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The Sims: Unleashed Pack Shot

The Sims: Unleashed


The Sims Unleashed

by Tim

The Sims Unleashed Strategy Guide - PC
By Tim Miller

Before you read this strategy guide please note that this review is for personal use only and may not be copied or used in any way to make money. If you want to put this on your website then please email me at the address given below. Thank you.

In this strategy guide I will go through in detail all the main things you should know about the Sims Unleashed. I will give tips and advice to help you get a steady family going, building a house etc. Although I explain a lot in this strategy guide, you should still have the booklet handy. It will tell you what to do if your computer crashes or freezes. It will also tell you about installing and uninstalling. If you have any questions about the game then please check to see if your question is answered in this strategy guide. If not please email me at [email protected] Please don\'t send any Spam or bad comments about this guide as I won\'t reply.

List of contents

01.	New things in the Sim\'s Unleashed
02.	The Old Town
03.	Starting a family and moving in
04.	Live, Buy and Build mode 
05.	Getting started
06.	Sim\'s needs
07.	Tips on keeping your Sims happy
08.	Skill points
09.	Death
10.	Services
11.	Friends, enemies and lovers
12.	Children
13.	Marrying and moving in
14.	Jobs
15.	How pets can be helpful
16.	Different pets, good and bad
17.	Training pets
18.	Keeping pets happy
19.	Burglars
20.	Cheats, general Info and other expansion packs

New things in the Sim\'s Unleashed

The Sim\'s Unleashed offers a much wider range of things to do and places to go. There are a lot more houses and you can now visit allotments. You can even build your own allotment exactly as you want it. You can also adopt cats or dogs and buy birds and other creatures. There are hundreds of new objects and many more ways to keep your Sims happy. There a many more commands which makes talking to friends a lot more fun.

The Old town

Allotments are great places to meet friends. In allotments you can do all sorts of things. You can buy seeds, grow them and then sell them. This is a good way to make money. If you want you can adopt an animal. You can get a bird, iguana or some fish but the main creatures are cats and dogs. If you want you can just play with the cat or dog. Allotments can have a wide range of things to do to entertain your Sim. 

You can go swimming, play pool, watch television etc. If you want you can build an allotment. To do this first of all go to the neighbourhood screen. Click on one of the allotments. Now you can change it to how you like. Building an allotment is the same as building a house. But when you come to buying things everything is different. Some of the objects that you can buy for your house you can buy for an allotment but some you cannot. The best thing to do is just go through everything and work out what you want to buy. The good thing is you can spend as much as you want as there is no price limit.

If you want people to visit your allotment you need to make sure that it is attractive. You should have a wide range of things to buy and plenty of things to keep Sims happy. When you go to save, it will come up with a box. Type in what is in your allotment. Now at the neighbourhood screen when you put the cursor over your allotment it will say what you wrote. This is so you know what each allotment has to offer. If you want to visit a place where they sell something like seeds click on the button at the top which says gardening. Now all of the allotments where you go for gardening will be highlighted. If you want to build an allotment but there are none left to build on then click the icon at the top which says evict or rezone. Now click on a house or an allotment and you can change what it is. For example, if you click on a house it will change it to an allotment and an allotment will turn into a house. If you do this the house will have to be bulldozed. Make sure that you don\'t have too many allotments and that if you are changing a house into an allotment that there is no one living there.

Starting a family and moving in

In the Sim\'0s unleashed you now have a lot more houses to choose from. All your old houses will be in the top right hand corner. Click on create a new family and then give your family a name. Try to make sure that it is not the same as any other family living in your area. Now click add a member. First of all decide how many people are going to be in your family, what sex they are going to be and whether they are a child or an adult.

 Choose a name for your Sim and then change their head and decide which one you like best. Now change their clothes. Then put points on their personality. You should make sure that the points are evenly spread. Then write a Bio for your Sim. Put something like \"……… is very kind and helpful\" blah, blah, blah. Then click ok. Once you have clicked ok you can\'t go back and edit your Sim. Now if you want you can create another Sim: click create. Once you are satisfied with your family click ok. Once you have done this you won\'t be able to edit your family again so make sure you have done everything you want.

