blue bar but it will have a little red dot in the corner of the head.

Click on the head and your sim will come back all refreshed and happy.

ID #2897


During gameplay hold ctrl shift and c a little box will pop up in it type rosebud;!;!;!;! then highlight the ;!;!;!;! bit and press ctrl and c together then hold ctrl and keep on pressing v until it makes a noise to indicate that you can't fit in anymore

Press backspace twice and type the leter p then hold enter until your money is up to 9999999 and then you will have unlimited money!

Make Sims Happy

Hold ctrl and shift and c and type in move_objects_on then press enter then pause the game and delete your sim then go back to live mode and click on the sims face and they will be happy!

ID #2892

Ok always ask me for cheats coz i am cheat champ anyway here's some for you!


Ok everyone has to be asleep(Including pets) by 12:00 just before it turns twelve by some cookies(The cookies on a plate) a christmas tree and a chimney then when the clock strikes twelve at midnight santa will come eat the cookies and give you presents! (He will give you ones that you open but dont have anything that they actually use but he does give you a big piece of furni so if you have a poor family this might be helpful)


Everyone knows this!

Do Ctrl + Shift + C (at the same time) and in the top left hand corner a green box will appear then type

in that box rosebud; ; ;;

then hold down enter and watch your moeny go up (On the money screen it will only show up to 9,999,999 but it's still going up you just cant see it)


Are you fed up of your sims always getting tired and in bad moods? Well listen up!

Ok first save it otherwise your sims skill points will go. (Charisma, Body, Mechanical etc.) but if your sim doesnt have any then dont bother saving it!

Anyway after you have saved it bring up that little green box! Can you remember? Well if you cant here's how to do Ctrl + Shift + C at the same time to bring up the box.

In the box type move_objects on

then press enter then click on your sims and press delete!

Don't panic go back onto live mode and click on the person and they will re appear fresh with energy and ready for the day!

Deleting used things!

Here's a cheat than can be used in a good way and a grose way!

Ok get the green box (Ctrl + Shift + C) and type in it move_objects on then press enter! Now go into buy mode and click on anything you can delete anything you want (Sims, stray dogs/cats etc.)

Ok my friend Vickki showed me this once with the cheat it was so disgusting! First she got the sims to play in bed then she took away the bed and you could see them! It was grose!


I wish i was never told this cheat ok make the sims play in bed then whilst they are get the green box(Ctrl + Shift + C)

then put in move_objects on

then take out one of the sims from the bed

wait til there finished then the person you pulled out of the bed wont get changed its disgusting!

Thats a cheat for any of you disgusting people who actually want to look! Why did my friend tell me that cheat!

Anyway hope all these marvellous cheats help you!

Good Luck! and good bye! ;D


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