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Stronghold Legends Cheats and Tips

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We have a cheat that will give you unlimited gold.

More Stronghold Legends PC Cheats and Tips

We have 5 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Stronghold Legends please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Stronghold Legends Questions & Answers page.

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Easy seige and win

The easiest way i have found to win is to create about 5 siege towers and max them out with only crossbowmen. This will protect them from swordsman and almost anything your opponent will throw at you. create about 3 trebuchets and have them walk with the towers. Have the trebs knock down some of the tower while your seige crossbowmen defend them. Then send the siege towers in and they will dominate. I also like to throw in some knights to take care of the king if he doesnt wanna come out of his castle, but usually he will.

Its in your head! think it out!

OK what you need to do is just find the hints meaning then play. First what you do is listen to your mind look at the map, if the enemy is close build weak units for they will slowly make their move,on the other hand, if the enemy is farther away build stronger units for they might want to wear you down.

First "close quarters combat".

the guys to train are

1.archers x 20 at arms x 35

and finaly 3.crossbowman x 15

second "moderate range".

the guys to train are

1.crossbowman x 20

2.swordsman x 35

and finaly 3.knights x 15

Easy way to win

I will tel you a easy way to win. Well when you start you should build a wood cutter trust me I have done this OK back to what I was saying build a stone then build a oxes for the stone to get to the stock pile then do the same for the iron mine then sell the stone and the wood until you get about 5k then build a wall put stairs on the wall so your men can get up then put the 15 archers the you start with on the wall. Then you want to build a barrack and a armory so you can build men. When you do that you should build 150 archers and put them on the wall. When you are done that build a siege camp for tributes then build knight to guard you tributes then to the edge of the closest estate unpack the tributes then aim them at the wall .when you blow down the wall send all you knight to the enemy castle and attack the king if you have enough knight they should kill the king.

Construct a stockpile and delete will get..

Construct a stockpile and delete will get unlimited gold if you continue this process over and over again.

Building an army and get loads of money

First you build everything you need then when you build a Armory go to it and by 100 spears it should only take about 1000 gold then buy the troops that will only cost you 600 gold and you will have an army of 100 men-at-arms they might be the weakest unit in the game but they will be able to take out anyone before they even get to you well most of you probley no this hint but for the new people trying to build an army fast this should help you

.ps the best way to make money as well is to build 3 iron mines and place your stockpile close to it because 10 iron bars sell for 1000 gold.

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