If it is your first time playing the game then you should start off with two people. Two is better than one for quite a few reasons. If your social level gets low you can just get them to talk and you don\'t have to call a neighbour. You can send one person to work and in the morning get the other to make breakfast. It is also useful if you make one of your Sims very neat. This way they will always tidy up mess. The other Sim can then be very messy and good at something else. It does not matter that they are messy as the other Sim will always clean up if they are neat.

Now click on move in family. Choose your family and click on the house that you want to move into. Make sure that you have a house that suits you. For example don\'t move into a small house if you have a huge family and don\'t move into a big house if you have a small family. You won\'t necessarily be able to move into the house you want as you only have twenty thousands pounds. Make sure that you have enough left over to buy all your objects.

When deciding on a house make sure that you click on them without a family first. This way you can get a good idea whether it will suit you. If you have two Sims then you want five rooms. One room should be the kitchen, one a living room, one a bedroom and two bathrooms. You can easily get away with one bathroom but two makes everything a lot easier as Sims use the toilet quite regularly. It is also nice if you have a balcony. Not only because it makes the place look nice but because when you have friends round you go up to the balcony and have a few drinks. This is really good for getting your social bar up.

Live, Buy and Build mode

You will use all of these modes throughout the game but the main mode is Live mode. Live mode is when you are playing the game and controlling your family. When a Sim is highlighted it will show how they are doing. If you click on the different buttons next to the bars showing how they feel it will show you different things. Including your relationship with other Sim\'s or animals, your inventory which shows what your Sim is carrying e.g. pet treats or garden seeds, your skills and your personality. When a pet is highlighted some of the things you won\'t be able to select as they are not viewable for animals. The other buttons are option mode which allows you to change the screen settings and other settings. Next to that will be a camera. 

You can take pictures of things and save them in your title with a file. When taking a picture of something small like an animal then you can zoom in. Click on view photo album to see all of your photos. Photos will automatically go into your folder if there Is a birth or death. If you want you can delete a photo if you don\'t like it. On the control panel you will see some arrows. Use these to go round the house and see the house from somewhere like behind. This is useful for painting a wall. The other two buttons are for zooming in. This is useful for seeing if there is something blocking a door or something like that. If you are in live mode then you can press the number one on your keyboard and it will pause the game. When the game is paused you can still tell your Sims to do things but they won\'t do them until you un-pause the game.

In buy mode there are many things to buy. In Sims Unleashed there are over a hundred new objects to buy. When in buy mode the game is paused. There are categories to help you find what you are looking for. Once you click on a category you will have some more categories to choose from. Choose which one you want and there will be a long list of objects to choose from. If you click on the icon next to the list it will give you some more objects so if you can\'t find something then look here. 

When you are buying something they will be in price order. It will say how much they are. If you put the cursor over one of the objects a box will come up. In the box it will tell you what the object is and also what it will give your Sims. For example if you put the cursor over a cheap fridge it will say something like Hunger = 5 and room = 3. However, if you get a really expensive fridge it will say something like Hunger = 9 and room = 7. All this means is that the higher the number for food the quicker the food bar will go up when a Sim is eating from that fridge. The higher the number for room the higher the room bar will be when you enter the room. In buy mode you can also delete or move objects as long as they are not in use.

In build mode there are lots of things to do. If you have some money to spend and you want to make your house bigger or nicer then you want to start of by flattening any bumpy terrain. Click on the picture of the spade. Now choose the one which says low terrain tool. Now just hold down the left button on the mouse and go over all the bits which are not flat. Now if you want you can put the grass tool over it which will make the grass greener. The other things you can do are digging down deeper the ground is to start. This is useful if you want to build a ditch. If you dig it to deep them you can always put more grass on top with the raise terrain tool.

Once you have done that you want to go back and select the button which allows you to build a wall or fence. Choose the wall and Click and drag to build a wall. Make sure that once you have built a room that there are no gaps in the wall or else the roof will look all funny. When building a wall it is best to have the walls low. If you want to delete the wall hold down Ctrl and click and drag over the wall that you want to delete. If you want to create a perfect rectangle then hold shift and click and drag. If you want to create a fence to go round your garden then select fence instead of wall and building it is just the same. When building rooms try not to make them all square as Sim\'s don\'t like that.

