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Enable Testing Cheats cheat for The Sims Medieval

Enable Testing Cheats

At the INI folder in your Sims 3 install directory (Default: C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Sims MedievalGameDataSharedNonPackagedIni) right click 'Commands.ini'. Then select 'properties' and uncheck 'Read Only'. Right click again and select 'Open With...' notepad. Now change 'TestingCheatsEnabled=0' to 'TestingCheatsEnabled=1' (without the quotes). Save, and choose 'Yes' if you are asked to overwrite. When you now load up the game you will be able to click and drag the Hunger/Energy and sim relationship bars left or right to make them full or empty. The 'help' console command will now also give you a list of additional cheats.

Added by: Sanzano
Apr 1st 2011, ID#16075


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Jul 2nd 2014 chiikitty
When I go into my program files(x86) I have my other sims 3 game files but not the medieval one why is this? Is it because I bought it on origin with no disc?
ID #410811
Sep 25th 2013 Guest
The Testing enabled cheats have been working for me just fine for last year now all of sudden they stopped. I thinkit was due to latest patch. So I redid the .ini file. Now all shift cheats work but none of the commands. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
ID #311102
Jul 16th 2013 Guest
I changed it to a 1 and put the file back into the folder, the game works perfectly fine but there are not testing cheats. Does anyone know what to do?
ID #297826
Jul 11th 2013 Guest
For any of you having the "Access Denied" problem, here's how I solved it. (I'm running Windows 7.)

Right-click on Commands and select "Properties".
Click the "Security" tab.
Click "Edit" where it says "To change permissions, click Edit".
Choose "Users".
Check "Full Control" box under "Allow".
Click "Apply" then "OK".

Then you should be able to follow the normal directions as listed above.


ID #296674
Jan 7th 2013 Guest
none of this works? i've dragged, looked i mean i have got it but it says i need permission from my adminstrstor!! help pleasse

something useful!
ID #239101
Oct 24th 2012 darthrapture
For those asking about purchases through origin, everything else is the same, except instead of going into Electronic Arts the setup is as follows... /Origin Games/The Sims Medieval/ and then everything else is the same. I just found this myself after being unable to locate an answer anywhere on the internet.
ID #200630
Oct 24th 2012 Guest
For those asking about purchases through origin, everything else is the same, except instead of going into Electronic Arts the setup is as follows... /Origin Games/The Sims Medieval/ and then everything else is the same. I just found this myself after being unable to locate an answer anywhere on the internet.
ID #200629
Oct 10th 2012 Guest
I unchecked "Read only" under properties but then when I change it to '1', click save, click replace, it says "Access is denied." WHATRsfgdgsd
ID #194741
Jul 4th 2012 Guest
I don't even have a 'Commands.ini folder the only cheat that's working is 'Motherlode". I have Windowsvista basic
ID #160557
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
I've tried several methods now and not ONE of them has worked. I have Windows 7

won't let me change the 'read-only' thingy

apparently I can't save in that location

asks me to insert a writable disc

Also sometimes i've been told i need to get the administrators permission - i am the administrator
I'm also logged in as the administrator. Each time it said it had failed to get permission from the administrator.

PLEASE help!!!!!!
ID #160192
Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
everything worked right up untill i tried to put it from the desktop to the ini folder. it says there isno room on the disk..
ID #159418
Jun 22nd 2012 Fonstella89
I cannot play the sims medieval anymore after I modify command.ini..
ID #155444
Jun 13th 2012 Guest
what if you dont have the game data folder? somebody please help me!!!
ID #152399
Jun 6th 2012 Guest
Are you having problem with saving the new Command thing?

Dont worry! Just copy the Command notepad file onto your desktop then double click and open it (Or right click and then Open With > Notepad) Then change the Tetsingcheatsenabled true to 1 THEN open your folder of the Sims Medieval Ini folder and drag the Command file from your desktop into the file, If it says overwrite click Move and Replace Smile Hopefully this helped Smile

- Ashley
Expert with The Sims 3
ID #149601
Apr 23rd 2012 Guest
what if you only have the sims medievial file and not the others?
ID #136313
Apr 16th 2012 bronti
what if you got the game from origin?
ID #134318
Apr 1st 2012 Guest
whenever I save on the desktop and go to put it back in the folder.. it doesn't let me move it in.. it just says copy and that I need to enter a blank disc
ID #128364
Feb 8th 2012 Guest
i tried unchecking read only it worked but then it said there was an erorr and access denied. I sooo don't wunna panic but if i have
ID #113132
Jan 11th 2012 Guest
I was looking at a different website and it said what you said. But it says if u do it something can go wrong and is that true?
ID #104972
Dec 31st 2011 Guest
I have Windows 7, and those folders don't even exist. Is there any other way to get this cheat?!
ID #100989
Dec 26th 2011 Guest
When I uncheck read-only then applied the changes it says
"error applying attributes
an error occurred applying to the attributes to the file
Access is denied."
Can you please help me
ID #98937
Dec 26th 2011 Guest
What do you do with the Notepad again? im a little confused.......PLEASE HELP!
ID #98767
Dec 13th 2011 Guest
It worked on my computer but I found the file in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini

And sometimes it will say "this file is read only" but just move the file to your desktop, open it up in notepad change 0 to 1, save it, then move it back into the same place.....It worked for me Smile
ID #94936
Dec 2nd 2011 Guest
yeah but that guy isright we should try not playng the game but realy why would it be like that i mean realy? enable it when were not playing the game i will try it and see if i can acully find the folder when i am not playing it
ID #92062
Nov 26th 2011 Guest
On my particular computer, I have two different Program Files folders: Program Files, and Program Files (x86). It could be in either. Also, if you bought the game through the website and downloaded it on Origin, the program files folder will be labeled "Origin", not "EA" or "Electronic Arts", etc. You need to be sure the game is not running while you are editing configuration files. Quit the game, find the file, right click it to get properties, uncheck read only, apply, then open the file, change the 0 to 1, save it (overwriting previous file if asked), THEN start the game.
ID #90473
Nov 3rd 2011 Guest
It causes my game to crash for some reason. Not sure why it would but it does.
ID #84797
Sep 25th 2011 Guest
it works for my nephew and me thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #76640
Sep 24th 2011 Guest
Where is the local disc?
ID #76188
Sep 20th 2011 Guest
go to local disc c. 2, open program files - open electronic arts - the sims medieval - game data - shared - non pakage - ini - copy command folder, and paste on desktop - right click on copied folder - properties - uncheck read only - apply - double click on copied folder - change testingcheats to 1 - save - properties - read only - apply - drag folder bac to commands - move and replace.
ID #75553
Sep 8th 2011 oblivion_kiramoto
okay. i copied the command file to my desktop and edited it but when i try to put it in the ini file it says there is no space for it . . . help? running windows 7 by the way
ID #73322
Sep 4th 2011 Guest
What I did was: when i got this "Make sure the file and path are correct." I saved my command.ini on the different directory and then replaced it with the original file in the gamedata
ID #72410
Aug 24th 2011 Guest
i do not have a game data file
ID #69883
Aug 21st 2011 Guest
The copy and paste thing worked for me/
ID #69068
Aug 21st 2011 Guest
I literally DON'T have the ini file. Anyone know how to enable it a different way, or at least why I don't have it?
ID #68993
Jul 12th 2011 nicolean_dynomitee!
i have a windows vista laptop and i cant even find the names of the files.... i can find the sims medieval files, but after that, no gamedata/shared/nonpackaged/ini.. nothing.. help!
ID #57316
Jul 9th 2011 Guest
I have the admistrative rights and un-writable problem too... help please...
ID #56088
Jun 22nd 2011 Guest
I have the same problem. I cannot modify the file directly in the folder, because it tells me I do not have administrative confirmation (Even though I'm on an admin account). So, I copied to the desktop, changed it, but now I can't copy it back because it says the disk isn't writable. I'm not trying to write; I'm copying a file. As in right-click>copy. Now I have no idea what to do.

System: Pavilion dv7-6135dx PC (laptop)
ID #51123
May 11th 2011 Guest
I did this, but the cheat doesn't work in the game...
ID #42486
May 4th 2011 Guest
C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini

^ Copy and paste that if you can't find it.

If it doesn't work and says "Access Denied" or something similar to those lines, save it onto your desktop and drag into the folder after it's saved.
ID #41456
Apr 19th 2011 Guest
I have a HP laptop running windows 7 but I can't even find the folders! Please help me get the cheat right! :D
ID #38314
Apr 19th 2011 Guest
"Make sure the file and path are correct." I cant get it to work for windows vista. I tried copying it on the desktop, read only is unchecked. And more suggestions?
ID #38307
Apr 17th 2011 Guest
Seriously cant even find this file any where I have a hp windows 7 laptop where would I even get the install directorys
ID #37901
Apr 13th 2011 Rhorer
Alright, so what I did was, Save the Notepad on the desktop and then drag and dropped it onto my folder. It worked. :D Running OS Vista Home Premium by the way.
ID #37306
Apr 13th 2011 Guest
Yeah, I've also come into contact with this problem. I've made everything adjustable but it still says the problem is there. I do have Sims in the background but... I wouldn't think that's the problem. I'll post results when I close down Sims and try again.
ID #37302
Apr 13th 2011 Guest
mine doesn't have the ini folder??
ID #37203
Apr 6th 2011 Guest
Unchecked the read-only?
Programm shouldn't run, could cause writingproblems.
Maybe the Anti virus or windows accountmanagerthingy interfering?
ID #36053
Apr 4th 2011 Guest
It doesn't work for my Windows Vista laptop. When I try to change the file it says that it can't be created and says "Make sure the file and path are correct."

How can I fix this problem?
ID #35797
Apr 2nd 2011 Guest
ID #35495