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The Sims: Hot Date Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Sims: Hot Date

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims: Hot Date Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..

We have 6 cheats and tips on PC. You can also ask your question on our The Sims: Hot Date Questions & Answers page.

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Love ♥

All you have to do to make the sims to fall in Love is that you can get the Male to go to DownTown and buy 3 Diamond Rings and you go Back and Give the Diiamond Rings to the Female Sim and She should Fall in Love but if that doesn't Work after that Try and make them Kiss and sometimes they might requect it thats only because they wannt to talk then you make them talk then go back to Kissing Smile

Thanks i Hope you Liked my Adivce ♥

when you buy a house and you run out of money ju..
when you buy a house and you run out of money just push control, shift,and c and a green box will apper at the top left corner, when this box does apper click on it and put in rosebud hit enter and you get a thousand dollers. but dont worry you can do it again but dont put in rosebud again just put in !; a bunch of times and you get 1000 bucks for every !; you put in

CheatsPress [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + C during gameplay..

Press [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + C during gameplay, this will display a prompt on the screen. Now enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function


Enter Exclamation mark (!) at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered.

Enter a Semi-colon (;) between codes to enter multiple codes at the same time.

Now for the codes...

1000 Simoleons - rosebud

Add new family history stat to the current family - hist_add

Appends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt every time a route is found - write_destlist

Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed - auto_level


only do this if you have all the expansion packs..
only do this if you have all the expansion packs save the game press ctrl alt C and type in move_objects on go to build moad and click on the hand go to your sim and delete them then click on there face (when the game is not paused)and your sim should be refreshed if this does not work go to neighourhood and exit BUT DO NOT SAVE then just go back and play it should work i do it all the time.

Hi Sim Cheaters!,To obtain a cheat box in the co..
Hi Sim Cheaters!,

To obtain a cheat box in the corner of your screen press ctrl+shift+C

Now enter the following cheats:

Rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;1-more money

Move_objects on-pick up anything or Sim even erase roads and pick up objects out of area!

Also it alows you to delete Sims and they return with full green bars WARNING ALL SKILL POINTS DISSAPEAR!!!

Keep Cheating Kids!

Ok here is a perfect code 1. press shift+ctrl+al..
Ok here is a perfect code

1. press shift+ctrl+alt+c at the same time

2. Then type "rosebud" and press enter

3. Then type !;!;!;!;!;!;!;! as many times as it posible can and then press enter then you should have manny MANY money

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