If you want a balcony on the top floor then first of all build a wall to support it on the first floor. Then build a fence round the edge and put on some tiles. Now go back down to the bottom floor and delete the wall that is supporting it. Now don\'t worry the top wall won\'t fall down once you take the support away. 

Once you have built all of your rooms you need to put in some windows. Click on windows and choose the window which you like best. Place them all over the house and make sure that the room looks nice and bright so that you Sim\'s will enjoy it.

Next you want to paint the house. Chooses the paint you want and then go round the outside of the wall that you just built. Just click and drag over the wall you wish to paint. Use the arrows to go round the other side of the house. Once you have done that paint the inside of the house by doing the same thing. Make sure that you leave no gaps as it will look silly. If you want to take some paint off the house then do the same thing but hold ctrl

The last thing is to put some tiles down as you don\'t want your Sim\'s walking on the grass. Select the tile that you want and drag across the patch that you wish to cover. If you want to take some of the tiles out then hold down ctrl and drag. Well done. You have just built yourself a perfect room.

If you want a swimming pool then click on the water button and select swimming pool. Drag the swimming pool across the grass. If you want to take a bit away then hold ctrl. It is always nice to have a blanc bit in the middle for a tree or something. Once you have made your swimming pool put some steps to get in and if you can afford it put a diving board in. If you want a pond everything is the same so just click on the pond button and off you go.

Getting started

Not sure what to buy. Not sure where everything is. In this section I will tell you everything you will need to know to get your household up and running. First of all you want to count how many room you have. This way you can work out for instance how many toilets you can have. To start off with you need a kitchen. Select the kitchen objects and place a cooker and a fridge. Buy the one which suits you in price. Once you have done that buy a bin or a garbage disposal. Now go onto tables and get some small surfaces with which you can make the food. 

Once you have done that go onto electronics and find the fire alarm. Put this in the kitchen. Now if you are unlucky enough to have a fire the alarm will sound and the fire brigade will come round on their own. You don\'t need to call them. This is always very useful. Now if you have go room get a small table and some chairs and put them in the middle of the room. Last of all go into plumbing and get a sink which sits on a surface. There you go. You have finished your kitchen.

Next you want to make a living room. Go onto seating and get a sofa and some chairs. Make sure that you buy the cheap ones if you don\'t have very much money. You can always replace them later if you get more money. Now go onto electronics and get a television again making sure that it is in your price range. Now buy a light. If you don\'t have very much room get a wall lamp. If you have tons of room then get a standing lamp.

Next go into plumbing and put a toilet, a sink and a bath in your smallest room. If you are very rich then you can buy a bath tub which are very good for your Sim\'s but very expensive. If you have lots of room in your house then it is a good idea to have two bathrooms especially if you have more then one Sim.

Anyway. Once you have built the bathroom(s) You need a bedroom. Go to seating and then click on beds. If you have two Sim\'s then you would think that you need two beds. No. If your Sim\'s love each, other which just means keep talking and complementing them, then they will share a bed. This saves you room and money. Stick a lamp in your bedroom and a small table.

Next you want what I would call a fun and learning room. You do not need one of these but they are quite useful. Click on the button which is next to the different categories. Now you have a choice of what to put in this room. You can put: a piano, guitar, painting stand, pool table, gnome making desk, chemical table and many other cool things. If you make a painting or a gnome then you can sell them. All of these activities give you skill points. If you don\'t know what a skill point is then you can read about it late on in this strategy guide. It is under Skill points.

In the hallway put a carpet in the middle to make everything look really attractive. Now go onto electronics, click on any of the buttons and click on the button next to all the objects. Now keep going until you see a rectangular box with buttons on it. This is a burglar alarm. Put one at every door which leads outside. Now if you get burgled the alarm will go off and the police will come on their own and you don\'t need to call them. They will arrest the guy almost every time and you get a lot of money for catching him.

This is only needed if your Sim has a cat or a dog. If your Sim does not have a cat or a dog either go and buy one from the old town or just skip this paragraph out. Anyway. Click on the button next to the list of categories. Now click on the paw. Here you can buy wonderful things for your cat or dog. The only ones that you must have are some bowls of food which you must fill up, a kennel or a basket and a bath. Keep an eye on the food bowl and make sure that it is always full up. Also make sure that you bath your dog regularly. If you don\'t they may run away.

Sim\'s needs

You have made yourself a family. You have built yourself a house. You have bought all of the necessary objects. Now here is where it starts getting much more fun. And hard.

Hunger, comfort, hygiene, bladder, energy, fun, social and room. If all of these bars on your Sim are green then well done. If not you best read this section of the strategy guide. Here I will go through each of these in the order that they are set out and tell you how to keep them nice and green. Please note that If one of your Sim\'s bars is very low then they might not do what you want until it goes up. Sometimes a box will come up saying \"I\'m too depressed to….\"

First of all is hunger. Please make sure that your Sim has some skill points for cooking. If your Sim does not then your kitchen will burn down, you will have to buy a new cooker and your Sim might die. Anyway. You need to make sure that your Sim has something to eat in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. If they get hungry during the day then give them a snack. Make sure that the hunger is always at least halfway. When you have tea it is best to serve a meal as you get more food. The food will not be able to be eaten after a certain amount of time as it will go stale. If you are having a friend round then in buy mode you can get a turkey and cookies which your friends will love. You can also order a pizza which are good for hunger but a bit expensive. The pizza will also go stale which means that you won\'t be able to eat it after a while. If you are incredibly rich then you can get a robot in the electronic section which will make food for you. It will also keep the house clean. When you go to the old town you can buy some pastries which will boost up your hunger a bit but not much.

Next is comfort. When you sit down on a chair, in the bath or go to sleep your Sim\'s comfort will go up. Comfort is quite important and you will notice that when you are standing up and talking to someone then your comfort will go down. There is not much to say about comfort so just keep an eye on it and it should stay green.

Hygiene. When you play the game one of the things that keeps going down is hygiene. Make sure that you give your Sim a bath in the morning and evening and if you have to during the day. If you are in the old town when you use the outside toilets your hygiene will go down. If your Sim\'s hygiene bar becomes empty then a puddle of water will appear around them.

Bladder. The bladder bar, like the hygiene bar, always seems to be low. Once you Sim has eaten then make sure that you send him or her to the toilet as the bladder bar will drop. Your Sim should really go to the toilet about three or four times a day. Like the hygiene bar if the bladder bar goes down to nothing then a puddle will appear around your Sim.

Energy. Make sure that your Sim always has a good nights sleep. Energy is the main bar as you can\'t fill up any of the other bars if your energy bar is at nothing as your Sim will fall asleep. If your Sim is tired during the day then instead of sending them to sleep tell them to nap on the couch. If your Sim\'s energy bar is really low send them to bed. Your Sim will not fall asleep if you have anything loud in the background like the television so always make sure that nothing is on while your Sim is trying to sleep. Your Sim will get tired very quickly during the day so keep an eye on the bar.

Fun. Make sure that your Sim always has lots of fun. There are so many ways to get the fun bar up that it is unbelievable. You can make them watch television, play on the computer, dance to some music, make them read a book, and many, many more. If you are very rich then buy yourself a computer as the fun is nine and it will fill up your Sim\'s fun bar in a couple of seconds. When your Sim is talking to his or her friends the fun bar goes down so watch out.

Social. In the Sim\'s Unleashed as you can adopt pets your Sim\'s social bar should never be low. Just play with your pet every now and then and your Sim and pets social bar will always stay up. Also in the Sim\'s Unleashed you have many more ways to greet people which you can read about later on in this strategy guide.

Last of all is room. When you walk into a room like a bathroom your energy will drop to nothing instantly. Don\'t worry. The moment you leave the room your Sim\'s room bar will be full again. When buying things for a room put things like a carpet, mirror, expensive lamps or a painting. If you have at least three of these then when your Sim walks into that room their room bar should go to the top.

Tips on keeping your Sim\'s happy

If you find that you do everything that I have put above but your Sim\'s bars keep dropping, don\'t fear. Here I will give some useful tips on what to do. The two main problems people have are that the moment you have filled one bar to the top the rest fall down and once you have filled those up others fall down. The other one is that your Sim\'s are too tired to do anything and they fall asleep and you can\'t get their other bars up. 

Your Sim\'s bars work together. For example, if you give your Sim something to eat then their bladder bar will go down. If your Sim uses the toilet their hygiene will go down. After you have played the game a few times you will get to know which ones link.
When getting your Sim to do an activity instead of just doing an activity that fills one bar, do one that fills two. For example, if your Sim has a low comfort, fun, Hygiene and social (social will only work with two Sim\'s) then instead of telling your Sim to sit down, then watch television, have a shower and talk with a friend, tell your Sim to get in a Bath tub with someone your Sim loves. This will fill all of those up together. 
Skill points

When a Sim is highlighted click on the job button to view his or her skill points. Note that if you have a child selected then it will show their grade for there school work. There are six different skills a Sim can have they are listed as follows: cooking, mechanical, charisma, body, logic and creativity. If your Sim has lots of skill points then he or she will be able to get a better job and earn lots more money. Certain things that improve a Sim\'s skill points will also improve their mood.


Make sure that your Sim has at least three cooking points or else he or she will set fire to the kitchen. If you want your Sim to learn how to cook then first of all you need a bookcase. Tell you Sim to go and read a cookery book by highlighting your Sim and by clicking on the bookcase. Several options will come up. Children can only ever read for fun or for school work.


Mechanical is always a useful skill to have. All you need to do is to read a mechanical book from the bookcase or work at a workbench. If you Sim has good mechanical skills then he or she will be able to fix all kinds of things. For example the television if it breaks down or the bath tub if it overflows. Children cannot obtain mechanical skill points.


Charisma is not that useful but it is still occasionally useful to have. It really depends on how you play the game. If you want to improve your Sim\'s charisma then get them to speak into a mirror. Children don\'t have a charisma bar.


To improve your Sim\'s body skill points simply get your Sim to go swimming in a swimming pool. If you do not have a swimming pool then go down town. If you don\'t want to go down town then buy an exercise machine.


Logic is great fun to watch your Sim learn. You can get them to make a potion at a chemistry set to earn more skill points. The first time they might blow it up but they will get better. You can also play chess with another Sim.


There are many ways to get skill points for creativity. You can paint a picture, play the guitar, play the piano etc. This, like cookery, is a very useful skill for you Sim to have. If you are not very rich then you can tell your Sim to paint a picture which you can then sell for about ten pounds. It is not much but in the long run it is worth it. You can also create gnomes. You can either place them round the house to make the place look nicer or you can sell them.


If you Sim dies then that is not good. They are a few ways for you Sim\'s to die. Here I will tell you what they are and how to make sure that it does not happen to your Sim\'s.

One of the most common ways is by fire. If you set fire to the kitchen then immediately call the fire service. DO NOT try and put out the fire yourself. Tell your Sim to go somewhere far away from the fire. Your Sim won\'t move at first but he or she will after a couple of seconds. It is always best to have a fire alarm in every room. That way if a fire starts the fire service will come round immediately without you having to call them.

Your Sim might also die if they go into a swimming pool feeling tired and then you take the rail to get in away. Always make sure that there is a rail for your Sim to get out and that he or she is not tired. Your Sim gets tired very quickly in the swimming pool so keep and eye on his energy bar. If you Sim does get tired he should get out on his own accord but don\'t count on it.

A Sim can also die by electrocution so watch out and make sure that he or she has good mechanical points.

The last way is if you neglect or ignore them. What will happen is that they will stave to death. It takes quite a while for this to happen but that does not mean that it won\'t happen.


There are many services which you can phone. They are Pizza delivery, maid, gardener, police, fire service and animal control.

The pizza service is great for your Sim\'s hunger and especially if you have a big party with lots of friends. The pizza usually takes less than an hour to arrive.

A maid is great if your Sim has a job as she will come around during the day and just tidy up your house.

A gardener will come and keep your garden nice and clean and make sure that all of your Sim\'s plants are watered.

Police will come round if you have a burglar. More on burglars later on in this strategy guide.

The fire service will come round and put out fires caused by very bad cooking.

Animal control will come round and get rid of any animals that are ruining your land.

Friends, enemies and lovers


When you first get acquainted you will neighbours come round. Greet them and talk to them and eventually they will become your friend. Well most of the time. It can go the other way but more on that later. Click on the friendship icon and it will give a number.  The higher the number the more they like you. Once they are your friend make sure that you talk to them on a daily basis. You don\'t need to invite them round just talk on the phone. Every now and then invite them over and eventually you will be able to ask them to marry you or to move in with your Sim. Please note that if they are married then they will rejected you and your friendship will go down. Please not that you can\'t get married if they are of the same sex as your Sim.


As I said in the friends section it can go the other way and you can get enemies. They are really annoying. Enemies come about when your Sim is talking to another Sim and they keep disagreeing. Instead of the number on the friendship icon going up, it goes down into negative numbers. 

In the Sim\'s Unleashed you can get your Sim\'s to fight with their enemies. It is really funny to watch. You can also get your dog to attack them. If you have a really bad enemy then invite them over to your Sim\'s house and kill them. 

To do this get your Sim\'s enemy to go into the kitchen. Then just place a fire work in the kitchen and set it off. A fire will start. Make sure that you don\'t have a fire alarm or the fire service will come and put out the fire. Once the fire has started tell your Sim to leave the room. Then go into build mode and take away all the doors. The enemy Sim will then die. The firework does not have to be set off in the kitchen just somewhere where there are lots of objects to catch on fire.


If your Sim\'s friendship gets to one hundred then your Sim will have a heart next to the Sim that he or she loves instead of a blue smiley face. The darker the redness of the heart the more the Sim loves them. Make sure that you keep talking to the Sim or the heart will go back to a smiley face. 


If your Sim\'s are living together and love each other then after a while it will come up with a message saying \"shall we have a baby\". You might also have a phone call saying \"do you want to adopt a baby\" Your Sim\'s do not have to be married and they have to be of the opposite sex. If you say yes then a cot will appear. Name your child and that is it. For now.

In buy mode you can move the cot around the house. Make sure that the cot is not next to a television or every time you tell your Sim to watch T.V the baby will cry.

You can\'t do anything with the baby unless it cries. If it does some orange lines will appear around the cot. When it cries highlight and ADULT, not a child, Sim and click on the cot. It will say feed, play, or sing. Do all of these a couple of times and the child will stop crying. If you just ignore the child then you will get a warning from social services. If you still do nothing then someone will come over and take the child away forever. After three days the child will turn into a boy or girl which you can control. Note that they won\'t turn into and adult but stay as a child.

Marrying and moving in

Once your Sim has a heart next to one of his or her friends then you can ask them to move in. It might take a while but you will eventually. Once they move in then you control them and they have your Sim\'s surname. You can marry them as well. Only if they are of opposite sex. Once they are married nothing really happens though so don\'t worry if they won\'t marry. If you are really clever you can get your Sim to marry more that one person. This is always fun to do.


To get a job for your Sim you can either find one on the internet or find one in the newspaper. Your Sim needs to have a job or he or she won\'t be able to pay the bills. If your Sim misses their job two times in a row then they will lose it. If you apply for another job then you will lose the older one. 

Once you have a job every morning a car pool will arrive to collect you. If you are not ready in time then the car pool will leave without your Sim. You only have one hour for your Sim to get in the car. The happier you send them off to work the more chance they have of being promoted. 

If your Sim loses the job then they will have to start from the bottom of the ladder even if they were an absolute genius. Once your Sim is at work then you can\'t tell them to do anything until they come back.

If you click on the job icon then it will show what your Sim does as a job and also how much money they earn for it. Once your Sim has had the job for sometime and has gone in happy you might be promoted and earn more money.

How pets can be helpful

First of all send your Sim down town and adopt a pet at a pet store. Give it a name and you can also get it trained. Pets can be really helpful in many ways. If you have a dog they can scare off neighbours and unwanted visitors. Cats scare off gophers and other annoying animals. They boost up your Sim\'s social bar and keep them happy. If you don\'t play with them though they will leave you and go somewhere better.

If you walk down to the park with your pets then people will talk to you about them and will start a good friendship. You can enter your pets at competitions and win prizes which you can sell for money or keep. Dogs and cats can water plants for you and dogs will even bring you in the paper.

If you have two dogs or cats of opposite sex then they can have puppies or kittens which you can either sell or keep. You can buy your pets toys or biscuits will which make them like you more.

Different pets, good and bad

There are many pets to adopt. You can get parrots, iguanas, cats, dogs and birds. All of which need attention and feeding. If your pet dies then your Sim will become very unhappy. 

The bad pets are things like skunks and raccoons. To get rid of them just call the animal control service who will come round and take them away for you.

Training pets

If you take your Sim down to the old town then you can get your pet trained. It costs more money as they get better trained. If they are trained then they will do tricks for you but only if they are happy. Also if your Sim\'s pet really well trained you can win better prizes if you get your pet judged.

You also need to train them in house breaking. To do this just make sure that when they mess in the house that you tell your Sim to curse the pet. Just simply click on the mess and click scold.

If you tell your pet to sit and stay or to come over then they will earn skill and obedience points. If you tell your pet to be quiet then this will also earn obedience points. Once your Sim\'s pet has a high obedience level then they will listen to you and do what you say. Although a lot of the time they do what interests them. 

Keeping pets happy

Pets need a high food, fun, social, hygiene, energy and bladder bar. Here I will tell you how to keep that bar nice and green. Most of these your pet does on it\'s own and does not need to be told.


Make sure that there is a bowl set out for your pet and that it is full. He or she will eat out of it whenever he or she hungry. If it is not full then your Sim\'s pet will become very hungry and annoyed. If this happens then there is a very high chance that your pet will leave you for a better place.


Your Sim\'s pet will have a high fun bar if he or she as another animal to play with. If not then it is up to you. Make sure that you play with your pet and give him or her treats and toys.


The most important bar for a pet is social. Make sure that you play with him all the time and that his bar is never low or else he or she will leave you. Once he or she leaves you they won\'t return so watch out.


Make sure that you give your pet a bath every now and then to keep him nice and clean. When you give your pet a bath it\'s social and fun bar will go up and he or she will like your Sim more.


This is the bar which you can totally ignore. If you pet gets tired he will go to sleep on his own. Make sure that you have a kennel for him to sleep in or a cushion for him to sleep on. The more expensive the kennel, the quicker the pets energy bar will fill up.


When your pet needs the toilet he or she will go on his or her own accord. Make sure that your pet goes to the toilet outside and that if he or she goes to the toilet inside that you scold him or her.


If you have a fire alarm above each door that leads outside then when the burglar comes it will sound and the police will come around and arrest him. Once the burglar is on the premesis you can\'t go into build or buy mode. If the burglar is arrested then you will get a lot of money for his capture.

In my opinion if you get burgled it is great as you earn lots of money which you can use to buy really cool things.

Cheats, general Info and other expansion packs


Here are a list of cheats which I have tested myself and that work. If they do not work then please email me at the address given at the top of the strategy guide.

For the Sim\'s deluxe version 1.1 only

Press and hold shift, ctrl, alt and C and a box will come up. Type in rosebud;!;!;!;!. The more times you type ;!;!;! after the word rosebud the more money you get. Highlight the ;!;!;! part and press ctrl and C. Go to the end and keep pressing ctrl and V to do this quickly. Then press enter and you will have lots of money.

Other expansion packs are the Sims on holiday, the Sim\'s house party and the Sim\'s hot date. There are many more but these are the main ones.

Thank You for reading this Strategy Guide and feel free to send any question to the email given at the top of this guide.